Will Sanjay Leela Bhansali cast Hrithik Roshan for Bajirao Mastani?

Will Sanjay Leela Bhansali cast Hrithik Roshan for Bajirao Mastani?
Yogen Shah

Recently, there was a buzz that Bhansali had chosen Shahrukh Khan to play the role of Peshwa Bajirao. However, the rumours were immediately put to rest and then we conducted a poll asking you who would BollywoodLifers like to see as Bajirao. Well, here’s the result

It’s old goss now that Sanjay Leela Bhansali wants to make a film on Bajirao Mastani. In fact, most of you know that Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan) were his first choice for the film. But then the duo parted ways and the film went on hold. Recently, Shahrukh Khan’s name was being linked to the film. However, soon that buzz was declared a rumour. That’s when we asked you BollywoodLifers to pick your hero, the one you’d like to see as Peshwa Bajirao. And guess what? Hrithik Roshan has emered as the first choice by winning the maximum number of votes. The Greek God of B-town bagged 1443 votes, that is over 57 percent of the total number of votes. Ranveer Singh followed Hrithik with 438 votes (17 percent). But well, that’s nowhere close to the number of votes that the Krrish 3 actor won, hai na?

The second runner up was the playboy of B-town, Ranbir Kapoor, with 267 votes (11 percent). You won’t believe this but the next was Aamir Khan with 231 votes (9 percent). Not bad, eh? Ajay Devgn managed to get 82 votes (3 percent) from his ardent fans and Akshay Kumar won 62 votes (2 percent).

Well, so if Bhansali does see this result, he knows which actor to pick for his movie on Bajirao Mastani to be a success. There’s no doubt that Hrithik Roshan would make one hot Peshwa, hai na?

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  • Ayesha

    Yes Hrithik Roshan would be the perfect Bajirao ….hope Sanjay leela bansali makes the right choice!

  • Karan

    I had already said that, but I doubt Hrithik would play it since he has already conquered Historic Drama genre with Jodhaa Akbar.

    I just hope Hrithik does more than 1 movie in one year damn it!

    • Cattypuss

      There’s no reason why he can’t do another historical piece. Some of Hollywood’s best actors have done this without it ever hurting their career. Most actors are frightened to be stereotyped by playing similar genre – but if the script is up to scratch and the actors are perfect in their roles I see no problem. Australian actor Russell Crowe did Gladiator and now he’s just completed another historical role in the form of Noah. By all accounts this will probably do big business in cinemas too. Good luck to Hrithik, I think he’s the best thing to come out of Bollywood in years. Loved his roles in Jodhaa Ackbar and Dhoom 2 – and I had to rely on English subtitles because I cannot speak Hindi. :-)

      • Karan

        You are probably right, SLB and Hrithik also made a classic Guzaarish which was unfortunately unsuccessful at the box office. He always tries to do something different, more challenging

        Hrithik would be undoubtedly best choice for this film, but he’s way too choosy while selecting the scripts. His next film, Bang Bang is high on action, romance, and chemistry. He had said that its like a roller coaster ride and closest to Dhoom 2 in which he was superb. After this, he will do ‘Shuddhi’ (Purification) based on reincarnation, arguably one of his biggest projects.

        As a fan of him, I wish to see him in maximum movies. Even though if SLB approached him first, I’m not sure if he would sign it, and it will probably go to an another actor like Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Paani’.

        Btw, you don’t speak Hindi, but you watch Hindi films (of course with English subtitles), where are you from? And do have any connection with India?

        • Cattypuss

          I am from Australia – and no, I don’t have any connection with India. My heritage is Anglo-Saxon. But I do have Indian friends who own some restaurants in the city – I live 70k away on a rural property. They were the one’s that recommended I watch Jodhaa Ackbar. I had to split that movie into two viewing sessions because of the subtitles. In fact I had to watch the movie twice to absorb and understand the story. But watching Hrithik and Ash made up for it :-) Then I moved onto watching some of his older movies to get a timeline of his career. So I watched Mission Kashmir, Fiza, ect. Then I moved on to watch some of his newer work like Agneepath, Dhoom 2. I haven’t really watched his Krrish series, just snippets on Youtube. I think his Bang Bang is loosely based on Tom Cruise’s Night and Day. The one I am looking forward to is Shuddhi. The director said that audiences will see a different Hrithik in this movie. What really makes me appreciate this guy is his versatility – In the beginning I didn’t even know he was an excellent dancer until I saw some of his Youtube clips. I am a little concerned about him with injury – at 40 he will have to start being more careful and not throw himself around so much. It’s a good thing that they have imported an American stunt expert to finish Bang Bang – apparently the last stunt guy walked out on the film O_O Well, 2013 was his Annus Horribillus ( horrible year) let’s hope that 2014 is a more calm year for him!

