Will Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s relationship last?

Our Tarot reader tells you what course the Ranbir-Katrina affair will take in 2014

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are in the news – are they really going to be together for good? Will their relationship bloom? How do they see each other? What is their future together? Tarot takes a peek into all this.

The relationship

There is energy in this relationship – Ranbir-Katrina bring out a great freshness in each other and enjoy each other’s way of leading life. Despite this, the Seven of Cups is a card of confusion hence their relationship lacks definition and practicality. They are taking it as it comes and are not looking to pin their hopes on a grand future – this may seem practical, but being directionless is not exactly a wise thing, hence they are not really working at it to make it last.

The cards do not show this relationship growing towards strength and longevity, instead, Ranbir-Kat will move on from each other in 2014.

But this begs the question – why? Why do the cards not show them moving towards a lasting relationship? What are their individual mindsets?

The Katrina perspective

Katrina Kaif is on a high – she feels like the Emperor; in control and secure about herself. This association with Ranbir just re-enforces this feeling in her life. There is a secretive quality about her and it is possible that she is not revealing all that she needs to for this to work out in the long run. The Moon and the King of Cups are two cards that are synonymous for manipulation hence it is possible that the relationship is not on the most solid grounds and will appear temperamental from Katrina’s end.

The Ranbir perspective

Bright, sprightly and energetic is Ranbir’s demeanour but his outlook to Katrina is not along those lines. The High Priestess and the Temperance both reflect a balanced attraction towards Katrina – it does not show high passion or lust – just plain simple mutual and mature attraction. From Ranbir’s perspective he sees them to be two independent individuals that are great at giving each other space and are also aware of their boundaries. In the coming times the Queen of Swords card leads me to believe that they will part ways and prefer to continue their lives as just friends.

Both Ranbir and Katrina have a very different outlook to this relationship, but the ending of the relationship is what is common to both; neither of them will want to hold on to each other as lovers but friendship will remain.

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