Will Sonakshi Sinha look older than Shahid Kapoor in ‘Namak’?

Will Sonakshi Sinha look older than Shahid Kapoor in ‘Namak’?

Contrary to the buzz that Katrina Kaif or Deepika Padukone would be cast opposite Shahid Kapoor in Prabhudeva’s next action film Namak, we discovered that it is Sonakshi Sinha who will romance B-town’s fave chocolate boy this time

It is difficult to visualise this oddly-matched couple as an onscreen pair, but we have to! We hear that Sonakshi Sinha, with all her notorious circularity, will be seen lagao-ing thumkas with a lean and much-younger looking Shahid Kapoor in Prabhudeva’s next action film, a masala mixture called Namak.While the entire industry had been speculating if Katrina Kaif or Deepika Padukone would be cast opposite Sasha, a little birdie informed us that it is the Dabangg girl who has bagged the role. Sona definitely worked like a lucky charm for the Rowdy Rathore director. So it wasn’t surprising for us to know that Prabhu Sir finally zeroed in on Shotgun’s beloved beti.

Apparently, Namak is based on the drug trade in Madhya Pradesh. Sasha, after Kaminey, will be seen in an action avatar in this one. There’s no doubt in our minds that the Kapoor lad will do total justice to the role, what with his incredibly flexible body, his amazing dance moves and his intense acting. Our only concern is, will Sonakshi complement Shahid’s youthful charm, or will she end up looking like his elder sister, aunty or even mum, much like Vidya Balan who tried to pull off the jodi in Kismat Konnection? Tell us what you think, dear BollywoodLifers!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ewfrg

    well, in that picture… NO! but maybe is sonakshi loses a little bit of weight (shahid doesnt need to make much muscles cause he already is VERY toned) and dresses up a little bit more modern (in that picture shes wearing 50′s clothes to promote Lootera, which is set in the 50′s) then maybe they would look good together. but i think the actresses that look good with him are kareena, priyanka, sonam (the most), diana (a lot), kangana (maybe), katrina, asin (maybe-but a little less likely), jacqueline and anushka (a lot) and nargis.

    • subrat

      sonakshi is not fit for shahid.

      • avijit

        sonakshi ek raand hai

      • khadz

        i think shell look awesome with him, she’s the type that looks quite versatile to be honest, and as someone’s said on here, if she lost a tad bit more weight she’d look perfect and they may just rock as a couple.. U never know, opposites attract.. :D ;) :D

  • Sonia

    Yes she looks older than shahid kapoor

  • zubeda

    Mismatch here! Prefer Priyanka or Sonam as his co-star.

  • Cicy

    Sonakshi from Dabbang will look good with Shahid. She will have to loose wait same as she did for Dabbang and I am sure she will rock with Shahid.

  • Cicy2099

    Picture given here of Sonakshi is to misguide people. if she looses some wait and dresses well, she will rock with Shahid. In fact they both can surprise audience. I think Sonakshi with perfect shape can suit Shahid even better than Katrina or Deepika

  • TrueShanatic

    If u all are not blind so AMRITA RAO is the perfct match and she also lucky for shahid.. We SHANATIC,s Want Amrita rao opp Shahid Kapoor, hope God wil give luck to SK in form of Amrita :-)

    • Aza

      Yep, agree Amrota Rao also his great pair…really enjoy seeing them on screen.

  • Sanjay

    NOOOO!!!! Diana Penty would be the best girl for this movie. Shahid-Diana would make such a lovely couple!!! Diana is super cute and Shahid is good looking so they would rock on screen. I hope Prabhudeva casts them together. We’re waiting for this jodi!!!!

    • Adi

      I agree with u sanjay…. Shahid and daina will look great together

    • Aza

      I agree with you Sanjay, Diana had a emotions and mimic in her very first film and if compare to Katrina who in her “100″ film didnt have any mimic. so yes Diana and Sasha will look good.

  • Beblin

    wish shahid paired with katrina or deepika,but he looks awesome with anyone cause he’s so charming,handsome,cute..sonakshi will rock with sasha if she loses some weight.. waiting to see them 2gther onscreen

  • bipul

    i m waiting for…………….. shahid with KATRINA

  • Aygul

    I am waiting for Shahid and Kareena…also i dont want Sonakshi to cast with Shahid,look at the pair eeeuw! Amrita Rao, Priyanka Chopra are also good with him….but where does this Deepika pair comes from,despite of being her fan i personally dont want to look at the disaster that will be onscreen if Shasha and Deeps will pair up…all scenes will be sitting somewhere..hope one of them is wise enough to refuse the cast.
    Thank You

    • Aygul

      Apologize infront of Sonakshi Sinha, this is first time i made a decision without seeing person..thats bad, i know.

      Truly loved her acting skills especially in dancing,I Admitt my mistake and Wish her all the best.