Will Salman Khan manage to make Rs 100 crore at the box office as a romantic hero?

Will Salman Khan manage to make Rs 100 crore at the box office as a romantic hero?

With Wanted, the Blockbuster Khan got onto the highway to super stardom. Since then he has been kicking, punching and somersaulting his way to box office success. But now he’s shifting gears, and will be seen whispering sweet nothings into lady love’s ears

Superstar Salman Khan’s health problems have forced him and his brother Sohail Khan to alter the story of their next home production Sher Khan. Instead of action, the Ek Tha Tiger actor will sing, dance and run around trees in the superhero-esque film. However Sher Khan won’t be completely devoid of Sallu’s famous kicks and punches, it’s going to be a romance spruced with some fight sequences.

But we wonder if the superstar will continue his joyous journey at the box office with the new image of a romantic hero! If you remember when Sallu was down and out, it was the raw action of Wanted that helped him make a comeback. And since then his films – Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard – have been a merry mix of hardcore action, goofy romance and lots of gags. His last film Ek Tha Tiger though was a surprise – it looked like a spy thriller but turned out to be a spy romance. And that didn’t go down well with a lot of Sallu’s action avatar fans.

Also, if the superstar’s going to focus on romance now, will he go beyond holding his girlfriend’s hands and giving a quick peck on her rosy cheeks since he’s extremely shy getting intimate on screen?

We doubt if the romantic image will have the same effect at the BO, but with Tiger’s fans you never know! Right? And our wicked minds can’t help but wonder if with this move Sallu’s gearing up to give his good friend-turned-just-a-contemporary, the unshakeable king of romance, Shahrukh Khan a run for his money!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Kiran Sukheja

    Yes , There are many fans of salman khan today so they will definately go n watch …..me too so whether it is action movie or romantic, audience just go for sallu


      o yes ofcourse, iam also a big fan of salman’s look his acting,style

      • Pedro

        His facial expressions are minimal and he can’t dance. How is he going to make it in romance?.

        • SImabKHan

          Bhai Ki Baat hi alag hai, Bhai is different

  • Rajan makwana

    Hi dosht hwot r u

  • shweta vrma

    u r so cool salman khan

    • asim

      you are so cool king khan salman

  • T.G.Ramachandran

    This ageless wonder has a huge female fan following,including teens-this means looks still matters for girls!

  • sunny shah

    salman khan is an all-rounder. he can do all movies like action, comedy, romantic, family drama, senseble.etc..

  • samia

    Salman Khan can do anything in its best way. All his upcoming films will be blockbuster

  • Mine

    Yaap he just Have to remove his Shirt and then jump from One Buiding top to another. Then His Monkey Fans will again make it to 100 crore. CRAP This guy dont even know the basic of Acting ROMANCE is a long long way to LALLU MONKEY .For Gods sake learn some Expressions LALLU MONKEY

  • Tushar

    As per the current update It seems that salman can cross 100 crores..Awesome movie, The app is also very helpful to book the Ticket. People are crazy for him hope salman will cross 100 crores.