Will Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif tie the knot in 2014?

Will Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif tie the knot in 2014?

BollywoodLife had earlier reported about the proposal RK Jr had planned on his birthday to ask his lady love’s hand in marriage, looks like Ranbir used some of our tips to woo Kat

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are currently out for another holiday in New York, well after the leaked bikini pictures of Ranbir-Kat guess this duo’s relationship has grown even stronger. No, we ain’t making statements just like that; remember how the Barfi! actor had defended his lady love and even praised her bikini look. Ranboo even went on record to say, “I don’t think I will go in for an arranged marriage” and “I can give my life for Katrina Kaif!“. And then various reports that followed about how the Besharam star wanted his real life love to be cast opposite him on reel too. The latest we hear is that there might just be loud wedding bells ringing at the Krishna Raj bunglow in Bandra next year. The buzz is that Chikni Chameli wants to settle and has kept her dates free after June for next year, Kat isn’t taking any work commitments. And that Ranbir is trying hard to persuade daddy-mommy Rishi and Neetu Kapoor for this marriage. Well, didn’t RK confess on various talk shows how his parents don’t interfere in his love life, marriage of course is a little different.

While Ranbir has always maintained that he is single until he gets hitched, we wonder if Kat is trying to get her beau to finally make the commitment. As for the Saawariyaa, we don’t know which of his statements should we believe, he told us  about not celebrating his birthday but he did. So we know what to expect when RK denies these rumours about his marriage with Katrina Kaif next year. Don’t we?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rohini

    Katrina doesn’t deserve him! Please stop spreading these useless rumors about Ranbir! He will marry a non filmy girl not this stupid English woman Katrina Kaif. I hope I get to marry him.

  • Nainika Sharma

    I Love Katrina Kaif n Ranbir Kapoor. Plizzzzzzzzzzz
    Ranbir , marry Katrina. You both look worlds best couple

    • Rekha

      Evn i luv dem as a coupl….dey both luk cute……..

  • Nitisha

    They will get hitched there is no doubt

  • Freda

    They deserve each other, both looser.

  • sanya

    Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
    luk to gud together

    and Ranbir should marry her
    made for each other type

    yeh jawaani hai dewani rox

  • mozzima

    ranbir&katrina will make a cute b swt couple together

  • Jaquline D ‘sousa

    Katrina and Ranbir you both are the best and cutest couple in the world pliz get married

  • maulik

    they will break up after 13th july 2014 .

    • Nitisha

      Now their is no doubt why u don’t get gal

  • mihir

    ranbir is fool to leave a cultured girl like sonam and marry a second hand dumped girl like katrina.

    • Sania

      Ranbir desvr deepika…….. I think they both get marriage

  • rahul

    I also luv this couple gyzzzz

  • tanu

    Katrina is stupid…. she does’nt deserve ranbir…. dp deserves him… HATE U KAT.

  • zahid

    Katrina and Ranbir world’s best couple in the world. Marry soon:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Sajjad ashraf

    No!i don’t thnk so that katrina married with foolish ranbir.they left each other…