          • Karan

            You surely know a lot about him. Indeed, he’s one of the finest actors in the country, and certainly the most versatile one. Apart from his acting skills, he’s also an excellent dancer, best in Bollywood. He became a Superstar overnight after his debut film KNPH (which won a record 102 awards from all award functions that year). He’s also often referred as the ‘Greek God’ because of his looks (which is again best in Bollywood). He’s arguably the most complete superstar in the country, and that’s not a fan in me, I’m being objective here.

            The thing which I like most about him is, his humble attitude, he’s very down to earth, you don’t see this quality in most of superstars. He would also make a good philosopher Lol.

            Yeah, Bang Bang is an official remake of Knight & Day, and I’m sure they will make necessary changes in it to make it better than original. I’m also looking forward to Shuddhi most, its going to be huge.

            I recommend you to watch some of his best dance moves in song videos like ‘Main Aisa Kyon Hun’ (Eng translation-Why Am I Like This?), ‘Fire’ from Kites(western dance), ‘Baawre’(traditional dance), ‘Dhoom Again’ my favorite which you’d have already seen in Dhoom 2, ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’, Krazzy 4, etc. They are worth a watch.
            Ask me for links if you couldn’t find them :)

            Did you know he was also offered many roles in Hollywood movies like Prince Of Persia (lead role which was played by Jake Gyllenhaal), and Pink Panther 2, etc., which he refused all the times.

            I’m also concerned about his health and personal life, I just wish him that this new year brings him happiness, peace and good health.

            Australia have also given many great and popular actors. Heath Ledger was/is one of my all-time favorites, I also like Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Geoffrey Rush, etc.
            Its good to see an Australian having so much information about an Indian/Bollywood actor. Do you know more people from India/Bollywood?

          • Cattypuss

            The weather/heat in Australia at the moment is murder – I called it quits around about 1.30pm, turned on the air-con and watched Jodhaa Ackbar again from start to finish , reading the subtitles again ( I’ll need a new set of glasses at this rate) lol.

            This movie just gets better with every viewing – expertly directed, exquisitely shot, beautifully acted by both leads and supported by some very good character actors. Personally I don’t know why Hrithik is so afraid to make another period piece. This is probably why he knocked back The Prince of Persia…..and like you I am frustrated that he only makes one movie a year. I think that this is a mistake on his part. If he made two it would give him a chance for at least one highly successful movie, and like you I am looking forward to seeing Shuddhi.

            I have read where his father advised him to get a degree (I think he has a degree in Commerce) before going into acting. If his acting career didn’t take off he could always fall back on his education. Wise move on the fathers part – and the reason why he entered acting so late as an adult. Still, some things are worth waiting for huh?

            I do know other Indian actors, mainly the established ones like SRK, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Irrfhan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan ect. I think it was Salman that helped Hrithik with his bodybuilding & diet. Yes, I was aware that he is known as the Greek God because of this……buuuuut, at times I think he overdoes it. He should find some middle ground on this, because as soon as he drops the endless routine he will reverse what he has done to get that honed look. Of course this is the nurse coming out in me as this is my profession – abet recently retired.

            If you have the time to give some links to his dancing that would be greatly appreciated – just watching him makes me feel exhausted!! lol lol

            His personal life could be better that’s for sure O_O it’s just a real shame that his marriage is in tatters, and that certain people within his circle of friends can’t keep their mouths shut. Hrithik is too trusting. Of course his young sons are the ones who will be affected by the decisions he and Sussanne make into the future. Whatever people think of Sussanne, by his own admission, she was the one constant in his life, she provided him with a different prospective on things and above all gave him a sense of balance. I hope he finds that again with her, and if not, hope that they remain friends for the sake of their boys.

            It’s great to be able to discuss his career with you and it’s very much appreciated.

          • Karan

            I know about the weather in Australia. I have been watching Australian Open (Tennis). Some of them have fried eggs on court Lol.

            Yeah, Jodhaa Akbar is a true masterpiece.
            I don’t think that Prince of Persia’s genre is the reason behind his refusal to do it, he may have not liked the script, after all it wasn’t well received by the critics and failed at the domestic box office. From my perspective, he didn’t want to leave his family (he lives in a joint family).

