Women’s Day special: Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan: Who is the strongest leading lady?

Women’s Day special: Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan: Who is the strongest leading lady?

This Women’s Day, we take a look at the female actors who are fighting to make a place for themselves in a male dominated industry

Even today, box office success in Bollywood is attributed mainly to the male stars involved in a project and filmmakers spend big bucks to cast a big heroes in their films. Sadly, while there is a long list of male stars that includes Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor – who are all staking their claim at the turnstiles – there are only about three or four female stars who command any kind of respect at the BO.

According to trade pundits, just three female stars can even come close to affecting the opening of films – Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. “Kareena Kapoor is an acting talent and she can do a variety of roles. She has been part of consecutive hits in the last few years and people are now expecting her films to be blockbusters,” says trade analyst Amod Mehra.

In Katrina’s case, Mehra believes, luck has played a huge part. “Her films have managed to do well at the box office quite consistently and she has the star power. She has been quite lucky,” he feels. Kat has hit the big league even without the presence of the Khans in her films; case in point: Namastey London, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, all of which were hits but not huge blockbusters. Her glam quotient always adds to the commercial strength of a film. “Kareena and Katrina are definitely the only two actors who can be called box office queens,” says trade analyst and reviewer Komal Nahata.

While we would like to believe that there is competition for the number three spot between Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan, the trade is still treading carefully and waiting to see if Vidya can sustain the star status she recently garnered. Mehra feels that Vidya is far from being the ‘female Khan’ of Bollywood. “Her star value has gone up after The Dirty Picture, but it might work against her in her next film, Kahaani. People might go in expecting something more entertaining and mainstream,” he believes. He doesn’t deny that she is the strongest performer of her time, but Vidya’s star status is very new and might not last for too long!

Nahata has a slightly different view on Vidya. He feels that her presence in a film definitely helps. “The Dirty Picture had three heroes and songs like Ooh La La, while Kahaani is more serious kind of film. There is no doubt that Vidya is a top class actor and people expect a good film from her. But we don’t expect a big opening for Kahaani. I am not saying that it won’t do well; it could if the film is good and because of Vidya’s presence, but it’s not expected to get a huge opening,” he explains.

The point is that no female star can solely affect the box office even today, whereas a male star can. While the leading ladies usually have to depend on the men to get a huge opening, the converse is rarely true, even with films like Chirag Paswan’s Miley Naa Miley Hum with Kangna Ranaut or Uday Chopra in Pyaar Impossible with Priyanka Chopra. Nahata is quick to clarify that all of Kareena’s recent successes have been with Khans. “All her blockbusters were Khan movies, so it does not prove that Kareena can directly affect trade. But she has a big list of hits to her name now, which helps. And it’s too early to say anything about Heroine (which rests solely on her shoulders) right now,” he says. The actor has proved in the past with Jab We Met that she can drive a film’s success with her strong performance and so there are high expectations from Heroine, apart from all the hype and toing and froing that has happened around the film, of course!

The real question mark right now is Priyanka’s strength as a heroine. Despite winning several awards for her strong performance in Saat Khoon Maaf, Priyanka suffered a blow commercially with the failure of important films like What’s Your Rashee, Anjaana Anjaani and Saat Khoon Maaf, till Agneepath came along and gave her a blockbuster to add to her showreel. But she had a bit part in the movie and it hasn’t upped her BO status in any significant way. She will have to bank heavily on Krissh 2 with Hrithik Roshan, Barfee with Ranbir Kapoor and Teri Meri Kahaani with Shahid Kapoor to bring her back into the game.

Unfortunately, there are just a handful of good roles being written for female actors and the competition is fierce. Actors like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma are showing some sign of being able to get ahead in the numbers game, but the trade does not trust them just yet. They need several blockbusters and some great roles to turn this situation around. Others like Asin and Kangna Ranaut haven’t managed to garner the kind of star-value they should have managed to do in the last three years.

Women oriented films are very rare in the Hindi film industry and there are just three or four of those coming up in 2012. Still, it does look promising for the top female stars. While Vidya plays a pregnant woman in Kahaani and attempts comedy for the first time in Ghanchakkar, Priyanka plays a mentally challenged girl in her next, Barfee. Kareena, who has already been appreciated for her subtle performance in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, has her hopes pinned on Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine to take her to the next level. Katrina Kaif is not expected to do a woman oriented film at this point, as she is still considered a glam doll rather than an actor. But things could change this year. She will be directed by Yash Chopra (who is returning to direction after a long break) in a romantic film with Shahrukh Khan. Kat will be relying heavily on this one.

