Will Zee TV give in to public demand and ask Karan Singh Grover to come back to Qubool Hai?

Karan Singh grover Qubool Hai
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But will KSG be willing to return to the show after being called unprofessional and drunk?

Zee TV, Four Lion Films, the actors and even Karan has moved on but looks like the fans are not yet ready to let go of their favourite actor.

Our twitter handles and Facebook pages are flooded with messages and requests to get Karan Singh Grover back on Zee TV’s popular show Qubool Hai. They also want Zee TV to apologise for maligning KSG’s name and want the actor back on the show. Fans have commented about how they will ban the daily soap and the channel entirely if their demands are not met. Some fans have accused Mr Ajay Bhalwankar, the Content Head of ZEEL of twisting the whole thing and blaming Karan.

That’s not all, fans have clearly stated that they will not accept Raqesh Vashisth as the new Asad and will not tolerate the Surbhi-Raqesh jodi. While we understand the sentiments of the fans, you cannot ignore the fact that it was Karan who decided to leave the show mid-way for whatever reasons. In addition to that, KSG is the one who suggested Raqesh for the role of Asad Ahmed Khan ???. Wethinks Karan’s fans should respect the actor’s decision and let it go. Boycotting any show or an actor is definitely not the solution, no?

And we really shouldn’t judge Raqesh without giving him a chance to prove himself. Well let us hope with time, Karan’s fans get over it and accept the reality. What do you think peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Meet Bhagat

    I think its not a big deel..& its natural.if sameone actor move on from the show then maker need same replacement.but they need to choose same carrect one.

  • Preethi Tanha

    stop to talk rubbish about ksg without knowing what happened .. stop being judgemental!!

  • Nishat Fatima

    I Agree with your point that Karan wanted to leave but about maligning KSG’s name.. That was just uncalled for so if the Fans are demanding something they are to be supported

  • karthik

    its not kSG fans or RV fans but we r quboolhai fans..
    Its KSG n SJ as Asad n Zoya who made d shw a big hit..
    we cant see n accept anyone in their place..
    even though story was quite disgusting from past 4 mnths still wtchd it
    for KaBhi …nothing left now..
    only KSG n SJ r AsYa in qh….no more qubool hai

  • Fareesh Zaman

    If we take into account Karan’s interview,he specifically told that he will be continuing for another 3-4 months if he was granted the leave he needed for his health issues.This show could have a proper closure within that time and we fans would have had no complaints.But no..our dear channel zee took it all on them to blame Karan unnecessarily and called him unprofessional.That is exactly where our objection lies.Zee HAD a chance to deal with it in a way that everybody would have preferred,but they chose not to and in the process,have hurt millions of people across the world.Now,we demand zee apologize to KSG and reinstate him in qubool hai with dignity.We will not accept any other actor as Asad!

  • soniA

    It’s not that ksg leave the show in December he wanted to do 3 months only for us but zee didn’t wanted this and yes he wanted to leave the bcz of his health and if we accept q.h then its means we forget insult of ksg by zee blaming him sorry for us q.h is finish

  • swapno

    please if you want to write anything then write the whole thing. Karan wants to continue and wanted to give a happy ending. The story is being dragged illogically and it can easily be finished within three four months…

  • soniA

    He prefer raqesh but before his insult but now if we wil see the show then we are really bad fans of ksg so guys bycot q.h plz we don’t want to see surbhi wid anyother

  • Dimple Agarwal

    a big mistake in ds article..KSG clearly said he want to continue for 3/4mnths after having rest for some days due to his health condition…iits zee which kicked ksg out of d show telling stupid/meaningless reasons..
    viewers may hav supported replacement if zee hadnot blamed KSG n called him unprof.
    but after zee insulting KSG viewers r no more ready to watch zee n quboolhai again.
    raqesh is gud actor n nothing there to hate/comment about him but cant love him as asad after lukng at zeetv false dramas.
    already qubool hai lost its trps…hence we want it to bring KSG bck show AsYa nikaah n end all d tracks meaningfully n give happy end instead of dragging the show for 1more year.

