Will Shahrukh Khan replace Hrithik Roshan in Shuddhi?

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Will Shahrukh Khan replace Hrithik Roshan in Shuddhi?

As per the latest buzz, SRK will do Karan Johar’s film that will release next year

B-Town is abuzz with the news that Shahrukh Khan will step in as the lead actor of Shuddhi, a position recently vacated by Hrithik Roshan.The whispers started after Karan Johar tweeted that the film will release on Christmas 2015.

After Hrithik opted out of the role, Karan was clear that this film needed a superstar. All the new actors are not in the reckoning. Which led to the speculation that Dharma’s favourite SRK might be returning to the production house.

Says an industrywallah, “Shahrukh came with Chennai Express in Eid, (considered Salman Khan’s date) and broke records. Now if he has a release on X’Mas (which belongs to Aamir Khan) and shatter box-office figures, it will be the ultimate high. Even though Aamir has not made an announcement yet for December 2015, he has released his last three films have released on that date.”

If SRK does this film, it will mark his return to Dharma after My Name Is Khan (2010). However, this time Karan Johar will only be involved only in the capacity of a producer as Karan Malhotra is helming this project. The part of the leading lady belongs to Deepika Padukone. Her name was being tossed around even when Kareena Kapoor Khan was the official heroine, before she stepped out. So if it is SRK-Deepika, then it will be their fourth film together, after Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express and Happy New Year.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, a hit pair, are also under consideration.They haven’t signed a film after their last hit. Shuddhi needs a performer. Singh is the only ‘newbie’ in the running as he has proved with Ram Leela and Gunday that he can deliver the goods. What also works in his favour is that he is dating the lead actress, which is always interesting for the audiences.Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • Cattypuss

    As far as I am concerned only Roshan has the intensity and the physical presence to portray Shiva.

    • Anu Pathak

      Nobody can fill the void created by HR.

    • Karan

      Hey Lynette! I saw your post about Hrithik being approached for “Saffron Skies”, a film which also stars Nicolas Cage and Dustin Hoffman, sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t able to check my notifications recently.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Hrithik turned it down, like so many other films in the past. As it already has Cage and Hoffman, I don’t think Hrithik is being approached for the main role. He has previously turned down Superman Returns too(2006?) for the same reason. He’s way too choosy while signing a movie.

      I found what Hrithik himself had to say about him signing a Hollywood project from IndiaTV few years ago. He said,
      “I won’t deny that I have got many offers and I’m indeed reading scripts of many movies. But I am yet undecided and looking for the perfect Hollywood film that will excite me to take the plunge. I think the reason why I’m considered the best bet for Hollywood is because I have light eyes and maybe I look like one of them (Hollywood actors). But I don’t think that should be the benchmark for anyone to do a Hollywood movie. An actor should be known for his acting and he should give an honest performance, no matter which industry he belongs to.”

      • Cattypuss

        What Hrithik has to realise is this: He is not well known by Western audiences – yes,he is very well known in the Indian diaspora within the West, but not to people like me who don’t speak Hindi. He is used to being a mega-star in India, and I think in his mind he should be able to just walk into a lead role in Hollywood. But that is not how Hollywood operates. Even people like Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchette (who had solid careers in Australia) had to prove their mettle by taking well targeted smaller roles, or even cameo roles. Of course Australians do have a good presence in Hollywood and they network with each other, and have good contacts with fellow Aussie actors who have had good careers in Hollywood. I have noticed that Roshan is a follower of Hugh on his Twitter account. He would do well to contact Hugh and have a chat. Even though Saffron Skies has two major Hollywood actors, to work with Hoffman is GOLD in itself. If Roshan impressed Dustin he could open doors for him – I seriously mean that. A lesser role in a Hoffman movie could lead to bigger things. Every successful actor in Hollywood had to start somewhere……and it wasn’t at the top. As for his remark about him looking like ‘one of us’ that might be an Indian perception. As a anglo-saxon I like many non white actors, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman is my all time favorite African-American actor, Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai, Chow Yun-Fat, ect. So you see, we anglo’s like actor’s of many cultures as long as they are good at their craft. Roshan is GOOD at his craft, and when I first came to see him on screen what struck me was his eyes, not his body, his eyes. They are so expressive and his body language is another asset he has. He probably gets that from his excellence in dance. For my money Saffron Skies would be a good launch vehicle, but yeah, he obviously knows people within the Hollywood scene, so I would be asking for advice in this area. People like Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe would not lead Roshan astray, they are good people and have the respect of their peers.