            The whole country was shocked when both Hrithik and his wife issued a statement saying they are separating, and all of us are hoping to see them together again. Rumors were floating since months, but nobody believed them. They were known to be one of the best celebrity couples in India. They have known each other since their childhood, they were together for 17 years, 13 years of marriage.
            The reason of their split is still not clear, Hrithik confirmed that it was his wife’s decision to split for which he faced minor criticism by some of Sussanne’s friends for stating the truth according to rumors which said he was seeking sympathy, seriously? He just stated the truth, he still loves her and wants her to come back, he also stated that she will always be the love of his life. Rumors also claimed that Arjun Rampal (Hrithik’s friend) and Sussanne’s growing relationship was the reason behind their split, which was later denied by both Sussanne (Hrithik’s wife) and Arjun. I am not sure about the extent of their credibility, we can only speculate.

            Btw, they are still on friendly terms, they were together at their sons’ school function. Everyone, including their own parents, are still hopeful that they will sort out their issues and start living together again for their young children at least.

            Yeah, Salman and SRK are almost a decade senior than him. Abhishek also made his debut in 2000. Hrithik’s debut was most epic in Bollywood. The hype in 2000 was clearly with Amitabh’s son, but he was completely out shined by Hrithik’s spectacular debut. Hrithik’s debut film released a week before and after the releases of already established stars like SRK and Aamir, but it went on to become the highest grosser of the year, and other two films of SRK & AK flopped at the box office. He became the first actor to win both Best Actor awards for Popular and Debut categories from the most precious award function (besides National Awards) i.e. Filmfare Awards. It collected a record 102 awards from all award functions. As I said earlier he became an overnight superstar, and unfortunately Abhishek is still struggling. He received 30,000 marriage proposals in 2000, but he broke all the hearts after marrying Sussanne in the same year Lol. They looked awesome together.

            Hrithik is known for his perfect dialogue delivery in films, but he had a speech disorder as a child. He used to stammer so badly that he would bunk school during oral tests.

            He was also diagnosed with scoliosis in his early 20′s, a curvature of the back. Doctors had told him that he’d never be able to dance or perform action scenes. 5-6 years later, when his debut film released, he was hailed as the best dancer, actor and action hero of the country! He also had a double disc slip 2-3 years ago. He has had history with injuries throughout his career, but he came back stronger than ever each time.
            He’s a true inspiration to many.

            Here are those links of some of his best dancing performances –





            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz7YK7tx-D8 / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHDl2TY2q5E


            Let me know if you liked them :)

          • Cattypuss

            Wow! Thank you very much! I have bookmarked this page so I can go through them all one at a time. Your like an encyclopedia when it comes to Hrithik Roshan info :-) I came across one of his performances on Youtube at one of the Film Awards nights. It’s the Shahenshah sword dance routine. It’s a shame that the person who uploaded it couldn’t get it done in High Definition. Still, it was an excellent performance from him and I think Sussanne was in the audience with one of the boys. I have to admit, he’s got the body! Whew!

            He’s India’s version of Brad Pitt………only better :-)

            Yes, I read ALL the rumors about his marriage – the poor guy must feel like a bug under a microscope. O_O Media media everywhere with nowhere to hide. :-( I was aware that he and Sussanne lived with his parents – not sure that’s a good idea at 40 O_O Maybe Sussanne wanted her own home? Being an interior decorator she should want that. Still, if I were Hrithik I would put a little distance between myself and the ever nosy media……and some people he thinks are his friends. Does he have a media adviser? If not, I’ll volunteer ! lol lol You are soooo right about Hrithik being kind, thoughtful and generous. But at times I think people USE him – being the type of person he is he probably doesn’t realise it.

            It’s REALLY being lovely to be able to talk to you via Bollywood Life. It’s not often I can talk at length to someone who is as knowledgeable on all things Hrithik. Very grateful to you. BTW – my name is Lyn. :-)

          • Cattypuss

            I hope this works – here is his Shahenshah sword dance routine. You might have already seen it – but I’ll put it here for others to see as well.


          • Guest

            Haha, yeah I’m quite informative about him lol.
            That’s why I didn’t give the links of those concerts/functions. He’s hasn’t appeared in many. He keeps it low, and has always maintained distance from media except in 2013 for some obvious reasons. He’s not an attention seeker like many other celebrities here. He hardly shows up at any event or function.
            I think he has realized that there’s nothing like ‘true friend’ in this business/industry, People are really selfish nowadays. I’m sure he does have a media advisor, if not then he could always approach you or me Lol.

