Will Shahrukh Khan climb to new heights of stardom with ‘Don 2′?

Will Shahrukh Khan climb to new heights of stardom with ‘Don 2′?

We ask this question ‘coz the superstar will once again be seen as a mean, nasty villain in Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2. Remember, it was the wicked acts in his first few films that got him starry glory when he started his career in B-town!

Life isn’t all peaches and roses for Shahrukh Khan at the moment. He has received more flak than praises for his ambitious project, RA.One. He has more frenemies than friends these days. While these are all signs of being a superstar, it’s unhealthy for a human being to be picked on so continuously – and did you know that some of our readers, people who keep an eye on bollywoodlife.com, also think that we are always picking on SRK? That apart, knowing the superstar’s good luck with being wicked, things may change for better…or worse…with Don 2. If you look at the film’s promos, it’s obvious that SRK loves every bit of being bad, a cool villain. And if you go with what Don 2’s director Farhan Akhtar says: “SRK is meaner, wittier and more interesting in this version than in the previous film (Don)”, our gut feeling is that the Baadshah of Bollywood will rock every other Khan’s boat to the point of seasickness. Why, you ask? ‘Coz not very long ago – two decades back, to be precise – a newcomer called Shahrukh Khan struck his first chord of stardom with his bad guy act. Remember it was the psychotic son in Baazigar and obsessed lovers from Darr and Anjaam that brought shine to SRK’s then-sluggish career. Everyone liked the Aamir Khan lookalike, but no one was sure if he had it in him to be a part of the numbers race. But once these films released, he became the next BIG thing. And it seems all that is happening again with SRK, life coming full circle, as it tends to do. So don’t you agree that a lot is going to change for SRK after Don 2? You tell us…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shaikh

    He (shahrukh) was baadshah
    He is baadshah
    And he will be baadshah

    • dipu

      Don2 will be a block buster and all the SRK haters will go for suicide.All the Best to SRK(my favourite)

  • Nawaz

    The King will again strikes back very heavily, SRK is one of the most Biggest superstar on earth and His Fan following is in Billion numbers . SRK was King, SRK is King and SRK will always be Kingggggggg

  • Mubarak

    Yes, SRK will always be Kingggggg of Bollywood.

  • gh mohiudd lone

    srk don 2 big hit this yer 2011,,,,,,,,,,,the king back

  • tiana

    actually he doesn’t need to STRIKE back! he never stepped aside for a second…
    once the king always the king… he has always been, is and always will remain the name on bollywood’s logo!

  • cool

    SRK rocks… DON 2 will be the biggest blockbuster of 2011.

    Wish you all the best Sir….. The King is back.. for sure…

    • eahtesham khan

      sir bahot shariff sa lagta hai call don

  • vinay kumar

    return of the king.. he was always the king

  • lone

    srk don2 big big hit this yer the king is back ,……………king khan………..,

  • Afroze

    SRK is definitely goin to rock this Chritsmas… He was, is and goin to be d king of Bollywood.. Don 2 promos r awsme and is gonna b a huge hit…

  • Ankit

    Really looking forward to this movie….

  • Demonoid


  • musthaq

    srk is the king of bollywood. yes,now a days everyone is picking on him but no one knows that srk is shah-king and he knows very well about what to do and when to do. this movie gonna rock and ofcourse this will take him to the new heights of stardom …….. inshaallah…. all the best for SRKing.

  • ahad

    he is already a super star legend, another hit or flop makes no difference to his stardom.

    • Jai

      absoloutly true!!!!!!!!!!

    • DRK

      I hav heard once SRK himslf saying…whn askd…Y it s difficult 4 som ppl 2 accept his sucsesss in the industry??? SRK said ” May be coz i Iam soo CONSISTENT whn it is abt sucsess..”!!! Yes and dt s d nly rep..dt a fan f SRK can gv to othrs..dt Nw evn a Flop film cnt mak ny diffrnce to his Global popularity or to his sucesss…!!! he has achievd..d un achievabl..dy no stars hv don in INdia..!! I.E Globally acceptd STARDOM…!!( Global face of Indian Cinema)

  • Jessica

    I truly agree, once a king always a king, and I read in the Wiki that his Ra one made 240 Crores, I still fail to understand why people keep on saying Ra One was a disaster, did people expect it to make 1000 Crores!!!!
    Don 2 will be a blockbuster, all SRK fans are wishing him best luck.
    Can’t wait to watch the film.
    SRK Haters get a life, look for someone else to vent out ur frustration!!!!