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    stop talking rubbish about ksg
    he was ready for 3- 4 months but zee is worst chanal instead of trying to understand his problen they tried to defame him but let me tell u people this will never happen we ksgian are with him always no matter what happen
    qh will be bIg flop without KSG

  • annanyaksgian

    karan singh grover wanted to quit,so he informed zee 3 months ago to end asad s character,as he knows his fans will never accept anyone.later he convinced new guy and also continued the shoot without his contract.but disgusting,cheap zee tv took advantage of his illness,wanted to gain publicity by defaming him.they used the word sacked when the truth is he quit
    when all the costars and the new guy too supported saying he is not unprofessional,only zee tv head knows he is unprofessional by sitting in his ac room
    we will never ever accept the way zee behaved with karan,we wll fight for karan singh grover.he dont deserve such words
    we want apology from zee,bring back karan with resepect and end asad s character

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    we want zee to apologies to ksg

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    Ksg rocks he is the real asad Ahmed khan no one can replace him

  • annanyaksgian

    boycott zee tv is only solution for zee tv s behaviour
    they know only buisness,they used karan singh grover name for publicity,now fans will show them buisness,by boycotting their show,only then they will learn to respect fans emotions
    apologise to karan singh grover and end asad s character with ksg #WeWantJustice4KSG

  • Teja Ksgian

    how much zee paying u to write these articles dnt write that things in manipulative way he want to continue another 3 months so u should have read that also and karan fans also want apology if not this comeback in show u never wrote that

  • shishira

    so wat??? if karan was not defamed to this level by zee we wud have given a mere chance to new asad
    zee not only defamed karan but they were rude to ppl
    wen zee wnt care for audience y shud audience care for zee and their shows
    v vl show wat audience can do
    entertainment industry n all others runs by ppl
    zee shud definitely apologize to karan n fans for their behavior if they cnet brng karan back

  • SohiniKsgian

    It would be better if you all stop making out different logics from a simple interview of karan where he specifically said that he did want to stay back and give the character a proper closure..that too for 3-4 months..so when the actor who supposedly wanted to leave himself confirmed the very same thing then obviously that speaks volume for what has been going on in his mind at that time..and there cannot be any justification to what zee has done to tarnish his image in public..whether u like ur actor or not but that does not entitle u to comment such obnoxious comments in public..I guess they are the biggest unproffessionals!!

  • Sabina

    We need the 3months KSG wanted to give us but he was sidelined we want closure of ASYA with Karan and Surbhi. We will not accept anyone as Asad otherthan KSG

  • Neelam Thapa

    If karan decided to leave and convinced raqesh to do the role, how can zee sack him. It doesn’t make sense, as they were already looking for replacement before the whole drama, then how come karan was all of a sudden unprofessional and sacked. Zee thinks we audience are fools , we need an apology from zee for defaming karan and that what we want. Who cares about qubool hai a show without its heart and soul (karan)

  • Monica

    i am an international viewer. Most of us have unsubscribed Zee package and some are still waiting to hear Zee final decision (yeah even after the new promo is shown)…If they ever air the episode with new asad and that will the DOOM’s day for ZEE…we are not tweeting today just to give them time to reconsider their decision. Well Karan should be brought back to end QH in a happy note…ZEE must bring him back. we viewers don’t know what happened BTS but zee should have handled this issue in more sophisticated manner. The way they dealt this situation is what we are against of… and definitely Karan has to come back…

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    we will never accept this guy what ever his name is

  • Chaturvedi Rishika

    bwlife ksg ko accuse kare samay 2 min nahin lagaye aur fans se patience ki baat kar rahe ho wah.soo double faced pp u r

  • Zara

    Over the past 15 months of QH, Asad Ahmed Khan and Karan have become synonymous, and therefore, new actor in the already existing powerful character doesn’t make sense in the very same way when people say that the show must go on, it should not mean it must go on infinitely. Shows should end in a limited time frame, otherwise it becomes boring and dragged, with no content and quality. As far as Karan in QH is concerned, it will be a very nice gesture by Zee to value the viewer’s demand and bring Karan back to the show.

  • Amanpreet Kaur


  • Amanpreet Kaur

    hate zee chanal
    this chanal is worst

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    No matter how many sneak peeks you show,that wont change the fact that we accept only KSG as Asad

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    no one can take karan singh grover place in our heart. Karan Singh Grover is the one and only Asad for all of us now qh is dead for all ksgian

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    No KSG means NO Asad and NO Qubool Hai and rest the TRPs will say..