While most of these girls often state that they don’t believe in the numbers game, we think a catfight will flare between Bebo, Kat, Piggy Chops and Vidya to become the reigning box office queen. As of now, the trade says that Kareena wins the race for ‘the strongest woman in Bollywood’, hands down!


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  • Cicy

    Is’t it funny? out of 4 strong women, 3 of them dated Shahid Kapoor….and who are considered not just stars but top actresses. One who is considered glam doll is the only one who did not dated him….

    • akhtar mohammad

      Katrina is the best actrees in the world

    • rr

      because katrina and shahid havent done a film dumbfuck whats ur point they are strong bcz they dated shahid what crap is that and then dumped his ass

  • Dev

    Kareena is indeed the most versatile actress in the bollywood…

  • bollywoodfan

    i think only kareena and priyanka are in direct competition. why i saw so is because vidya eventhough a strong performer cannot successfully do all roles. for example vidya can`t take a role like priyanka in don 2. but both kareena and priyanka can do both films like don and the dirty picture. i agree about katrina, she is just a glam doll and can`t really act. i keep wandering what indian cine goers see in her but one thing is clear. its definitely not her acting skills. the first two positions belong to kareena and priyanka because both are way more versatile. kareena gets the top spot for her string of blockbusters while priyanka comes second . third is vidya and katrina who really can`t be called an actress is fourth

  • Ono

    Kareena definitely holds the number one spot.her vibrant nature is something that keeps me glue to my tv screen anytime am seeing her film.

  • Ajnabee

    Kareena has been around for more than a decade now sooooo but please give us a breakkkkkkk wiz Katrina i don’t know yyyy she is in the top 4..Priyanka yes, and Vidya is much better and more versatile than all of them for sure

  • nisar

    I personally belive Priyanka and Kareena are up for the grabes. They are verstile, beautiful, and can act. vidya is amazing actress, but thats it. katrina is gogeous, but nothing more. i would give priyanka half a point more than kareena, coz priyanka has beauty, body, talent, star power, dance and amazing personality. kareena has all the qualities listed above too, but she can’t dance and sometimes can look abit whorish!!!

  • computer angel

    Except kat all other actresses are great actors having incompatable talent. But as cinema fluctuates so do people. This days what we expect from an actress is not talent but charm & Personality that could have us flat. If history be tracked all Blockbusters have khans. Only kats superhits & blockbusters like Sign Is King have no khans. She may not top the list for talent But she deserves for the boxoffice queen if it be based solely on actresses.


    Kareena is so OVERRATED. She isn’t even the Bollywood box office queen… wtf? Priyanka could take her any day! As for Katrina, she can’t even make facial expressions, let alone act. Vidya only got awards after doing a racy role…. PRIYANKA IS THE BEST

  • samitha

    Priyanka Chopra is the no 1 acress in Bollywod.. That girl can act.. And for all those who blame her for plastic surgery,, can u guys tell me atleast one mainstream actor/actress who hasnt undergone plastic surgery..?? It seems tat people hav forgotten abt all other saints in bollywood.. Watever PC is my fav..

    • dev

      Truelt said.. Completely agreed.. I wonder if guys r blind to praise Kareena/Katrina who r merely meant to shake their body all the time.. Goshhh.. PC u r the best..

  • Zara

    Kareena Kapoor! Her whole FAMILY is in BOLLYWOOD. She is in every HIT film “Ra.one” “Bodyguard”… is VERY well known worldwide! BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! :D

  • farnesol

    blockbusters or not, priyanka is the best actor among the 4. she is versatile, supertalented n is ready to experiment with roles she hasnt done before. she is not afraid to lose at the box office, but even in her flops, her works are highly acclaimed critically winning both filmfare n national awards even without godfathers. vidya is the 2nd best thing as her acting speaks generally for her, with or without khans. kareena is good , but definitely not better than pc n vidya. she is just lucky to hv done the khans n gotten herself ds blockbusters. i’ll say she is the salman khan of bollywood. i love katrina enjoy seeing her movies but she surely cant stand deepika, anuksha, kagna or even asin in acting. she is just a glam doll n a pretty face that makes me want to see her in movies n i just dont get tired of watching her on screen. katrina is aishwarya rai of bollywood. priyanka chopra is simply the best n most talented actress of this generation.

