Will Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 be successful at the box office?

Will Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 be successful at the box office?

Will Dabangg 2 live up to its expectations? How will the critics respond? What about the careers of of Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha? There’s a lot the cards reveal…

The Ten of Cups represents the highly awaited Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 2, a wholesome entertainer to be loved by various age groups. Salman, the King of Pentacles, will continue to dominate the box office collections and will find Dabangg 2 faring better than Dabangg. This is where the critics will also play their part. They will acknowledge the undeniable command Salman will posses over the film and will appreciate his ability to deliver to his audiences. Despite this, the Five of Cups does suggest the obvious pointing out of flaws, but this will not hamper the audience perspective. The Chariot reaffirms the audience love, especially as they will enjoy receiving the formula films they expect of Salman. Female audiences are like the Empress – they will equally enjoy the various emotions seen in Dabangg 2, and will also be appreciative of Sonakshi Sinha’s role and look in the film. Therefore, it is certainly safe to say that Dabangg 2 will be successful and extremely profitable.

The cards do guide Sonakshi Sinha to be more conscious of how she chooses her roles post the success of Dabangg 2. The Two of Swords and the Devil card explain the importance of not getting fixated with similar roles; instead a fresh approach and developing new characters will provide her with much needed versatility.

On the other hand, Salman Khan will remain in charge of his career, but the Seven of Swords and the Temperance are clear indicators of him pursuing successful new concepts. There is an obvious need for Salman to take care of his health, especially as the Five and Eight of Swords warns of further discomfort.

Arbaaz Khan Productions will now find a stronger footing as a production house, but even though future success is inevitable, the Hanged Man does suggest delays in upcoming projects, only to be compensated in 2014. This is when AK Productions will confidently take off and command like the Magician.

Dabangg 2 will cement the careers of many involved, and will also increase the Salman Khan phenomena.

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  • imran

    300 cr salman is rock

    • Mim lama

      215 to 300 cr my view

    • Z khan

      Salman is the best… People loves Salman… Definately Dabangg is a very good movie… 300CR+++……

      • ramiz

        U forgot one thing guys that salman is useless without Eid without Eid he dnt collect much money

        • sid

          v ll com to knw vry soon boss. Wait n watch.

        • yeshi

          u are not a fortune teller, u go to hell, otherwise, watch what will Dabaang 2 collects at the opening day, u wait o9k

        • yeshi

          u are not a fortune teller, u go to hell, otherwise, watch what will Dabaang 2 collects at the opening day, u wait ok
          in the Bollywood world no salman tho nothing no interest to watch anybodies film u understand?

  • salman fan

    Nice to know. Hope, all you say comes true! Inshallah!

    • arshad zeya

      inshaallah film kamyab hogi salman bhai tension mat le bhai

  • salman enemy

    salman ke paas na acting hai na hi talent phir bhi chalta hai
    salman ki hit film me zyaada ter remake hoti hum aap ke kaun

  • amit ji

    same style same blabk expression . zero actor n his films rtotally bakwas

    • Raj

      Tum jake koi d grade film dekho.salman khan ka film dekhne ka waqat hai kiya.tiger of bollywood one n only salman khan, khan o khan salman khan

    • yeshi

      Then u better replace Salman bhai, no way, I think u have to reborn many time to compare u for him

  • amit ji

    same style same blabk expression . zero actor n his films r totally bakwas

  • dev

    the strom is comingggggggg,,,,,,,,,it is the time for removingg all bakwaas movies from theaters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,on 21 ST DEC 2012 DABANGG 2 IS COMINGGGGG,,,,,,,,,FOR BREAKING RECORDS ,,,,,,,,,,100CRS IN 5 DAYS…………..WATCH AND ENJOY DABANGG 2

    • yeshi

      Jo dhaar tha hai samjo woo margaya pailaysay
      Chiken heart dhaar pok

  • ravan

    Zalzala!!!!!andhi tofaan!!!!hurricane sandy!!!!will b hitting at the cinemas on 21st dec…..Toh teyar rahe diniya wale….

  • rayan

    All india total nett gross will be around 207 crores nett gross!!!n first day collections would be 33.7 crores nett gross all india!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    kutty k film arahi hai

    • Raj

      Maa baap ne tamiz nehi sikhaye kiya ali. Tumara baap hai salman bhai.