  • arjun

    zeetv easily defameted KSG n easily spread rumours about aan actor…
    N even donot respond to viewers n behaves rudely even if we call them.
    how viewers will accept replacement after seeing al these things done by zeetv..
    donot want to watch any of their shows..
    they can defamate an actor easily but cant req and bring actor back to the show….big joke…pity on zee n hate

  • akanksha Anushka Bhoge

    KSG himself said that he was willing to continue for more 3-4 months for the sake of fans and for QH benefit. But zee ruined everything by maligning him. It’s not the professional way to defame the actor bcoz of whom you gain TRP and make money.
    Zee being a channel atleast should show some gratitude towards its viewers and obliged requests of thousands of KSG, KABhI and QH fans not only in India but across the world.
    It’s not very late channel and ph can reconsider and give the viewers what they want.

    We want KSG back in QH.
    No KABhI no QH…
    Specially for Asya… no one can play epic role except KABhI..
    Sorry m not Raquesh hater but never accept him or any other as Asad

    Asad is one and only KSG..
    And Asya is only KABhI ..

    It’s utmost request on behalf of all fans..
    Pls dnt ruin QH.. givwe back KSG.

  • Centigram

    Why do I feel your articles are motivated and doctored???……….No vested interests right??…….Stop influencing public opinion….the public has given its views…DEAL WITH IT……NO KSG = NO QUBOOL HAI!!!…..n dont try to create unwarranted sympathy for Raqesh……

  • KSGSmitten

    Its futile to try and see if Raqesh will be accepted as Asad because if you’re not deluding yourself you’d surely realize that the perfection that Karan Singh Grover gave to Asad’s character and the show cannot be replaced by anybody else let alone Raqesh. He doesn’t even fit the description dude! Jahanpanah Six packs would have to be written off because of him. :D

  • asyafan5

    well i think since this is part of zeetv you will not be reporting the truth. what we think is you should just take the show off air instead of reporting lies. and KSG clearly said he would finish the show. ZEETV has ISSUED STATEMENTS THAT THEY WERE THE ONES TO SACK HIM. SO WE WONT ACCEPT ANYONE ELSE OTHER THAN KARAN SINGH GROVER IN THE ROLE OF ASAD

  • http://esperienzaa.weebly.com/ neha

    Stop portraying as if we fans are being unreasonable.
    If it was Karan’s decision to leave mid way thn why did Zee say they sacked him. He left for watevar reason…..get a life people HE IS NOT WELL….doesn’t he deserve a break if he is so unwell.
    We need to respect his decision…yes we would have only if Zee had handled all this in a better way.
    Saying stuff is easy but going through is way too different.

    P.S. why am i not surprised to see this article…..Every story has two sides….before knowing both DO NOT REACH TO CONCLUSIONS

  • My love KSG

    zara yeh bataiye ZEETV walo kithney RS mein tum logo buy kar li hai pls bata iye and Publicity k liye KSG k naam leyna bandh kar chudail idiot kahi ki.and waisay kithney RS ya Dollar dhungi toh tum log hamari side aengey pls tell me.

  • http://esperienzaa.weebly.com/ neha

    Just a friendly suggestion next time if you plan on writing an article then make sure you provide with all the correct details and not your so called manipulated and half story. And if you can’t do that thn i’m sorry to say you’re no less. These are just reasons Zee has come up with to overshadow their MISTAKE.

  • akanksha Anushka Bhoge

    Bring KSG back with dignity.
    No KSG no QH..
    No KABhI no Asya

    Zee reconsider and obliged your viewers

  • http://esperienzaa.weebly.com/ neha

    If karan decided to leave and convinced raqesh to do the role, how can zee sack him. It doesn’t make sense, as they were already looking for replacement before the whole drama, then how come karan was all of a sudden unprofessional and sacked. Zee thinks we audience are fools , we need an apology from zee for defaming karan and that what we want. Who cares about qubool hai a show without its heart and soul (karan).
    No body has the right to tarnish someone’s image and Zee is doing the same. So stop making out things from Karan’s interviews bcoz we fans have proofs….so kiindly do not try to fool us

  • ksgisasad

    No way. Raquesh cannot be accepted as Karan. Karan was, is and will always be Asad. And he didn’t leave himself. He was willing to give time to give a proper closure. It was Zee who messed it all up. And now they expect viewers are fools and they can take them for a ride. Its only fans who can make or break a show so if they cannot respect fans feelings, then we have a right to boycott their show and the channel

    • Princess Tabi

      but what we can do now raquesh start shooting.we can do every thing posting, comments, mesging but nothing can work.