    • Anonymous

      Comparing Katrina to Aishwarya is an insult to Aishwarya hope you know that.
      And here’s what I say. #1 Priyanka, #2 Vidya(haven’t seen any of her films),#3 Kareena and #4 Katrina. Katrina is just a beautiful girl and that’s it. She has no personality whatsoever and is very forgettable.

  • fmbookworm

    here is how it goes u guys..
    4.katrina doesn’t even count all she is,is pretty not at allllllllllllll talented just a peice of eye candy.
    PC and Vidya are the ones with the oure talent that talent is what should really be judged after all they are actors not a peice of plain old talentless eye candy.with there versatality they beat all espically PC who does brave film decisions unlike any other…PC ur truely the Queen of leading ladies!!! and Vidya is awesome to and bebo is getting there shes alright.<3<3<3<3 PC :)

  • Simran :)

    I think PRIYANKA CHOPRA is the best and the 1st place nad hte others i don’t care what order they come in beucase i absolutely loved our desi girl prianka chopra in all of her film like DON 2!!!!!!!!!
    abosuloty the best performance….

  • Arun kumar singhania

    I very like priyanka chopra and i like her acting

  • santosh

    yes priyanka is the best actress in the bollywood she is the bigest actorees after matduri . one one can get her place now in the film industria . that’s all

  • santosh

    yes priyanka is the best actress in the bollywood she is the bigest actorees after matduri . no one can get her place now in the film industria . that’s all

  • rishabh

    katrina is the fire of bollywood..infact mere brother ki dulhan did 9 crore of opening because of katrina…yet bodygard released one week before…..vidya balan is not box office queen because big opening of dirty picture is because it is a adult movie not because of vidya…katrina chikni chameli rocked and priyanka got over shadow…..katrina is queen of bollywood……

  • viren

    katrina is most hard working girl and inspiration to all …she is the most beautiful girl in the universe…..kareena is just sadakchap…….priyanka is boring actress.vidya is only actress not heroine…and moti……katrina is barbie doll………

  • virat

    katrina is the best………husn ki malika………….

  • partyrockz

    katrina is box office queen and for those who say she can’t act have you seen New York lol….i think 2012 you gonna see a different side of katrina. i think people dont give her credit cause you have to remember she was an outsider in the industry and probably the first official bollywood heroine from a country outside of the Indian culture plus she couldn’t speak hindi which stopped her from getting films that had meaty roles. actors get their jobs and roles from other people who choose them to be in their films. also she is talented, a person does not get “lucky” for 10 years and get 17 hit movies under their belt with only 3 flops, plus another hit movie in telugu. as far as i am concerned she is no. 1 and probably remain no. 1 at the box office because she has a talent of deciding what scripts are good and which are not. she was involved in some of the biggest movies of the year in 2011 Bodyguard for her dancing and ZNMD. In 2012, Agneepath biggest movie so far and who do you see in the movie also Katrina. overtime she will be respected for her acting because everyone has their own path and pace in life. some people get to their peak early and some later in life, kareena, vidya, and priyanka are great actresses and i love their movies too but katrina has fire in her to get better in each movie and so far its evident she may not the best but she is improving and should not be compared to others cause everyone is different and have different paths in. Based, on the movies kat has coming up i think everyone is in for a wide awakening cause she has EK Tha Tiger, Yashji’s next, Dhoom 3, Dostana 2, maybe the Seeta Aur Geeta Remake, Satsang…ect.

  • prowress

    poor aishwarya rai, she didnt even have her name mentioned. priyanka is the best anyway. she rocke, then kareena comes 2nd, vidya 3rd and katrina. they are all good in their own unique way

  • beboo

    bebo of course

  • parth

    priyanka chopra is the best…..actress in the world……she is one and only actress which knw how to act..she is so allroundr actress…and we toking about her looks,body,face,talent,film,awards,she is also fashion ikon…so dafntly pc is the num one…

  • Anonymous


  • Rafael

    Priyanka ofcourse. Better actress, better personality, better body, better characters (played), out of the four. Best.
    1. Priyanka
    2. Vidya
    3. Kaeena
    there is no 4. katrina needs to work on her acting skills. but she is beautiful.

