Will Rakhi Sawant marry Baba Ramdev?

The item girl says on her new show that the yoga guru is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with…

Rakhi Sawant should consider a change of name: Ms Motormouth! The quote-a-minute gal has come up with a few more, this time less funny, more startling. She has told her audience during a promotional event for her new talk show that she wants to get hitched to Baba Ramdev. We are rather amazed that even she could show such bad – dubious? – taste in men. Okay, she got rid of Abhishek Awasthi after some on-off acts in a media circus, but we figured everyone needs a couple of youthful indiscretions. Then we kinda liked that Elesh Parujanwala when she decided to marry him after her television swayamwar, but he turned out to be a bad egg, at least in Rakhi’s telling of it. Then she declared that she was in love with Rahul Gandhi, which showed that her sense of style and judgement had improved incrementally. Now she says that Ramdev is her choice for the happily-ever-after scene, because she likes his eyes. And, as part of what we presume will finally become her trousseau, she had demanded at least three sets of C-strings, those strangely configured and goodness-knows-how-uncomfortable things that serve as ‘strapless’ panties, thus eliminating the need to disguise pantylines and the like that can ruin the fall of an outfit over the behind that makes Ms Sawant such a bootylicious babe. She wants them in red, green and purple, she insists, and will not shoot unless she is wearing (uhh…is that what they call it?) one. Of course, we always knew that Rakhi was a demanding – and expensive – kind of gal, but perhaps the producers of the new show now have to budget for the Baba’s extended wardrobe too, what with his penchant for women’s salwar kameezes in times of crisis. And with Rakhi as his wife, that will be often indeed….

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