Will Salman Khan help Ameesha Patel get into the Bigg Boss house?

The Shortcut Romeo babe has expressed her desire to be a part of the mad…err…Bigg Boss house; will the channel honchos consider her?

Ameesha Patel is desperate work-wise and we can all see that. After she is done being a part of dud movies, she is channelising her energy to make it big on the small screen. And what better than Bigg Boss to start you career on the chota parda.

Ms Patel wishes to be a part of the new season of the reality show and we hear that she has been sending out subtle hints to the host of the show, Salman Khan. The gal is ready to do everything – from creating scandalising stories to controversies that will make you knit your brows. But AP messed it up big time by charging an exorbitant amount for the whole deal – approximately Rs 75 lacs for her one week stint on TV. This hasn’t gone down too well with the makers. We guess Ms Patel needs to get off her high horse, what say readers?