Will Salman Khan go to jail in the 2002 hit-and-run case?

Salman Khan
Yogen Shah

Salman Khan’s problems with the law have always been well publicised, and now his hit-and-run case is back in the news. This week Tarot looks into Salman’s future in this case and the overall changes his life is about to take…

The Two of Pentacles and the Eight of Cups are representative of balancing acts and disappointments. This new twist in the 2002 hit-and-run case will not be easy for Salman Khan to overcome and hence a lot of focus and strategising will be adopted. Like the Emperor card, there will be moments where Salman will feel comfortable, but these will be short-lived. A constantly changing case will keep everyone on their toes, but the main question is – what will eventually happen to Salman?

Currently the cards do not show him having to spend sentenced time in jail, but there will be a moment where it will get quite close.

Salman Khan’s family is concerned and disappointed but their unity and faith will see them through. The Wheel of Fortune shows them to be mentally strong mainly because they have faced such situations before and have learnt to understand that some issues will take time to resolve and this is one of them.

Despite such a close shave with the law, Salman will go through some further trouble and will certainly need to be very careful for the remaining half of 2013. The Two and Ten of Swords show repetitive issues, making it very important for him to be extra vigilant.

The year 2014 will bring tremendous change to the way Salman will approach his life. He will curb and gain better control over it. The Death and Hermit cards represent a further positive effect on his career too, but before that, the remaining half of 2013 will be troublesome and may even force him to take some major life-altering decisions.

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  • kavita

    im big fan of salman khan and i am dont want salman goes to jail. read the salman khan biography-birthday, birthplace, father, mother, school,college etc

    All bollywood celebs life history, birthday, birthplace, father, mother, school,college etc.

  • salim khan




    now this guys are after him..after they finish sanjay dutt, now they are expecting salman to pay huge sums to them for not landing him behind bars. even after he stuff their holes with money..he will definitely go behind bars…

    • imran

      sala ku kis ka side ha superstar salman khan or nor salman khan is most wanted and most popular hero in hindi cinema.so we pray for him always.

  • zenat

    no he doesnt go in jail he is big king of all stars

  • marjan

    I’m a big fan of Salman Khan and I believe that he is innocent and has not committed any crime and requesting the Honorable Court to lift people out of poverty, bad luck and help them Instead of wasting time

  • marjan

    I believe that Salman Khan is innocent and has never committed any crime and i request the honorable court to replace this old and closed case to the real injustice in the society

    • Shahab

      How can you say salman is innocent, he has run over people while being drunk and killed one person and injured 3. How can you say he has done no wrong. Please use your brain if you have any.

  • Rabby Kallamu Lawal

    Salman, Allah is always with you and he alone will see you out of this calamity. just have to strong.

  • biswa

    why salman kha yu hve to go tojail

  • Halfsanar

    I wanna ask …polices in India …dead man cannot alive —in dis situation I think salman khan should support that family who need help …if police ws arrested salman ..get wh? N lost wh ?..m suggest that family close case ..n take salman khan support !!! Is better result to all

  • hrushi

    Salman khan definately should go behind bars.
    He made Being human a brand.
    First be a good human being.