Will the audience appreciate Rajesh Khanna’s last film Riyasat?

The makers have finally decided to release the superstar’s last film

Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s last film Riyasat will be finally released. The film which was prolonged for various reasons will finally release on Kakaji’s second death anniversary on July 18. Mr Khanna plays the role of Saheb (Ruler) in the film who rules a city. Few people have entered his kingdom with a malicious intent which Saheb is aware of. Obviously, the actor protects his kingdom from evil eyes and thus starts a war which changes Saheb’s life forever.

Riyasat is directed by Ashok Tyagi. He has directed two films in the past namely Surkhiyaan (1985) and Return of Jewel Thief (1996). The film also stars Gauri Kulkarni, Aryan Vaid, Aryeman Ramsay and Raza Murad. It will be interesting to see if Rajesh Khanna’s fans appreciate the film or will it go unnoticed like many of his last films.