Will Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh and Raj Kumar Yadav be able to sustain their Kai Po Che success?

Their last outing Kai Po Che was a success, but will the three actors be able to make the most out of it? What does their future in Bollywood look like? Tarot tells us…

Sushant Singh Rajput

With the success of Sushant’s debut film Kai Po Che, he will now face a strong test in mental endurance. Acclaim and fame is destined for him and so are international projects, but it’s the Five of Pentacles and the Fool that warn the importance of being wise with career choices. He will need to be careful with his expenses and having high monetary expectations from producers. His brand value will certainly grow, but the Devil emphasises the importance of going after quality of work and life rather than the temptations he will be surrounded by. From April 2013, he will find himself making more balanced decisions and like the Hierophant he will be meticulous with his work.

Sushant now looks forward to P.K. and an untitled Yash Raj Film project. P.K. will be a great career turner for him, but the experience of filming it will be a huge mental challenge for him. With the Tower card appearing, he will feel uncomfortable in his working environment.

The energy, chemistry and ease reflecting from the Sun card explain the formula to Sushant’s success in YRF’s next opposite Parineeti Chopra. He will be loved for his work and like the Magician, he will pull in the crowds to make this a box office success.

Tarot tip – Sushant will need to carefully read his contracts before signing on new projects. He will also need to be careful on the personal front as the Three of Swords represents lack of communication which will cause unnecessary strain and trouble.

Raj Kumar Yadav

Raj Kumar will emerge as the dark horse. He is cautious, detailed and smart about the way he works and conducts himself. The King of Wands and the Ten of Pentacles are cards that show his career aggression to be well directed and highly eventful. He will bag some prestigious projects and will handle his work with great maturity. He is bound to gain further respect and leverage from each performance.

In the midst of all of this, he will be unsure of how to handle female adulation, which may prove to be a harder learning curve than acting itself.

Tarot tip – It will be important for him to eliminate past fears of failure in work and life in general as these may drain him out psychologically.

Amit Sadh

The Page of Swords warns Amit to maintain focus, especially as the Eight of Wands represents some great projects coming his way. He will be seen as a breath of fresh air and will win over audiences. This will see Amit grow in confidence and like the Emperor and Judgement card, he will gain immense respect for his craft.

He will need to refrain from getting involved in a relationship as this will divert his attention from his growing career. In fact, September-October 2013 is when he will see the right person enter his life who will provide better balance and emotional stability.

Tarot tip – Planning schedules well and not leaving things to the last minute will allow him to take on good opportunities.

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