Will Shahrukh Khan be a better gangster than Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn?

Will Shahrukh Khan be a better gangster than Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn?

SRK will be seen playing a gangster in Rahul Dholakia’s next

Gangster roles seem to have become the most in thing in Bollywood. We saw how Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar played the role of a gangster in films Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara respectively. These two men especially Ajay Devgn garnered a lot of praises from the spectators for their gangster avatar.

Now we have heard that Shahrukh Khan is also ready to play the role of a gangster in Rahul Dholakia’s next. It was earlier rumoured that King Khan would be playing the role of a Gujarati don but Farhan Akhtar who is the producer of the film rubbished these rumours and said that he won’t be playing a Gujarati don but he will be playing a role of a gangster in the film which is set in Gujarat.

Now that makes us wonder if SRK will be a better gangster than Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar? All we can do is just wait and watch.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Arjun

    Srk ko agar akshay ka outimd look de diya jaae to wo cartoon lagega ha ha ha…
    Just imagine

    • Parag

      srk ki baat baad me kare lekin akshay ouatimd me pura cartoon lag rha hta

  • Ranjeet

    Ajay is the baaap actor !

    • mit

      u r right bro

  • akaash

    only akshay paji

  • zoheb

    SRK can do better than them

  • ajay

    Without any doubt Ajay Devgn is the best actor amoung thies all…And don’t forget Once upon a time in mumbai give him new name The Sultan Of Bollywood…..yes Ajay Devgn is the best.

  • sawera

    ajay is the best actor

  • Ibi

    What a ridiculous article . SRK has already been a gangster in films: Ram Jaane and Don films. I think it can be safely said he’s mastered the don/gangster role competently.

  • anonymous

    No star can do gangster role better than ajay devgan.he is a master in that.I don’t know why the hell these directors going for other when he is there.

  • Naren

    Mr. Rahul Dholakia……. please watch Ajay Devgans …Company …. Apaharan & Once upon time in Mumbai …..see how Ajay did versatility in all three gangster roles.

  • vikash

    ayay is best Gangster in bollywood sultaan du me yaad rknaa

  • Saifal

    Ajay devgn n0 d0ubt ab0ut that

  • HRehan Prashan

    No comparison with historic sultaan mirza,n malik bhai…

    • Rajat Sharma

      you are right