  • Sidharth

    Priyanka BEST.

    • sonador

      katrina is the best

  • Ashwaria

    Priyanaka MY ROLE MODEL

  • Princess Kaurvaki

    Kareena Kapoor is the best. She has strong character and magic both in screen and real life

  • samana

    Kareena Kapoor rocks,im so happy she is the STRONGEST woman in bollywood and will remain to be.Kareena is my best role model!!! GO KAREENA,YOU’RE THE BEST!

  • Khushboo


  • AMIT

    Vidya all the way… Kareena may star in the hits,but is
    completely replaceable and those roles done b her and Priyanka can be done as easily by any other B-town actress

  • astergill

    kareena kapoor and vidya balan are best

    • cherrychitt

      I very very very like Karina Kapoor.

  • shika

    katrina is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sonam

    What was the last time kareena gave a performnce…….hmmmmmm…thats right. she is just mking hit films. vidya will fade in no time. katrina is no actress at all. however, Priynka has hits, roles, long lasting effect nd ufff that body. my pick PRIYANKA

  • Christy Ali

    Kareena and Priyanka are Awesome Katrina is pretty good too but i dont like Vidya at all if i had to pick only one it would be (Priyanka)

    • REHANA


  • Vishal

    Vidya Balan is strongest leading lady as her act is too different than the babydolls.


    how can u compare kareena with those incomplete actresses. i am not surprise to know that kareena is the strongest actress because she is the best actress ever. Bebo dont look back you are the best ever

  • amit

    vidya priyanka and bebo is the best actress.katrina is beautiful but she didn’t know acting.but i vote kareena kapoor

    • OP Upadhyay

      u realty great observer then only her film being hitsnot only hits although super hits pawua is best..

  • akhil singh


  • OP Upadhyay

    Yatra naryestu pujyate tatra ramente devata to kisko kahe pckksk bp and so on vb to bold

  • crystie

    KAREENA….is the reigning Queen of bollywood n nobody can deny that fact.are acting skills are just awesome.

  • Manasi

    Katrina Kaif has millions of fans who adore her every aspcet. Katrina has beautiful body with a beautiful face and she has improved a lot her acting skills. But if we see Priyanka Chopra then we realize that she is incredible in Bollywood movies giving complete satisfaction to all her fans. And she has adorable and stunning body and face. In recent she proved by her movie What’s your raashee? by her 12 different roles. So as whole, it is reliable to say that Priyanka Chopra is preittier than Katrina Kaif.

  • LoLo

    Vidya Balan is the most strongest and a very good actor.

    Kareena/Katrina/Piggy are yet to learn acting but they are very good at prancing around the trees/garden’ in beautiful/trendy clothes.

    Good luck Vidya.

  • harish chaurasiya

    me really confused to decide the best in de field any way all of dem r so well to do.

  • ralph

    Its Deepika.

  • Arsha Jayan

    katrina defntly s d most strongst and leadin actress of today

    • Ommsujit

      Kat has only a cute face nd sexy fig. nd nothing else.
      she has no acting ability nd she does not prove her acting ability yet.
      she only acted in male oriented films with the box office mega stars like salman, akshay, ranbir which help her to place herself in the 100 crore club nd making her hit.
      she has been only a barbie doll nd glam diba, nd nothing else.
      she has no acting ability nd nothing 2 called the strongest actress.

      • mjk

        yeah 100% right she is just a showpiece…

  • Ommsujit

    I m agree with for My dear PeeCee is the most beautiful, strongest, best nd able actress ever. she acted very well in the most challenging -whats ur rashee, kaminey, fashion, saat khoon maaf, anjana anjani, agneepath, don nd don-2 and the most challenging in Berfie….
    She is sexy, stunning, stylish nd very beautiful.

