Will Varun Dhawan ape Salman Khan?

Meet the new copycat in B-town – Varun Dhawan! We aren’t accusing the young actor of that, but looks like Salman fans definitely will…

Guess who is looking up to Salman Khan now – Varun Dhawan. The Student Of The Year actor, who is gearing up for his film Main Tera Hero (a remake of 2011 Telugu blockbuster Kandireega) has strict instructions from dad David Dhawan to do a Salman. Apparently, Dhawan Sr wants his son to construe the character in his own way, just like Salman does for all his films.

This also reminds us of an anecdote about Varun’s first encounter with stardom. The Student of the Year actor recently revealed that as a kid he had once accompanied Salman to an outdoor shooting schedule. And while the two were sitting inside the car, Sallu fans were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of him. That’s when the Dabangg actor stuck his feet out of the car and the fans went crazy, and started screaming at the top of their voices. Junior Dhawan was amazed witnessing the sheer madness and mass hysteria. And ever since then the actor has dreamed of becoming like the Tiger of Bollywood. Looks like the father-son duo are totally smitten by Salman’s charisma. Well, we all are, no?

But aping the superstar seems to be a bad move. We all know Sallu miyaan thrives on spontaneity and doesn’t believe in rehearsing his lines or dance moves and successfully pulls off his characters with great ease. That’s how the actor has carved a niche for himself in the industry. While most newcomers look up to the superstar and wish to be like him, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that nobody can copy Salman or his mannerisms.

While we think that Varun fared pretty well in his debut film Student of the Year, aping Salman gets a thumbs down from us. And if he does go down that route, will Varun manage to pull it off? In fact, we can’t think of anyone who can match up to the Dabangg Khan in any way!