Will Sonam Kapoor’s success threaten Deepika Padukone’s growth in Bollywood? Tarot predicts!

Sonam Kapoor tarot prediction

Bewakoofiyaan will catapult Sonam’s career back to the growth trajectory; but will the success of one film be enough to place her directly as Dippy’s competition?

There’s always conjecture on Sonam Kapoor‘s acting abilities as opposed to her smart fashion sense. With her recent films receiving appreciation what does Bewakoofiyan have in store for her? Will she be able to challenge Deepika Padukone at the top spot? Or will fashion and brand endorsements be her mainstay? Does Hollywood knock on her door? There’s plenty to find out…

Bewakoofiyan is looking like a fairly appreciated and successful film at the box office, but Sonam does get a little over-shadowed by Ayushmann Khurrana’s presence. The Nine of Cups represents her holding her position in the film, but Ayushmann will have more authority and connect with the audiences. This may not be the best for Sonam because her acting will not show the required growth. Although her acting career graph is moving upward, but a little too slowly in comparison to her contemporaries. She will have to improve her focus – that’s if she believes that being an actor is priority.

Transformation of Sonam Kapoor is certainly on the cards, but quick enough to challenge Deepika Padukone, maybe not. Deepika is like the Magician card – she understands all her weaknesses and her strengths. She understands how to use her strengths to assist her weaknesses. Deepika too is a work in progress, but her growth is rapid and sensible, therefore it’s currently not a possibility for Sonam to challenge the current crop of actors who are focussed on acting.

An increase in brand value through endorsements are a temporary phase, in fact there will be a slight dip in the next ten months with Sonam losing out on products she was eager to represent. This may prove to be an important reality check, especially as the Ten of Swords show her plans go haywire leading her to take uncomfortable risks. So although her finances won’t dip, but the instability of the Three of Wands will create some insecurities. This may be an important catalyst as it will shift her attention more towards her films bringing with it timely acting recognition.

This recognition may also be linked with work in Hollywood. Like father like daughter, Sonam will make a wise decision by taking on a Hollywood project. Eight of Pentacles does show hard work, but one that improves her confidence and creates acting confidence. This experience will bring out an unexplored potential in her.

Amidst all of this, the Two of Wands and Cups suggest love in a foreign land. This very strong relationship will build and may even culminate into marriage. There is time for this, but the next two years are looking good on this front.

Challenges and some major introspection does come forth in the nine months ahead, but all for the better.

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  • Ann Johnson

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  • sm

    i don’t think so. Sonam’s films are being appreciated but what about her individual performance?

    • Nishchalp


    • arohi

      dhanush was all about rhanjhanna. farhan was all about bhag mikha bhag, sonam role was no less than cameo. despite of I hate luv stories, she have no successful movies and those which are successful are hero-centric films.

  • tarot?fuck off

    Lol she is dumb and pathetic in acting. Sonam will quit bollywood after many failures. She is already 28 and will turn 29 this year by June. Too late to even evolve after alia at 20 delivers stunning performance and Deepika rules the roost with strong performances. Anushka will shine soon and so will Kangana, parineeti and Deepika. But Sonam blaaaaah!!!!

    • unknown


      • Bollycraze

        Rightly said! Makes perfect sense! Why compare a dimwit like sonam to Deepika, Anushka, Katrina or even Alia. Puhlease!

  • Nishchalp

    There is no comparison between the two. Where Deepika is sexy, stunning, gorgeous, glamorous and extremely graceful, Anil Kapoor’s daughter is stupid, over talkative, expressionless and undesirable. She is getting movies because of her father and that’s all. I think Sonam should get married and spend her husband’s money like Kareena. This is all she can do, buy dresses and make her father and husband go bankrupt.

    • arohi

      true. sonam is just good for being a rich spoilt brat

  • Haha

    Ask Sonam to shut up and leave bollywood. Please!

  • bwfanatic

    See this is where personality comes into play, Sonam cannot control what she says. While i admire the fact that she speaks her mind, being a public figure, she should not say some of the things she does. After listening to some of her nasty comments, I have lost respect for her, and I am sure that many others will too. Now I’m not saying dips is dood ki dhuli, but atleast she can deliver performances, and act maturely in public. Are you sure this isnt sonam herself writing this article, bcuz you have to be a big “dum aloo” to even compare the two.

    • arohi

      yeah I think sonam is too much pampered by her family lol

  • Rishoo Singh

    Who would even think of comparing?? This person has a lot of time and this article is a wastage of web space.

  • sati

    she was good in ranjhnaa! i like her ! go sonam!

  • mr.x

    deepika-ki-life! buhhh sucks

  • charumathi

    hey why is that ppl like jennifer lawrence get to say what they think and be called cute and what not… while people like sonam are called stupid when they say what they think? people think of jennifer lawrence as a role model for being a real woman because she does what she wants to… and sonam if she does say anything she is called bitchy or nasty or whatever…. and about her acting… she definitely is a talented actor and it was clear in ranhaajana and bhaag milkha bhaag….that she can act very well…the others just get more film offers and also because they are ready to strip down… sonam defo is a good actor because if she was not, she wouldn’t have had so many projects lined up for her… she has one with srk and one with sallu too…. sonam’s my role model for being a real lady and how to not be a fake bitch who acts diplomatically always… sonam clearly represents that we need not have to behave fakely and can speak our mind… am not saying anything bad about deepika..but she is way too diplomatic…same goes with anushka and katrina… some of you guys even dish kangana ranaut…. but time and again she has proved that she is the most versatile actress in the current crop of actresses….most of you are just way too prejudiced about actresses that are diplomatic and behave like everything is perfect… and make bad comments on real people

    • dollop

      you must be off your rockers to compare jennifer lawerence to sonam kapoor. jen is loved by everyone because she is honest and real. sonam is so painfully dumb and catty .there is a difference between being honest and being stupid and nasty! sonam belongs to the latter category! to top it she has no talent and no sex appeal. she wont last long

  • arohi

    sonam is dumbest actress ever. she is jealous of dp bcz dp wnt far ahead from her. sonam is just known for being a KAPOOR. she have no identity of her own.

  • arohi

    deepika and sonam entered industry together. they came together, saw together, learn together, but dp went far ahead from her, whereas kapoor gal known only for her style. now one can easily see who is close to superstar mark ofcrx deepika. sonam can never compete with deepika bcz to survive in btown it has to be beauty with brains and sonam is brainless person