  • http://esperienzaa.weebly.com/ neha

    We don’t want ……WE DEMAND karan’s return with all due respect

  • DeeaMC

    Everyone has moved on right? So we should also move on. I agree. We should move on to anther channel and to another show that respects the opinion of those viewers who feel cheated and do not show them the door. The article is somehow implying that the fans are falsely accussing Mr Ajay and also that the ones who are not willing to listen are only those fans. But are those fans also taken into account and heard? No. For Zee everyone else is guilty except the channel and its staff. I don`t think that what we ask is impossible to achieve. We want an apology for all the accusations that have been said against KSG, we want the real story to unfold with the real and original jodi of Asya. As far as I understood KSG was ready to give another 3-4 months of his time to the show. The channel says that the world is its family and that it cares for it then it should also show that by apologizing and bringing KSG back.

  • Rikrani Mondal

    please bring ksg back as asad we want just ksgg as asad we never accept raqesh as asad

  • Rikrani Mondal

    please bring back ksg as asad we just want ksg as asad one and only we never accept raqesh as asad

  • Srashti Kulshrestha

    karan was agreeing to continue for 3-4 months…these zeetv people defamed him!! they are themselves unprofessional…..
    won’t watch any zeetv show from now on!!
    no ksg=no asad=no qubool hai

  • Riddha KSGian

    It would be better if you all stop making out different logics from a simple interview of karan where he specifically said that he did want to stay back and give the character a proper closure..that too for 3-4 months..so when the actor who supposedly wanted to leave himself confirmed the very same thing then obviously that speaks volume for what has been going on in his mind at that time..and there cannot be any justification to what zee has done to tarnish his image in public..whether u like ur actor or not but that does not entitle u to comment such obnoxious comments in public..I guess they are the biggest unproffessionals!!

  • karthi173

    NO never… we cant accept new asad….bcz KSG himself said he is ready to give proper closure for asad character…..then why ZEE not used that opportunity….

  • asyafan5

    i hope zeetv accepts that we will not accept raqesh and brings back karan. TRP will be a reality check! what do you think letty?

  • Ruma Roy

    Zee and some of the media portals are now blaming KSG that he left the show in mid-way without thinking about his fans. I want to ask those people why an actor like KSG was given so less screen-space at the time of that Illogical Zoya-Ayaan Nikaah track which continued for almost 2 months? Why did Gul Khan imposed the Accidental Zoya-Ayaan Nikaah on the viewers when she knew that KSG’s contract was till Oct 2013. Instead at that time she could have shown the much awaited AsYa Nikaah for the loyal viewers and fans of QH and could ended the show gracefully. That Illlogical Accidental Nikaah didn’t served any purpose. Neither it created rivalry between brothers nor at that time Zoya’s past was revealed… So whoever will oppose such illogical and unconvincing track will be defamed by the channel. So stop blaming KSG for quitting the show… CHECK UR FACTS BEFORE BLAMING SOMEONE….

  • Ruma Roy

    KSG wanted a break for 10-15 days for his treatment and promised to continue for 3-4 months till the on-going track ends… But Zee defamed him and realised those media statements on one fine morning without consulting him. This is something highly unprofessional on their part… People forget that if you point 1 finger at someone, then the rest 4 fingers are pointed towards you. As far as Raquesh is concerned we have nothing against him and KSG suggested his name because he didn’t want to put Gul Khan and the show in trouble… Anyways whatever ZEE says and release statements in media it is ultimately the viewers and fans who decide the TRPs of a show and the viewership of a channel.. Well thanks to digitization… For us KSG will always be the Asad of QH and without him we have already stopped watching the show and unsubscribed the channel…. We didn’t knew who Surbhi Jyoti and Rishabh Sinha was before Qubool Hai? Because of KSG we started watching the show. So now its over for us….