    • Karan

      Those people are just riding the pointless wave of negativity surrounding ra.one and saying things like its a disaster or they think it didn’t beat bodyguard which it did in terms of worldwide collections. But i have to say whilst what ra.one collected is a good number, it was expected to beat 3 idiots based on the hype but obviously that became an impossibility due to the ridiculous negative word of mouth.

  • puja

    these srk fans are truly disgusting why they are unable to accept the fact that raone is a flop…mad people…don 2 will also be a huge flop…srk fans go and get some life.

    • Amir

      why don’t u accept that ra one was a hit in india and biggest hit of 2011 overseas. check ur facts loser.

    • Sarah

      how the heck are they truly disgusting? do u have a problem if they are reading news about him or commenting? they r not saying bad about anyone else, so why r u so disturbed about it? if u don’t like him, why r u reading this. ur the disgusting one.

  • Amasch

    You know why people hate SRK? Coz they simply can’t bear the fact that no matter what they or their stars do…SRK REMAINS THE KING!!!! He has competed with every star of Bollywood…from Amitabh to Hrithik, from Amir Loser to Salman Bozer…at the end of the day, it’s still Shahrukh who makes headlines and not them!

    All hail to the king!

  • ken

    don ko dushman ko yeh janna jaroori hai ki don hamesha no. 1 hai

  • deepak

    these days, filmmakers are obsessed with making films on bad guys and gangsters. dont know why? maybe they are trying to compete with ram gopal varma. this srk, overactor, doesnt suit the role of don at this age…. and as far as bad guy acts go, see ajay devgns performance in company, and manoj bajpayees performance in aks. thats what is called a bad guy act……

  • khan

    ra.one beated bodyguard in world wide with 240cr collection while bodyguard was 229cr
    inshallah dis time don 2 should beat 3 idiots
    SRK is competing with amir salman and tom cruise
    so this makes him the king of bollywood and srk has 3.2billion ppl fan following while tom cruise hav 2.6billion and amir salman not even there
    and this film seems intresting so lets wait and see

  • waqas ali

    don2 is the biggest blockbuster
    of the year.the king is back.

  • bik

    srk is the best

  • ritu

    top star of bollywood—————-
    1 shahrukh khan
    2 ajay devgan
    3 hritik roshon
    4 akshay kumar
    5 aamir khan
    6 salman khan

  • ritu

    biggest hit of 2011——
    1 ra.one-240 cr
    2.bodyguard-229 cr
    3.ready-179 cr
    4.shingham-140 cr
    5.zindegi na milega dobara-135 cr

  • kilu

    biggest hit of 2011——
    1 ra.one-240 cr
    2.bodyguard-229 cr
    3.ready-179 cr
    4.shingham-140 cr
    5.zindegi na milega dobara-135 cr

  • akki


  • akki

    best chhakka role——————
    salman khan————ready

  • zeeshan

    he is a king of bollywood ……surely he will touch new height that no one reach at that point.actually no one touch his carrier point at this time………..no one never

  • Sky

    Shahrukh is good in acting than any other khans.But most of the times his movies were disappointing..

    Amir’s movies were good all the time.We can trust his movies.
    But His acting skills is not up to srk.

    Salman is the most stylish actor..He is good looking than any other khans..But his movies were always disappointing.

  • Hooria

    Inshallah DON 2 will be successful after all it is SRK’s filmshe is the best and can carry out any role easily whether its as a lover, a villain, husband, brother or a superhero he is the best especially in DDLG

  • Rasika Yapa

    Yes. SRK is one of the best when comes to do the negative roles in a manner of having a fan following. I really liked the way he did it in JOSH and Khabi ha Khabi na. In Sri Lanka we love him as much as we love salman khan. Due to these DVD sales in Sri Lanka of every new Hindi movies as soon as it releases, the impact of these actors are making will not be seen clearly.

  • Azhar Ali

    SRK is the best. He can do every role, because he is the real and natural actor.

    We love him very much and pray for his success.

  • Mathias

    SRK is a strong eieegrtnc actor in bollywood.He normally does all the things well and give cent percent to his works but this time he fails any way i wish him good luck next time.