Will Sarah Jane Dias sing in her own movie?

The Kyaa Super Kool Hai hottie is taking singing lessons

Model-turned-actor Sarah Jane Dias is excited about her forthcoming films like O Teri, Happy New Year and Angry Indian Goddesses. We are waiting for the hottie to make her sexy presence felt on the silvescreen. A little birdie chirped to us that besides films, Sarah for is taking western singing lessons these days. The surprise doesn’t end there. We hear that those close to the star are waiting for their stylish friend to lend her voice for a movie or two. We wonder which movie croon for…

At the moment the hottie is reluctant to divulge any bit of information about the film or its title. What do know for sure is that Sarah is stretching her…ahem ahem vocal chords. She has been taking vigorous training in both singing and contemporary dance for over a month now. She was even spotted recently at Ashley Lobo’s dance academy.

We at are BL waiting for Sarah to enchant us with her magical voice in the same way in which she has been seducing us with her sexiness!