            Speaking of his body, you might want to watch him in his latest film’s track, here’s the link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dJOKvj3HrY (it may look weird since the actress is supposed to be a mutant in it)

            Yep, he’s been compared to many Hollywood actors mostly with, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale(due to their similar type of filmography).

            You’re welcome! It was fun to share my information/opinions about him with you. My real name is also Abhishek aka Rohit (pet name). And thank you for Hrithik/Patrick video, really liked it. Have you seen all of those videos(links which I posted) or not?

          • Cattypuss

            Thanks for getting back to me – as I said I haven’t watched his Krrish series as yet. Judging by your clip they (father and son) put of lot of effort into the franchise. Some people have critised his Krrish franchise – but what they don’t realise is that Roshan and his producer father wanted to give Indian children their very own hero. While not quite up to Hollywood standards his efforts were a very brave move. A totally Indian effort, including special effects. For this alone he should be totally supported by the acting fraternity and movie goers as well.

            Yes, I have watched all your videos and I must confess I liked his dancing in Dhoom 2 the best. :-)

            Yes, I am beginning to realise that Bollywood is swimming with sharks, lol. Personally, I think he is in a world of pain at the moment over his martial problems, and endless rumor mongering over his Krrish 3 box office takings. Now he has to deal with more rumors about his friendship with his pretty co-star in Bang Bang. They are saying this was probably what pushed Sussanne over the edge. I guess at this point the poor man doesn’t know who his TRUE friends are. I read yesterday that he has hired a motivational guru to keep him upbeat while he is completing Bang Bang. Seriously. I think that Sussanne walking out has hit him hard. He might even be depressed, and if that is the case this motivational guru is not the one to help him. He needs to see a well trained professional psychologist to work on the mental turmoil he is encountering. Maybe even a course of well targeted anti-depressant medication for 6 months. There’s no shame in seeing a psychologist for help – they are completely different to a psychiatrist – they treat serious mental disorders like Schizophrenia ect. Anyway, from what I am reading this motivational guru is a little dodgy.

            On the issue of media advisers – maybe you and I could team up and offer our services free of charge!!! Lol lol lol.

            Honestly, even I could do better than his current bunch of hangers on. For instance – there would be no way shape or form that I would have allowed him to face the media and literally blow his stack the way he did recently. I would have had his LAWYER issuing cease and desist orders, and threatening legal action for defamation if they didn’t. He was too emotional to handle this and it showed :-(

            Let’s hope for his sake that he settles down and paces himself better. As a person who appreciates his talent I am hoping that 2014 is a better year for him and that his fan base keeps supporting him.

          • Cattypuss

            Karan – I am not sure if you have ever seen this video – it is a mix of Patrick Swayze and Hrithik Roshan in a ballet sequence.


  • sonu bhalavi

    hrithik is best

  • Imran

    HR is best


    Only SRK can do this role better than any other actors. I don’t mind SRK and Aishwarya rai.This will be Big Big Blockbuster. They can create the same magic of Devdas again……

  • doumind

    The poll is Bias… We have to choose from the list given… So i didn’t vote. maybe some prefer the actor not listed in the poll. My point of view. Needs to be a young actor and actress and not 45+ actors as their eyes look old. Shahrukh Kahn wore sunglasses in most of the sense in chennai Express.. How do u emote with sunglasses. And gets the best actor award….What a JOKE. People don’t pay attetion to these details. Just go with the hype created by media which is sold out. And why always repeat the actors and throw them in peoples face. In Hollywood actors get equal opportunity as they are not greedy and the directors/producers have faith i their product.

  • Noora Khan

    Hrithik Roshan and only him can be the Bajirao. He had played so beautifully in Jodha Akbar.

  • Sonukumar Karar

    hrithik is a best in the world

  • Sonukumar Karar

    hrithik pass koi nehi hay.

  • sonu bhalavi

    Hrithik Roshan and only him can be the Bajirao. He had played so beautifully in Jodha Akbar.

  • Cattypuss

    My favorite scene from Dhoom 2 – the tension had me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails!


  • KareenaForever

    Hrithik is an awful actor. He ain’t no actor at all.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Hrithik would b the perfect for it. As hrithik understands the imaginations that SLB possesses, as they have already done the magic in guzaarish. Superb film I would say…..

  • Rhea

    Ranveer Deepika as Bajirao Mastani. If not Salman.

  • Yashaswi Kamesh

    Hrithik is the greek god! But the only pair i can imagine replacing Salman and Aish is Ranveer and Deepika!

  • Umesh

    for Bajirao Mustani Sanjay Leela Bansali’s first choise is the best choice i.e Salman Khan