Will Shahrukh Khan quit smoking for his daughter?

The Ra.One star is trying really hard to shake off his bad habit and his daughter Suhana is helping him. Will SRK keep his promise?

While promoting his magnum opus RA. One, Shahrukh Khan had vowed to do away with cigarettes after the release of the film. His superhero character G.One in the film too spoke about the ill-effects of smoking. And now the time has come for SRK to stick to his words in real life and ditch the old habit. A little birdie from Mannat, Shahrukh’s palatial house in Mumbai, informed us that the chain-smoking star has come down to six to seven cigarettes a day. Six-seven sticks per day? Now that we think is sufficient smoke to turn a healthy pair of lungs into a charcoal factory! Apparently, SRK’s daughter Suhana is helping her dad to quit smoking. Suhana, it’s learnt, is not happy when Shahrukh carries a pack of cigarettes with him and that has led King Khan to make a concrete resolution to get rid of it. Well, let us remind you Mr Khan that this is not the first time you have promised to shun smoking. You said so when your son Aryan was born. You also admitted that this is the only bad habit you have and you are taking much-needed steps to quit it on numerous occasions. Shahrukh,you made it amply clear on No Tobacco day too that you will overcome this nasty habit soon. And every time, you’ve disappointed us. They just ended up being tall claims. Now we really wonder if we will ever see you without the cancer stick in your hand. Though we understand that old habits are not easy to let go, given SRK’s high energy levels and his ability to deliver on whatever he undertakes, let’s hope that this time at least the superstar is motivated enough to let go of the cigarette once and for all.

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