Will Sunny Leone outdo Bipasha Basu in ‘Jism’ 2?

Bipasha Basu’s Jism act was one of the hottest and most sensuous in B-town at the time. Will Sunny Leone be able to supersede this sexy avatar in the sequel? Let’s find out…

Bipasha Basu raised a lot more than just eyebrows when she stepped out of the ocean in a swimsuit a la Ursula Andress in the James Bond film Doctor No. Her edgy and bold avatar in Jism was lapped up by the audience, and since then the ‘sexy’ tag became synonymous with the Bengali bombshell. Sunny Leone, who is already a famous adult film star, is expected to show a lot more skin. in her role in Jism 2. But will she be able to outdo Bips in the sheer sexiness stakes? We compare…

Seductress vs porn star

Producer Pooja Bhatt says that Sunny Leone will be playing a character very close to her real life persona as adult film star. Bips, on the other hand, played the evil seductress with great style. She used her sex appeal to con John Abraham into killing. We don’t think that Sunny’s image allows her to do a classy portrayal of her character like Bipasha did. But who sounds hotter – a rich evil seductress or a firangi adult film star? You decide.

Skin show

If Bipasha can wear a swimsuit, Sunny can wear a bikini…or perhaps nothing at all. If the poster of Jism 2 is anything to go by, there is likely to be at least some nudity in the new film. If it manages to leap over the Censor Board’s hurdles, Sunny will definitely beat Ms Basu in this department.

Lovemaking scenes

Jism’s most talked about lovemaking scene was the one where John blindfolds Bips and runs ice cubes over her belly. No doubt it was super hot, but a lot of the intimate scenes in Jism 2 are likely to be semi-porn sequences. Now it can’t get racier than that, can it? Sunny will definitely score higher here. But we don’t think any lead pair can create the kind of scorching chemistry that Bipasha and John shared in Jism!

The dialogue

Ye jism pyar karna nahi jaanta, jaanta hai to sirf bhook… jism ki bhook,” said Bips in the first edition. This dialogue became synonymous with her at one point. Will Sunny be able to mouth such sexy Hindi dialogues with her heavy accent and western sensibilities? Why not? Even Bipasha’s voice was dubbed, after all, and a movie is a movie is a movie!