  • Princess Tabi

    we want karan back he is best 4 asad role no one can replace him so we all want to see him again in qubool hai.otherwise we r not watching the show any more without ksg.bring him back.

  • Ruma Roy

    We are not against Raqesh Vashisht as an actor or has any hard feelings for him but honestly after seeing the Promos of his entry, I am now 200% confirmed that Raqesh cannot take KSG’s place as Asad in the heart of the fans… His chemistry with Zoya lacks the lusture and the spark which Karan-Surbhi shared… NO matter how many promos ZEE TV releases of Raqesh as New Asad, the truth remains the same…. KSG has raised the standard of Asad so high by his acting potentials that it cannot be matched by Raqesh now…. The viewers cant forget the heart-warming and unforgettable Mangalpur track and the Ajmer track of Qubool Hai in which KSG did a splendid job… The awards he received for that are the biggest prove of it…

  • Ahuti

    no never we dont accept raqesh as asad, NO KSG =NO QH and we alrady stop watching the show WE WANT KSG AS ASAD

  • Woh Actually

    No One is Accepted as Asad than KSG as simple as that, it will be really nice if Zee Head put his ego aside for the sake of the show and call him back since he said he is on family terms with Gul so I am Gul calls him back to wind up the show He will come

  • Sue Brown

    Wow … Amazing spin. The network has a huge reality check in store if they think that changing the character of AAK is as simple as changing a shirt. It’s not about giving the new guy a chance and it’s definitely not about acceptance. We will never accept the negative way this all transpired and we will forever accept KSG in every way, shape and form!!! I am an international viewer and am absolutely disgusted with ZeeTV and have unsubscribed from their network and will not support any of their programming until they rectify this situation to our satisfaction. I sent feedback to Zee via email & received no reply. I made an international call to Zee in Mumbai and was kept on hold and then my call was abruptly disconnected as soon as I identified my reason for calling. How professional is that? People in glass houses should not throw stones. And when you wrote this article did you pause to consider what is motivating the fans to continue on in the face of so much adversity? Our conviction to this cause remains strong and we will continue undaunted. Zee and the media can take that to bank. There is still time to fix things and bring back KSG to finish the story on a positive note. Trust me … the show won’t make it even that far without KSG. And the network won’t give a second thought to those 200plus jobs when they close up shop due to lack of TRP!

  • aysha


  • itzanniedabest .

    I have no problem with Raquesh.. My question is why did they do that with Karan? Everyone watched the show for him and they could’ve just ended the show instead of replacing Karan. I never watched any Zee shows and after Qubool hai I started watching other zee shows so in a way Qubool hai brought Zee Tv to its current position as people got to know about the channel.

  • Dhwani_KSGian

    V fans were tolerating QH just for seeing few glimpse of Karan. After ASAD’s character was sidelined! Karan didn’t reknew his contract & work for 3 months that was unprofessionalism ? V respect his decision but v can’t watch anyone playing Asad rather then KSG! Karan has put his life in making ASAD’s character which no one can.NOW ASAD AHMED KHAN DOESN’ EXISTS FOR MEE! KSG Waiting for your comeback with a BANG!!!!!!! Love you always <3

  • Manisha Singh Ksg

    ksg is the kin g and king ki jagah ki bhi nhi le sakta love u ksg misss u jaaan

  • Sangeet Bharghav

    hey, you have asked us to move on. we are all ready, but to move onto another channel, never watch a zeetv show again in my life
    they ruined my Christmas and the perfect jodi our asya. and stop twisting karan singh grovers words. he was willing to give 3-4 months to the show and we want that.
    by the way we all know bollywoodlife is owned by zee network, so tell your bosses we have already moved on with other channels like colors, by the way tell zee startv and colors rock . Rangrasiya is really great. i am proud to say i have moved onto rangrasiya and have great respect for startv. they respect viewers wishes. they dont ask us to move on. but since you have asked us so politely wanted to tell you thanks, have unsubscribed to the worst channel i have ever seen

  • shiviluvsKSG

    Oh really honey! We should not be judgmental? There is nothing to judgmental about….It is a FACT That NO ONE CAN REPLACE KARAN SINGH GROVER!
    A majority of QH Fans will NEVER Accept anyone as Asad!
    The show is dead….and it better shut down!
    Asad and Zoya have been ruined now……and that Rakesh guy can NEVER Take KSG’s place…..never!

