Will Sanjay Dutt spend three and a half years in prison?

The Supreme Court verdict is in and Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced to five years in jail for possessing illegal arms. The Tarot cards tell us whether there will be some reprieve for Dutt and what kind of impact the verdict will have on his family and career

The law has taken its course and has understandably turned out to be a tough time for the Dutt family. Sanjay Dutt is certainly surrounded by the best support system – personal and legal, especially as the Magician card shows them trying all legal possibilities to earn some reprieve. But Dutt, like the Eight of Swords is mentally preparing himself for the fate of being in jail once again. The Hanged Man does bring out a slight possibility of a further reduction in sentence, but in all eventuality Sanjay will go to jail.

The four weeks ahead are emotional and highly taxing, since fear and insecurities will trouble the mental states of all those closest to him. The Ten, King and Queen of Cups show some important family times being spent together and a growing acceptance of the time ahead. Although wife, Manyata Dutt will go through confusions and hurt, but she will be his pillar of strength. The Star card exudes immense positivity in her personality giving Dutt the belief he needs to get through this.

Dutt’s career will certainly get affected and in the long run, the Five of Wands shows unnecessary conflicts and financial losses. Therefore it will be important for some damage control to be done over the next few weeks. In the coming months, Manyata Dutt’s role will increase in keeping his businesses stable – it’s as if she was always grooming herself to be able to support Dutt in case of any eventuality.

Tarot tip: Sanjay Dutt will need to be careful of repetitive headaches and is advised to increase his water intake in order to keep himself calmer as the Knight of Wands shows expected agitation that will take a toll on his health. This will also impact his digestive system.

There is a lot of respect for the judicial system, therefore during the entire journey, Dutt and his family will continue to abide by the law. Tarot shows them to be a strong family.

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