    • Ommsujit

      PeeCee has been proved herself as the most tallentee nd most suitable heroine of bollywood.
      she fitted with every hero as she has the hits like, Fashion- herself, Kaminey-Shahid, Krish nd Agneepath-Hrithwik, Andaaz- Akshay, Mujh Se Shaadi Karogi- Salman nd Akshay, Don nd Don-2 – Shahrukh, Anjana Anjani nd Berfie- Ranbir Kapoor.
      she has been paired with about all the leading actors nd proved as the best nd hit jodi with all of them.

  • mayank upadhyay

    kareena kapoor is the best actress in all aspects than katrina and priyanka etc.

  • mayank

    kareen a kareena and karrenna

  • adarsh

    anushka is a very sexy actress. ye meri fav rate heroin hai…………..is so pretty

  • aman

    katrina kaif is the best.kareena and priyanka depend on male co stars to give a hit.with small actors they have never given any hits.they are boring and irritating.katrina kaif is the cutest and most adorable

    • mia

      i agree with you 1000000%…kat rocks always:)

    • Don

      ++Read this comment!! Most will agree with me!!++
      Abe Haramkhore !! You don’t know anything about bollywood. That is your ego telling good thingss about Katrina, but actually you are completely wrong.. Katrina had been depending on big stars like Salman, Shahrukh, Ranbir, Amir and she can never make a big hit without these big stars. Also, Katrina has never won any best actress award and also will never win in future, which means that she does not deserve to be an actress. She does not know that how to give a correct expression in any films and does not know acting.
      Another thing is that, only Yashraj Productions are offering films to her and she is not getting any films from any other productions. Only due to YRFilms, she is now in bollywood, otherwise she would have been opted out of Bollywood.
      And the last thing is that, Priyanka is better than Katrina in many ways like in acting, expression, award winning, being Miss world and Miss India,getting films from many different productions, in modeling, singing and also entertaining the people always. And thatswhy Priyanka is the best in what she does or what she is.

      • RAM sharma

        u r best pc……………no one is bigger than you

      • Jay

        I agree with Don’s comment. PC way better

      • leisa

        I am not a indian. but still i like priyanka chopra. she is the only one who changed my mind about bolywood. she is simply stunning.

        • Suaukao chibam

          Kareena is better and beutiful than all she should be on number one she is a real beauty kareena all the way

  • sasha

    katrina all the way, she is the best

  • giya

    katrina the biggest idiot who does not know to act dont go on face acting is important which she doesnot have at all.For me DEEPIKA PRIYANKA KAREENA are the best coz they know how to act and of course the are beautiful

    • ased

      very sensible comment

    • arohi


  • neehara

    kat all the way…….
    You will 100 percent agree with it after reading this para….
    If kat wouldn’t know how to act she must have gone out of bollywood years before
    bollywood actresses take care of their looks more than their movies, i mean have you ever seen any actress without taking care of their looks….
    And kat rules, even without makeup she is just perfect!
    If movie projects are coming to her stimunlusly then no one can judge either u mean to tend down the decisions of people in bollywood, anyway the know better than you in every posible way!
    1000′s of projects comes to her daily but she turns them down otherwise every now and then you could have seen only katrina……
    In future definitely she will remain on no.1 spot for years to come so change your suggestions about her, either you’ll suffer later!
    Kat rocks like anything and with everything!
    Love you katrina, you just rock!

  • Viviana

    Between Priyanka, Vidya, Kareena and Katrina, who actually know better and act are Priyanka and Vidya, Katrina only know how to dance, Kareena always wants to overthrow the other. For me the best actress and dancer Aish is all but as it is not on the list. Katrina and Kareena depend heavily on the male figure who are on their side (Salman, Aamir and Shahruk) in my country they do not get many roles for films.

    • stefiix rijiix

      U R 100 % WRONG ABOUT THAT………
      BEBO does not want to overthrow the other: she is the best and good hearten actress I have ever seen. She likes to work with others, not the other way around.. the others are the ones who do not want to work with her, and that is because they are jealous of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      She and Kat are the best dancers among the four of them, got that ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deeba

    priyanka chopra is nkow all about film like the best act,dance,song,styule but kat just cheat dance from south she is nothing but priyanka is the best acter in the world

    • stefiix rijiix

      PC is the one who cheats, not Kat..Kat dances like the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • safa

    priyanka is the best acter then kat,kareena ,

    • stefiix rijiix

      PC is the worst one and I do not understand what makes you think that she is the best………………

  • gopi

    i think priyanka is the best acter cuz of this i vote to her she is friend of salman khan

    • stefiix rijiix

      Just cuz she is friends with Salman does not mean that she is the best…………..
      However, Salman might be careful or he will catch PC’s disease!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And as I said, she likes to depend on others, that makes her the worst actress in the whole world…………..

