Will Salman Khan dance in Gangnam style?

If hot goss is to be believed, he will! And here’s the how, when and where of it

The Gangnam fever is gaining momentum, and fast in Bollywood. The latest B-towner who has fallen prey to Psy’s cheesy dance ishtyle is Sajid Nadiadwala. But are we hinting at a Gangnam performance by this filmmaker? No!

Gossip has it that Sajid is planning to make Salman Khan follow Psy’s famous footsteps in his upcoming movie Kick. And it’s not only the dance style, but also the beats of the song that might find their way into the movie.

To get the desi version of this Korean number completely right, Nadiadwala has planned to rope in Bappi Lahiri as the music composer. But birdies chirp that Salman is skeptical about getting the copyright issues, and so he has suggested that they use the popular tune, a tad slyly maybe, in the background.

Also, our feathered friends reveal that Sallu is planning to improvise the Gangnam style by adding his personal touch to it. By waggling something he hasn’t till now, perhaps? Wink, wink.

Well, we are definitely excited to know how this one shapes up. Aren’t you, BollywoodLifers?