Will Vikram Bhatt’s Horror Story redefine horror?

The promos of the film have been garnering a lot of attention all thanks to its gripping storyline

When we saw the trailer of Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming horror flick Horror Story, we got chills and obviously not in a good way. That’s when we realised that this movie is all set to redefine horror in Bollywood. With its gripping storyline, the film surely seems to be one of the most anticipated horror films of the year.

Talking about the film, Vikram says, “Our film is a new attempt; every horror film which either I have made or my company has made has songs, romance and there was a section of the audience who wanted me to make a hardcore horror film; so this time we have made it.”

Horror Story which will mark the Bollywood debut of television actor Karan Kundra revolves around seven youngsters who challenge each other to spend the night at the infamous hotel in the heart of the city; little do they know that this will turn out to be the most horrendous night of their life, rather, the last night of their life…