Will Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan come together for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year?

Will Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan come together for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year?

News is that the two mega stars will share screen space in Farah’s upcoming flick

For all Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fans who really loved their favourite actors’ impeccable chemistry in Josh, Devdas and Mohabbatein, here’s some really big news! According to the industry’s latest grapevine, Farah Khan has approached Aishwarya to star opposite Baadshah Khan in her flick Happy New Year. And our khabroo says that the proud mother of Aaradhya Bachchan might accept the offer. Yay!!!

Remember SRK and Ash had a fall out during Chalte Chalte and Rani Mukerji had later replaced the former Miss World. Of course, over the years the two actors would have sorted out their differences. A source close to Farah’s camp believes that the chances of Ash doing the film are high considering that her dearest hubby Abhishek Bachchan also stars in it. So she’ll get to spend some valuable time with her pati on the sets.

Farah has already signed Shahrukh, Abhishek and Boman Irani for the film which is basically about a group of friends. We hear that South sensation Prithviraj will also be a part of the movie.

Last heard, Farah was also considering Katrina Kaif to play SRK’s love interest. So, does that mean Ash beats Kat to bag a plum role in the film? Do you think Shahrukh and Aishwarya will come together for Farah’s film? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • krittika

    would love to see aishwarya making her comeback with shahrukh khan but think that for this farah khan movie would be amazing to see shahrukh khan and katrina kaif again

    really hope to see shahrukh-aishwarya rai in another movie soon

  • Ruti

    I’d rather see Aish with Hrithik in the new period piece by Karen Johar for her come back

  • Marika (Europe)

    OH MY GOD!!! YES YES YESSSSS… I hope so very much. It would be the best gift by SRK-AISH.
    SRK-AISH this is for you: We love you so much. Usted está siempre en nuestros corazones, s’il vous plaît donner de l’espoir che questo possa accadere.

  • jatin

    i think ash is not perfect love interest role for srk, because now she become fatty specially her heavy face and now she is not a single and her chamistery with srk will not perfect due to present of abhishek in this movie

    • Marika (Europe)

      Maybe you’re right: But I think the character and the person are two different things. For this reason they are called actors. When the actors on the scene to make real the things that are impossible in real life … are good actors. It’s a challenge to their talent.

    • Ralph

      I agree with your first part..


      remember Dhoom 2?
      Aish and Hrithik SIZZLED even in the presence of Abhi.

  • jatin

    from my point of view,Aish is’nt deserve this movie. because this lead need more stamina and flexibility of body because this movie include more dance and need to match up with srk regarding dance and perfect chamistery. i think katrina,anushka are perfect choice

  • arun

    I hope Aishwarya rai is not doing the film because she is far overrated the only reason she still get film offer is because of amitabh bachchan and not because of her acting

  • Steffeny Enfield

    Are you serious!!SRK if you do this with ASH I will love you forever! This is PERFECT for ASH ! I love Ashwariya & SRK combination…I have never heard Ash talking negative about anyone… all those who have been so negative about Ash… what is your problem???… Get a life.. can’t say something nice… than keep your mouth shut! Why are you so negative and mean…. ASH can give anyone in bollywood a run…You put Ash in a room with all the actresses.. she will appear the most BEAUTIFUL glorious and desirable… Ash if you are reading this.. You LOOK AMAZINGLY SLIMMER…CHARACTER IS SO IMPORTANT YOU HAVE.. IT ALL. I put my money on Ash any day any time…My husband is an swedish man and he tells me ASH will have a great comeback,, being a European, even he can tell.. BETTER WATCH OUT!!!! ASH IS BACK…

  • shakeel

    it will be all time blockbuster love you srk

  • Tanveer

    I hope so! I hate Katrina, it better not be her!

  • aulia khairunnisa

    I hope srk and kat together again