Will Sunny Leone be Sky’s next target on ‘Bigg Boss 5’?

We doubt if that will ever happen, considering Sky has an altercation only with the daring sorts who  raise their voices against him and Ms Leone seems to be too timid and sweet to do that

We wonder what pornstar Sunny Leone’s strategy to remain on the show is. She is playing the ultimate sweet and nice girl at the moment and not revealing much about what she does for a living, in spite of all the prodding from her co- contestants. Sticking to vague answers like “I am a model” and “I’ve done a couple of assignments in Hollywood”, the new member is trying to convince her roomies that she is a girl with a golden heart and her bold profession hasn’t changed her much as a person over the years. Sunny is playing the role of a listener at the moment and is all ears to whoever wants to vent their anger after a violent fight. Recently when Sky, once again, entered the uncivilised mode and started humiliating Shonali Nagrani for some trivial reason just the way he did Mehek Chahal in the past, Sunny gently intruded in between and asked Shonali, “What has Sky done, why are you yelling at him?” Well now that Sky has found a supporter in the sexy babe, we doubt if she is ever going to be the victim of his infuriating behaviour. The guys are in love with the new guest at the moment. Siddharth and Sky are serenading her with their amazingly sweet pick up lines. Little does Sunny know that very soon she is going to transform into yet another mad member of this awful mad house.

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