Will Salman choose Shahrukh over Aamir?

Wed, August 24, 2011 3:37pm IST by
Will Salman choose Shahrukh over Aamir?

The Bodyguard star is likely to take part in a TV show produced by King Khan

Just when you thought that the Shahrukh Khan-Salman Khan rift had become old news, tinseltown is buzzing again about it. This time, the cold war has shifted to the small screen. You know Shahrukh is producing a show on UTV Stars, right? A show called Live My Life, wherein you get to see what happens to a celebrity through the course of a day. Of course, it’s a one-hour show so all the boring bits will be edited out. And the format is not new for the Khan himself, who had been a part of a similar show on TLC. Anyway, when you are a new channel with a new show, you approach the big names. That’s what the channel did this time too – they spoke to all the big stars for the show. Even SRK’s two biggest rivals – Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Aamir, we hear, has refused to be a part of the show. But the best part is, Salman just might say yes! Sources tell us that unlike his good friend, Sallu has not yet refused the offer. Though he is busy promoting Bodyguard and shooting two other films, he is expected to make time for SRK’s show. Especially as he has agreed to appear on Preity Zinta’s chat show Up Close And Personal on the same channel. Does this mean Salman, who is yet to forgive Vivek Oberoi, is willing to let bygones be bygones with Shahrukh? And will this affect his friendship with Aamir? Or is it simply a matter of money and we are reading too much into it? We’ll wait, observe and keep you updated. Watch this space!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jargan

    i hope salman will not come to this show,,,, we are salman fan

  • Tibet for Tibetans

    I think the three Khans are entertaining only the low IQ people by keeping such a senseless gossip alive for so long.This is leaving a bad taste in many peoples’ mouths.How do you expect less educated and lesser informed to understand the value and wisdom of staying “UNITED” when three well educated,well informed and very well exposed Khans are cat fighting over the minutest competition there is.Their behaviors make it seem like it’s alright for others to hang onto their petty rivalries and hate each other for eternity.That’s not okay.Your fans like to see the good sides of you all.When can we see it?Though Shah Rukh is my most favorite of all three;I love the other two as well.If this world more liveable and loveable place…we want to see it through the three rival Khans!!!Being out of Tibet is a miserable life enough for me.How can great entertainers like yourselves make it worse ? “ONLY THE HAPPY ENTERTAINERS CAN ENTERTAIN AND MAKE OTHERS AROUND THEM BELIEVABLY HAPPY!” Love India with gratitude!