        • Guest

          Those eyes would melt arctic ice! O_O Opps, sorry about the Guinea pig photo O_O I don’t know how to remove it either :-( Oh dear……

        • Guest

          The eyes have it…..:-)

        • Cattypuss

          The eyes have it…..imagine those eyes in The Immortals of Meluha :-)

          • Karan

            Not only in that picture, but his eyes (the way he expressed his emotions from it) received most of praise than any of his co star (except Hrithik himself lol) in the whole movie Lol.

          • Cattypuss

            Karan – what do you think of Agneepath? It’s looks very dark and violent, and he dies in it. [ Don't like my 'heros' dying in movies! :-) ] I have only seen sections of this movie on Youtube, and I wasn’t quite sure whether to buy this one. One strictly for the boys you reckon? Did many women go to this one in Indian cinemas…..and come out crying? Lol.lol.

        • Karan

          I definitely agree with you. For whatever reason, I think he just )doesn’t want to move to Hollywood. I mean he might not turn down a ‘perfect vehicle’, but he’s not putting a lot of emphasis on it. His career is going well here in Bollywood. As I said in one of my previous comments, he is not too interested to sign a Hollywood project for whatever reason (family, uncertainty, perfect vehicle?), we can only speculate, if he was, then he would have certainly tried once or twice to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

          I also saw your comment about his ‘Kites’. Yes, it was one of his ambitious projects, but that doesn’t mean it was an attempt to make to Hollywood, it was like an experiment. Its budget and other essential things were nowhere near to many of Hollywood movies. It was well received by intelligent audience, but most of Indian audience criticized it for too much use of English and Spanish language, which is understandable as some of us are not used to those languages and accent in movies, especially Spanish.

          Either way, rejecting films like Paani (a film set in the year 2040Ad, during a time where “water”- the commodity often taken for granted, is causing outbreaks of war, Kristen Stewart & Jennifer Lawrence have been ‘rumored’ to play female lead in it) and Shuddhi (a periodic drama based on re-incarnation). Those two projects were big and fresh something we don’t see pretty often, and Hrithik was ideal choice for both of them. Reportedly Hrithik loved the script of both the films, but couldn’t do Paani because of date problems which were coinciding with Shuddhi, and now he has opted out of Shuddhi as well which may have something to do with his recent separation from wife and health issues. Its hard to believe he’s not doing those movies, I really can’t believe it.

          Now, either signing a Hollywood movie or signing ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ (an even bigger project than Shuddhi, one of the biggest projects ever in the history of Indian Cinema, which will also be made by the makers of Shuddhi), will make up for it. The question is, will he do it?

          People have been speculating Shuddhi being the adaptation of ‘Meluha, which was later denied by the makers, and Hrithik’s recent statement about not doing Shuddhi may have given a hint of him doing ‘Meluha. He said, he will return with Shuddhi team post Shuddhi, and after Shuddhi, ‘Meluha is their next project. People are already excited to see Hrithik portraying Lord Shiva, as he’s yet again the most ideal choice for it. There are some fan made posters for it on internet like http://images.indiatvnews.com/entertainmentbollywood/First-look-of-6830.jpg.

          I just hope Hrithik says yes to it, no one is better suited for this role other than him. He’s just perfect for it. Some (religious) people may not take other celebrity portraying Lord Shiva positively, which won’t be a case for Hrithik because of his image.

          • Cattypuss

            Lol – At least you didn’t muff up your photo Iike I did! My first attempt came with guinea pigs!! ROFFL! If Hriithik saw that I think he would burst out laughing! Yes, totally agree with what you have said, especially about Paani and Shuddhi. I think he’s going through a rough time in his life right now – have you seen this: http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/tabloid/hrehaan-is-like-hrithik-and-hridhaan-is-like-me-sussanne-roshan/article1-1185435.aspx……….. in the entertainment section/tabloids. Methinks Sussanne is gearing up for a massive charm offensive, trying to sway public opinion. I think our boy might have a looming fight on this hands :-( Maybe THIS is why he is dropping projects, so he can concentrate on getting in a better place mentally, and to spend some time with his sons. Don’t know, I could be wrong. The Immortals of Meluha trilogy would be a massive project for him – he would be just so perfect for that role. On the subject of Hollywood – maybe he has shelved everything because of his marriage woes…and if he feels more at home in India that is absolutely fine. I can always buy his movies and suffer the subtitles :-) My hubby has actually downloaded the soundtrack to Jodhaa Ackbar for me to listen in the car when I am driving to our nearest city, 70k away, isn’t he a darling :-) and I have come across the lyrics to them in English on Youtube.