  • Veena Moorty

    the complex character of AAK was brought to life by KSG.he did full justice to it and i only watched QH to see KSG and SJ.I have nothing against the new actor but the role of AAk can only be esssayed by KSG and no one else.Let the channel and PH sort out the differences and bring KSG back so we can enjoy QH.For me,no KSG no QH

  • satvika

    karan should come back to to qubool hai

  • aysha

    I just watched today’s episode of QUBOOL HAI I was laughing my back side of on raqesh’s entry the guy carn’t even run straight he runs like a GIRL and he carnt even PIC ZOYA up properly what a BIG JOKE and im not just saying this because we want KSG i’m saying this becauseits the TRUTH!

  • Deepa Aveng

    we want zee to apolosize to ksg…. for accusing/blaming him unprofesional/smoker/alcoholicetc…
    thts not done…
    i dont want ksg to return in qh
    KSG is the real Asad Ahmed khan no one can replace him.
    no ksg no qh
    dont speak or write rubbish about KSG

  • Deepa Aveng

    we want zee to apologies to ksg

    we want zee to apologies to ksg

    we want zee to apologies to ksg

  • tammanna giri

    dnt knw where exactly d problem lies ??? but no one has a right 2 defame ksg image, i love him unconditionally i cant take a word against him n d channel dey crossed all limits wid der fake accusations…high on drinks hav dey lost der mind or wat??? he is working wid ladies only surbhi,shalini,gul,neha,amrapali dese girls never noticed such thing n dese zee officials did…surbhi n karan shared a grt rapo den why she is not allowed 2 say a word for her dear friend…replacement is fine but wid DIGNITY

  • Ankita Negi

    Its not going to be accpted by any of the fan bcs qubool hai means karan and karan means asad ……………bring back karan or quit qubool hai ……TRP toh aapki doobegi hi aur naam bhi doobega issliye karan ko wapas lao aur happy ending karo aur patli gali se niklo

  • Shweta

    No ksg no qubool hai no asad plz bring back ksg. Without ksg don’t complete qubool hai plz come back ksg its a public demand. Agar apne aisa nahi kiya to zee tv bhaad mein qubool hai bhi bhaad mein

  • Sabina

    It Isn’t KSG’s fans who need reality touch it’s Zee and all those people who think KSG was unproffessional. Zee’s way of tarnishing his image after doing the same with Gurmeet and their fake on-their-own-world- wala pride is needed a reality check. Zee can be next Sony by their this behaviour. They don’t even spare the Viewers. And We want KSG back call us mad call us psycho But we will fight till the end. And jab tak sab kuch thik na ho woh end hai hi nahi Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost… And talking about chance Please do look this one and say the line again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0pdzz_ai3E&feature=youtu.be

  • supriya

    Karan clearly stated in his IV that he wanted to complete it and give a closure to AsYa and then leave the show. He didn’t leave in between FYI. And he suggested Raqesh as a new character and not as Asad. So its Zee who is at fault and we won’t accept a random guy as Asad no matter what. Karan was, is and will always be Asad for us. Zee needs to rectify their mistake and bring him back and complete this beautiful story. We won’t ever accept someone else as Asad especially when the replacement is horrible.

  • sadaf

    .ksg himself wanted a proper closure for asya,he said in his interview t clearly that he vil give three four months more ,end my character n giv proper closure to asya …karan wanted raqesh as new entry…he mentioned in his gplus msg that fans should direct there anger in right direction …but Zee address there ego instead of fans n sadly you are Vid zee. ..we are in trend list from last ten days …if Karan has left under normal circumstances Then the dynamics would hav been diff but Zee defamed him n sacked him on false basis which is hurting n raqesh is paid by Zee but as fans we are not been paid to watch or appericiate rv intead we are paying hell amount of pounds to subscribe zee..i will really appericiate if you talk to zee executives , like punit and ajay,and plz inform them about how badly there customer service addressing fans ..thanks for your support…we want our karan our asad back

