Will Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan ever be friends again?

Fri, April 27, 2012 1:38pm IST by
Will Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan ever be friends again?

Our tarot card reader tells us if the two stars will reconcile their differences in the future

There are two important and obvious factors in this question – Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Do both these former friends even wish to be friends? What’s actually going on in their minds? And how do they feel?

Both actors, like the Queen of Cups and the Empress are overly passionate and emotional people. They do seek to heal their emotional wounds, but are not sure how to go about it.

Salman Khan

The combination of the Ten of Swords and Ten of Wands seems to show the hurt, disappointment and burden Salman carries towards this whole situation. He hasn’t been able to truly express what he feels and therefore carries a lot of anger within him. And he is probably ready to express this now. Despite this, his family have a very calming influence on him – they don’t add fuel to fire. Instead, like the Two of Wands, they keep him grounded and do their best to guide him well.

Currently, Salman does prefer to continue the distance, but fortunately, the Ace of Wands indicates, that in the future there will be a part of him that will wish to reconcile. But that’s quite into the future!

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh has the Judgement and the Ace of Wands gracing him, which reveals his desire to take initiative in resolving this. But what stops him? It’s those around him. The Three of Swords explains that he is discouraged by friends and family as they fear that it will all go wrong again. The Two of Swords does warn that any thoughts from Shahrukh to improve the relationship will not work because the main issues will not be addressed properly.

The Four and Five of Swords clearly indicate that both these actors lack proper communication. They won’t say and understand what is required – they will decipher their own meaning rather than truly hearing each other out.

In conclusion, Salman will want to be friends at some point and Shahrukh does wish to be friends. Even though their own intentions are so clear, they need a lot more healing if they ever want to restore their friendship. There’s still a long way to go.

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  • atal kumar padhy

    yes……….srk is rock salu also is a good star..

  • nnibinn

    Are you not bored asking the same questions to everyone again and again in each month. It has been a proven fact that thest two ego maniac stars wont forgive each other and please dont waste any more of our valuable time by printing an article like this ….People who can’t forgive and bury silly things like this can never be considered a good hearted man.

  • Alpha Amadou Jallow

    It is high time now they stop being soo stupid,
    Even the DOGs have stop fightin now,
    They should start to act as matured people now and
    Be role models of future stars.
    Uniting back will be one of the Greatest things they would do for their FANS and Me too…


  • jella

    The cards seem to be spot on. Those guys actually never got along. It was mentioned by Salman. That is why, probably, a friendship isn’t going to be possible between them. From my point of view, 4 of Swords is asking Salman to heal his wounds. I definitely did not like that 10 of Swords and 10 of Wands in this reading. He is still carrying emotional baggage. I wish Ace of cups showed up instead of Ace of Wands. Wands are like impulsive cards.

    As for king khan, he already knows that the past will repeat if they reconcile. Its like something is telling him “no use of this friendship, Salman is too sensitive for me”.

  • nylon

    Salman is much better without him.

  • ahmed

    SRK IS the Besy SRK Always Rockkzzz But Salman IS Also Good.

  • pankaj , srk is better than obama,

    hat, salman ki aukat nahi he, king ke samne,

  • pankaj, srk is better than obama

    hat….salman ki aukat nhi he king ke samne…

    • paman

      huh what u think teri bohot aukhat… you are only one cent and talking about salman go to hell idiot

    • paman

      apni aukhat apna pas rakh understand you one cent idoit

  • soda

    i love both , i,m so so so happppyyyyyyyyyyy

    • mirza akhtar ahmmad begg

      i agree ur poinion.

  • Simran Sandhu :)

    i really want them to be freinds again……

  • basit


  • daz21

    i like shahrukh very much. it would be very good if they both become friends again. fans of these two superstars please dont quarrel. all of you try for their reunion instead of fighting. if they both reunite and do films together then bollywood will again gain its strength.. hope for the best

  • harman

    shahrukh and salman please friends again

  • mayank pandey

    i m a big fan of king khan salman bhi theek hai lekin king king hota hai srk will rock this year his film with katrina on this diwali going to be a super duper film we love u shahrukh

  • zafar khan ambikapur (c.g)

    salman bhai sabse ache hai log kahte hai ki srk is rock kis angel se rock lagta hai btao mujhe na to dil hal na to body bus jhute acting se bor karta hai copy karta Hiro to salman bahi hai jaise parde pe waise hi rial life me dil bhi hai body bhi aur acting khud ki naki kisi se copy karte
    hai wo and sabse achi bat btau wo matlaprast nhi hai aur Hiro ke jaise i love you salam bhai %120000000000000000000000000000000+13000000000000000000000000000

    • rahul

      abe pagal sala salman 6kkkaaa hai aur os ko na rone ate hai na hasne ata hai bas era wala acting karta wo sala baht kamina hai waisa insan dunia m reh kar faida nahi hai

  • zafar khan ambikapur (c.g)

    salman salman salman

  • mirza akhtar ahmmad begg

    salman is best,my fevorite,but saharukh is a fevorite.they are so excelent.

  • mirza akhtar ahmmad begg

    salman is best,my fevorite,but saharukh is a fevorite.they are so excelent.

  • mirza akhtar ahmmad begg

    salman is best,my fevorite.

  • Mayankaggarwal

    They both are exelent in their field.i hope they’ll solve their problems very soon
    but the world knows as i should say that there is nobody in the universe that beat my SRK.
    King remains kings nobody like a dumb actor or a salman khan type actor takes his place.