Will Tanishaa Mukerji’s fading acting career get better after Bigg Boss 7?

Kajol’s sister and Ajay Devgn’s sister-in-law’s entry into the Bigg Boss 7 house came as a shocker to many

Tanishaa Mukerji’s entry into the Bigg Boss house was a career move, wasn’t it? Well, the Neil ‘n’ Nikki star whose career never took off tried everything from managing her brother-in-law’s work to theater and even Marathi films. However, Tanishaa failed to prove her mettle as an actor. But, Bigg Boss 7 was different, the actor was touted as Salman Khan‘s favourite, some even felt that Ajay Devgn had asked Sallu for this personal favour to take care of his sis-in-law. So while Tanishaa had a pleasant stay in heaven until now, will she rule in hell too? Will Ms Mukerji win the Bigg Boss season 7? We don’t have an answer to these questions. So, we decided to quiz our tarot expert Shruti Chopra if Kajol’s little sister has a second inning in her otherwise fading career… And here’s what the tarot suggests.

It seems as if Tanishaa is confused and overly emotional about her career, because of this the Ten of Swords shows her going through an unnecessary tough patch in her Bollywood career. From September 2014 the Justice and Sun card shows her career flourishing and gaining confident stability.

Well, so does this mean a new life to Tan’s career, we’ll only have to play the waiting game for now.

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