Will Shahid Kapoor be the perfect Hamlet?

Posted Wed, April 17, 2013 11:45am IST

The actor has been approached by Vishal Bhardwaj for a new film, and speculation is rife that this next is based on a Shakespearean play….Hamlet, King Lear or….

Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj have worked together in Kaminey. But it wasn’t a partnership made in heaven…or so we hear. Shahid’s obstinate behaviour and Vishal’s creative take on almost everything created problems between the two men, each obstinate and insistent on their own way. But we hear that things between them are back to normal and since Sasha doesn’t have many movies this year, we see no reason for him to decline an offer from someone of Vishal’s stature. So the rumour mill is churning out several stories – and one of them is that Bhardwaj’s next film will either be based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear or on Hamlet. But since we know that trusting a speculative story is like banging your head against the wall, we don’t rule out the possibility that Vishal might make Shahid play an unconventional character like Prospero (The Tempest) or the oh-so-romantic Romeo from Romeo and Juliet.

So we wonder what the Jab We Met dude really has to do and how he has to behave if he chooses to play an interesting Shakespearean character full of layers, some of them replete with conflicting emotions….



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  • larissa

    dear Sasha,
    start taking ;esssons from English voice teacher, for u be a prince Datskyi soon so you must not have any pronunciation problems. I hope, too, that movie director Sudhur Mishra and Anurag Basu realized by now that u are talented and beautiful prince of Bollywood, that u do pranayama and meditation every day to control your temper and master it already, which is obvious after Raj Kumar problems with fire on a set. Be patient, and calm, your talent growing with it.