    • imran

      wohi kutta thok dega

  • Anna

    salman is the King of Bokus movies

  • zeeyaulla.j

    salman is a king of the bollywood

  • movie god

    south ki mves or 3rd clas mves ne salman ko bacha liya and janta ka taste kharab. Bs king king hota hai jo srk hai. Or salman jis din action se hat k aayega us din flop phle ki tarah.

    • ASHI

      Ready was a romantic comedy but still was a blockbuster earning 120 crores domestic

  • Worldwide most popular shah rukh khan.

    jis din bolywood ka satandrd badega us din salman flop.. Bodyguard. Wrost mve. Ek tha tiger. Bkwas tiger bam lagana pada. Dbang .mt pucho bam khatam ho gya sir se dard nai hata.

  • nhung

    salman’s agreat actorand i believe dabangg 2 will be successful and overcome three idiols

  • He man

    Hey SRK guys…. If u want 2 watch SRK movies, watch only SRK movies. Don’t watch salman bhai movies … Ok … Why do you talk about salman movies … What does salman say 2 you srk guys… Don’t watch salman bhai films if u don’t want 2 see… Every actor has different talent … U know that? If u r fan of srk , u love srk … By the way we r fan of salman , we love salman … We don’t watch any srk movies…. We don’t want 2 say anything about srk movies.

    • answer to anhung

      are anhung jitna tera naam teda hai utna hi tera dimag teda hai
      salman ke paas na acting hai nahi dimaag saala south ki filmen kar kar ke top pe pahunch raha hai
      us ki sabhi film churayi hui hoti hai
      HAHK gujrati remake thi aur SRK ki ddlj original

    • ganja salman

      salman chor saale ki sabhi filmen remake hoti hai
      HAHK gaujrati remake
      TER NAAM teluge,,
      body gauerd tamil
      ready telugu
      aur dabang 2 me kayi scene south ki film gabbar singh se chraye hai chor saale saman ne
      are lallu ganje kuch original bahen chod

  • rohit

    On the basis of BO it will be a hit but film will a bakwas,,,,,,i dont know why indian are so bewkuff,,,,,,,jo aise filmo ko dekte hai ,,,,,shame on indiansss

    • He man

      U r right rohit . Bollywood films always have no any good ideas. They r always commercial films. But some films of aamir have good ideas, suggestion.

    • eminem

      hey man dont judge other people….indian audience needs entertainment……and for ur kind info people like u are very less in india……3 idiots was an awesom entertainer thatz why it was successful so was dabangg……….salman is king of bollywood.

  • Salman Nissar

    Salman khan is real king,real tiger,& dabangg of bollywood.

  • Teacher

    Salman khan the real king of bollywbod and the biggest esuperstar ever. He is very versatile as compared to srk and he always was and will be more popular than srk. Badmouthing him won’t change anything.

  • Ali

    He is the most worse actor of BOLLYWOOD .Shahrukh is the king of kings !

  • khandans

    for now …salman khan is no 1 for sure…srk now no 7 ok

  • raj aur ali ki maa

    all srk gay fans r hijra and pornstar

  • yeshi

    Dabang two will led to box office 2012, coz its Salman’s movei not Sharuk’s film

  • syed sabbar hussain

    it will giga at box office lifetime 225cr

  • Sameera

    Undoubtly.. Jaaaaan Salman gonna Rockkkkkk.. Agn…<3

  • zam

    surely blockbuster…dabangg no 1 behind ek tha tiger

  • sameer

    Salman se tho sab jale the hai srk aur amir se tho salman ke fans jiyada isliye collection me top hai sallu bhai.srk ki film jab tak hai jaan tho first day collection tho 15.78crs hai kidar srk aur kidar bhai 32 crores. Be in ur limits srk fans.

  • JarganJrasaily

    Really a great feeling to read about salman’s success

  • Zulqarnain

    D 2 is going to be super duper flop inshallah, as arogant flop actor sallu will fail ths time , amir failed to beat srk jthj records ,and people call amir best , if amir is best without box office figures than srk is king of cinema,

    • king

      Khayal me pulau bana rahe ho kya srk fans

      • King khan rocks with jthj

        We arnt quixotic like sallu dog fans

    • chulbul pandey

      hum srk mai itna ched karenge ki woh confuze hojayega ki SAANS kaha se le aur………… :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • kiran

    dabangg 2 will be the greatest hit and the history maker in bollywood..

  • rashi

    dabang2 is entertainment if not fully a bit obviviously,especially the songs.i like it!:-)