  • shareef

    i am fun of sallu bahai but i vote to priyanka she is the best acter cuz she persuade it in the time of peerformance of him

    • stefiix rijiix

      She (PC) is not the best cuz she likes to depend on others to help her with what she needs…
      As for Bebo, Kat, and Vidya, they all try their best in achieving what they need…. that makes them the best since they are independent and hard working!!!!!!!!!

  • sadat

    priyanka is the best acter but kat,kareena,vidya balan are nothing but priyanka do every action in the world i vote to her cuz she is friend of salman khan now and now i become fun of her also

    • stefiix rijiix

      PC is the nothing one, not Bebo, Kat, and Vidya……
      Bebo is the Bollywood Queen, while Kat is the Crown Princess, and Vidya is the Princess… These three are everything that PC is not, so do not try to compare them with the bad seed or they might be infected with PC’s virus!!!!!!!!

  • sheela

    i dont accept katrina is the powerc star cuz she is week and lazy just cheating from south that is not possible but priyanka chopra is the power,super star in the world cuz she can indian action,dance,style and also she can the another countryes action in the world like south….she is stronger and best then katrina and also salman khan is the best acter in the world ek the tiger specially dabang2

    • stefiix rijiix

      PC is the weakest person i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      She loves to seduce the actors, and that is not a good thing..
      In the movie Aitraaz, for example, I really do not like her attitudes and the way she tried to seduce Bebo’s husband into sleeping with her……………..
      That is committing adultery, and besides I DO NOT LIKE HER AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teerina

    priyanka chopra is the best acter in the worl i hope she become the super star,hero female cuz of salman khan i like her now she is friend of salman khan

    • steffiix rijiix

      U ARE ALSO WRONG IN THAT!!!!!!!!

  • farkhunda

    priyanka is the best acter in the world

    • steffiix rijiix

      U R WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      BEBO IS THE ONE (1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The 2nd one is Kat, and the third one is Vidya!!!!!!!!!!!

      • arohi

        oh hello that is her opinion,
        who are you to tell her she is rite or wrong???

  • Maya Gill


    • steffiix rijiix

      U r absolutely 100% right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      However, there is something wrong with ur statement, and that is including PC in the best ones.. She is the worst actress I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!.
      The best ones are Bebo, Kat, and Vidya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • arohi

      agree with u,

    • rr

      asshole read the list mbkd apkg new york none of it with khans dumbo

  • kajal

    According to me kat is the queen of bollywood….she doesnt belong to india,bt still has managed to make a mark in bollywood..she is hard working and believes in sucess that comes on her own terms…so it should be katrina kaif-THE DIVA

  • sanaa

    I believe Kareena Kapoor is the OFFICIAL queen of bollywood,she’s not like kat,vidy,or pc all who like to be unofficiant and live on their own terms,kareena is one who lives on the trends around the world,which makes her unique and popular,so its KAREENA all the way,she’s like the barbie of our industry,she has made up bollywood and rules it all the way


    Ofcourse,its a leading lady of bollywood VIDYA BALAN.

  • gourav

    mrs kareena saif ali khan is better than all. katrina is also good but kareena is best.

    my vote for kareena kapoor khan. today is rulling queen of bollywood. followed by katrina, followed by vidya followed deepika followed by priyanka followed by rani followed by juhi and nadhuri.

  • kamal sunuwar

    kareena kapoor khan(queen of bollywood) is leading lady undoubtly

  • loveline


  • ezed

    katrina kaifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • latifat

    We all know kareena is the best,,, am no india but seriously she made me fall in love with indian movies,,,, she’s just d best actress, others are good,,,, but KAREENA can’t just be compared with other actresses cos she’s super outstanding….. Without her d queen,,,,, bollywood can never be bollywood

  • arohi

    priyanka is best among these. just being beautiful doesn’t make them queens, pc has proved her mattle in fashion and barfi,
    2nd comes deepika, 3rd kareena and then katrina