Will ‘Swades 2’ work for SRK?

While Swades was not as hyped as, say, RA.One or Don, Shahrukh Khan did do his bit to make the film the quiet success that it was

Telling the story of Mohan Bhargava, the NASA scientist who decided to bring a little development into truly rural India, Swades had SRK change his image, with very little of the masala magic that he is so well known for. The film also starred a very pretty Gayatri Joshi, who decided she would rather have marriage and motherhood than the chaos of Bollywood – a wise decision, wethinks. And now it seems that Mohan Bhargava is moving to another part of India to work wonders, aiming for more uplift of fellow Indians. Yes, we hear that Ashutosh Gowariker is aiming to make Swades 2 and his original choice SRK is willing to be a part of it. Of course, we get the same old and expected answer when we ask for more info, “It is too early to talk about it right now.” We hope that this new one will not be as long as Ashu’s usual fare – Swades itself was 200 minutes long – but if he gets the right heroine, who has good chemistry with the hero, it should work. At least, for Ashu’s sake, we think so!