Will Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj recreate ‘Kaminey’ magic?

Mon, October 17, 2011 12:48pm IST by
Will Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj recreate ‘Kaminey’ magic?

Apparently, after Ajay Devgn backed out of Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj called his Kaminey actor to do the film. And we think it’s a brilliant decision

At the moment, both Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj are going through low phase professionally. Both are dealing with disappointments – Mausam for Shahid and Saat Khoon Maaf for Bhardwaj. But if everything pans out well, they might get a chance to uplift each other’s careers, just like the way they did it with Kaminey. Rumour has it that Shahid is being considered for Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola that earlier had Ajay Devgn. Apparently the Singham actor backed out of Bhardwaj’s film to accommodate Ashwini Dhir’s Son Of A Sardar. The slightly upset filmmaker was in no mood to convince Devgn instead he called his Kaminey actor for a narration. Obviously Shahid who owes Bhardwaj as an actor, immediately went over for the meeting and came out pretty pleased. If all goes well he will be doing the film. We are not too surprised with this coz Bhardwaj gave the star-actor the much needed respite from the lover boy roles in Kaminey. The film garnered a lot of critical acclaim for both actor and director. While businesswise it’s important to ensure box-office wonders, but for an actor it’s more important to balance it with some powerful performances, unless you are Salman Khan and can get away with the repeated acts. So as the adage goes, whatever happens, happens for the best. Ajay walking out of the film could actually turn out well for Shahid and Bhardwaj, ‘coz they have proved their magic earlier.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Deepa

    Shahid should do this movie and im sure theyl recreate magic… They both are supremely talented… Shahid say yes … plssss!!!

  • zeshee

    Shahid must do this movie, because we are your big fan and want sooper dooper hit movie like kaminey…