    • Meranaamchinchinchu

      Absolutely, Hrithik Roshan is much better actor than Shahrukh. Though this so-called SRK fans refuse to believe it but then fact remains fact. But after seeing how cunning SRK has become over the years, this move was expected that he would have replaced Hrithik somehow….i don’t see anything new in this one…. KJO must be manipulated again by SRK to get him this role and he did exactly the way SRK wanted. SRK only knows how to manipulate, play dirty politics with friends, and grab all the meatier roles for him and his priyanka…this is what he has been doing so far…

      • Cattypuss

        Roshan stated that he felt there were a lot of manipulations going on behind his back – it would seem these Khans have ruled the roost for a long time and have a lot of power & clout behind the scenes. I read somewhere where SRK has a personal worth of nearly 500 million dollars. That can buy a crate load of influence, especially with people such as Karan Johar. Hrithik is Hindu, something that may work against him in a sea of Muslim Khans. O_O Of course one doesn’t like to think that religion plays a part, but I think it does…..just a little.

        • Meranaamchinchinchu

          Here i am not talking about Muslims or Hindus as such. Communalism is best topic left at the name of politicians. I am not one to spread communal hatred. OKAY?? Hrithik is a popular actor himself. I just talked about how shahrukh successfully must have bagged the deal by manipulation. It is not new to me as SRK has played politics with KJO before by putting all blame on him for spreading affair rumors and sanctified himself from any wrong doing, and not only he did that he also made KJO to apologize Priyanka for no fault of his own. If u don’t call this as a manipulation then i dont’ know what is?

          • Cattypuss

            It was never my intention to spread communal hatred, ok? OKAY?? I am a Christian and within our religion we have many sects just like Islam. For instance, I am a Protestant Scottish Presbyterian, and my sister is married to a Roman Catholic. But I can tell you right now that Catholics stick together, especially in business & careers. All I was suggesting is that the Khans probably do the same. Being of the same faith they help one another. The Jews do the same. It’s just a fact of life. Saying so doesn’t amount to hatred. Everything you have said about SRK I take on board. Your not the first person to have said this to me. Personally I think Hrithik is getting a raw deal – he has already stated that he feels people are manipulating behind the scenes and backstabbing him and his father. Why? Are they jealous?

          • Meranaamchinchinchu

            I don’t even know where to begin with!!!..Why i feel that any word more to this “debate” is worthless? Why are u dragging this by totally irrelevant subject of catholics and muslims and christians when this is supposed to be just a bollywood goss? what that has to do with bollywood please tell me??what are you trying to prove? lol..i am quite shocked to see ur comments and that this topic also needs some sort of attention.. u need to know that i am just fan of bollywood movies and i read this gossip as my interest… i am mature enough to understand what is what..u seem to find amusing about this argument that u will go back to where the discussion was started again and again and again….please give this a proper closure…not funny at all…lolz

          • Cattypuss

            Don’t worry about it – you obviously don’t understand what I am trying to convey here. Lost in translation. You seem to be the one itching for an argument, not me. But I will leave you with this thought: It seems pretty clear that the Khans network and support each other….and they are doing it right now with Sussanne Khan, nee Roshan. I don’t see a Khan rushing to support Hrithik. Just an observation…..and on this note I will close our conversation, as you seem to want to escalate this into something it is not. :-(

          • merenamchinchinchu

            u are so hellbent in dragging all the three khans over here? I still don’t get it…The topic is about Shahrukh and Hrithik..rite?? u r the one who seems to be turning ths into something it is not.. all i just mentioned was dirty politics but u were hopelessly dragging this by getting religion and now khans????lol what’s wrong with u??

          • Cattypuss

            That’s right – the topic is about SRK and Hrithik – and you don’t think that SRK and his namesake are undermining Roshan for their own nefarious ends? Yes, religion to a certain extent does come into play here, because us humans are tribal in nature – and if you don’t believe that I have a bridge to sell you!! You see this all the time, even in Australia. At least I don’t insult you by laughing and denigrating your posts.

  • Sharazkie

    Love shah rukh khan

  • Gunday 14th Feb ❤️

    Amazing this would be a biggest surprise

  • anon

    shahrukh khan and aishwarya rai would be awesome

  • don

    srk and aiswarya raiiii

  • Karan

    SRK is a good actor, but I don’t think that he can match Hrithik’s intensity though. I don’t see SRK acting the way Hrithik actedin Agneepath.

  • Babbi

    Nobody can match HR

  • sathyaa1985

    shahrukh and priyanka chopra signed for the film…..karan johar officially announces it in couple of days