  • Ayesha Khan

    Qubool hai was the best show bcz of karan and surbhi’s chemistry and KARAN was the soul of Qubool hai now he is not der show is dead for me and all qubool hai fans ,zee tv cheated us dey show us stupid story like zoya n aayan accidental nikha so called we didnt wanted we baer dis crap only to see asad and zoya;s nikha means my ASYA KARAN and SURBHI after long time waiting what zee tv did back stab us by der business deals ,see we paid zee tv to entertain us show us story not to play business game ,KARAN is brilliant actor and amazing person as hes co actors says and hes fans including me but zee tv defame him bcz KARAN not playing business with him or hurting hes fans feelings like zee tv did ,and wen we call zee tv dey speak rudely and dey block me frm dr facebook page bcz i ask for my rights and demands dis is how dey response to viewers and dey co works ,our demands still stands WE WANT KARAN BACK IN THE SHOW BETTER CLOSER OF ASYA NIKHA WITH OUR JODI KARAN AND SURBHI ,dun care if raqesh is d show now HE HAVE GO AND KARAN HAVE TO COME BACK bas

  • Ayesha Khan

    NO i will not give a chance to Raqesh or any one else KARAN SINGH GROVER is the only ASAD AHMED KHAN TO US ,its not he have to prove him self ,its about ASYA means KARAN and SURBHI our MAGICAL JODI who have amazing chemistry WE WAITED 1 YEAR FOR ASYA NIKHA ,and we will accept some else come and Ruined our most waited moment
    and i kindly ask every one 1 question ??
    suppose u have sister or daughter
    and she is having one and half year relationship and suddenly one u wil ask her leave dat guy and romance with dis new guy
    will u ask dis question or what do u feel about dis disgusting situation ??
    thats zee tv doing to us

  • Shairaj Hossain

    i hate raqesh vashist .he is not even 0.1% of KSG when he is doing the role of AAK

  • fiza

    we want karan back or we were not watch qubooooool hai if you not bring back so from today quboooool nahin haiiiiiiii

  • samia munaf

    Stop twisting the things, we all knw Karan did’nt back off in mid….he is not at mistake its only zee and u said one thing right that is we will ban qubool hai Rabhi Nikah will happen

  • Lee

    I don’t dislike Raqesh, in fact i quite like him. Just not as Asad. And definitely not for Zoya. Asya was awesome because of the chemistry between Asad and Zoya, which is severely lacking now that Raqesh is playing Asad. I have given him a chance and while he seems to be a good actor he is unable to mimic the intense and brooding personality that KSG was so good at; that which is integral to the character. And sorry to say but him as Asad is making ASYA just bleh – soooo boring- to watch instead of exciting. Those ‘MITWA” moments I squealed for previously I now just sigh in exasperation .So while I don’t hate Raqesh’s acting or him as Asad, I don’t think he is doing justice to the character and definitely definitely not justice to ASYA. KSG needs to come back to save the Asad character and ASYA romance from dying a fake and boring death. It’s so bad I had to fast forward through the lovey dovey parts of the wedding!! That’s how utterly terrible it is!!! Serioulsy!!

  • Sarah Khan

    Asad is lost…widout KSG…….rakesh is a gud actor…but WE ALL DEMAND KSG BACK!!!
    Vote up if u agree!!!

  • Ranz

    We accept that KSG did not renew his contract BUT WE cannot accept the character assassination..and besides he wished and asked to give him a happy farewell not overnight get him to leave the show–he worked tirelessly for many months after his contract was over for Zee–including off screen promotions and their awards shows and even said he was prepared to work till Asad could be weaned off–their ( or should I say Ajay B’s ego was not willing to accept that a MERE Actor could dictate terms!!!! SAD SAD SAD An Actor with integrity and honesty is not a slave– Please honour what he has given to Qubool Hai and made ASad Ahmed Khan what he is! All he asked was to give him a week –he is not BONDED labour!

  • shradha sharm

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ksg back in qh not for own bt fr ur fans plz u r real asad no one replace u plz come back plz ……………..

  • Mayan

    we want KSG in Qabool hai