Women’s Day special: Priyanka Chopra voted as the favourite woman of substance!

Women’s Day special: Priyanka Chopra voted as the favourite woman of substance!

The Jungli Billi, it seems, has won over the hearts of her fans for all the right reasons. But there’s another lady who wasn’t far behind in this poll. Read on to find out more…

As International Women’s Day inched closer, we conducted a poll to find out, who according to our readers was their favourite woman of substance. And Priyanka Chopra has emerged as the winner with 41 per cent votes!

A fan stated that PeeCee’s commendable work in movies like Kaminey, Saat Khoon Maaf and Barfi! amongst others has helped her win this award. Her fans adore her – and that shows! – for the work that she’s been doing. Also, the actor is one of the most popular B-town celebs on the Internet – thanks to her social networking skills. But apart from all this PeeCee also managed to step out of the familiar confines of Bollywood and try her hand, rather voice, by signing a recording contract with Universal Music Group and DesiHits in 2011. In September 2012, her debut single In My City managed to floor many.

Then, Priyanka wholehearted supported Greenathon – An Environment Initiative that won her some brownie points. So guess all the effort, onscreen and off it has paid off.  And we cheer for this lady who believes in following her heart.

But while Priyanka is the woman of substance this time around, Vidya Balan too was close to winning the title with 36 per cent votes. A fan commented, “Vidya is the quintessential example to all struggling actors. All her debut films cancelled, whether it was Malayalam or Tamil film. For 3 years she struggled being in all facets of the profession from ads to t.v and then a Bengali film. Finally she got noticed for Parineeta, but at what cost. Surprised Vidya with no acting experience got screen tested for Parineeta 6 months. But Bollywood heroines despite years of experience and still can’t act, were considered for Parineeta without blinking an eye. Whatever, she made her own path without having opportunities like Priyanka, Kareena, Deepika.”

So take a look at the votes and tell us: Do you agree with the results?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • mayukh

    perfect… priyanka is the best… after fee years down the line she will become one of the legends/icons of bollywood…

    • nisant

      Real queen of bollywood love u priyanka lovv u a lot

  • mayukh

    perfect… priyanka is the best… after few years down the line she will become one of the legends/icons of bollywood…



  • sandesh paudel

    Priyanka ..
    Will rock bollywood

  • Ruben

    Priyanka is Best

  • Pari

    Absolutely agreed :)

    And whomever wrote the Vidya comment in this article… I don’t understand why you have to bring down other actresses and make their acheivments irrelevant to make Vidya’s look better. They’ve all had their fair share of ups and downs in this industry and yet managed to come out on top. This is why we have International Women’s Day, so that we can celebrate all women who have made a difference on their own and inspire those who want to do the same. So let’s not detract anyone otherwise there’s no point to this special day.

    • hannah

      Agree with you. But the Vidya comment wasn’t bringing down other actresses talent or making their achievements irrelevant. Maybe you should re read the comment and understand that Vidya achieved despite not getting the same opportunities as other actresses. It’s a myth that all women are equal and they all have ups and downs etc… Some women were given huge opportunities and with that they achieved their dreams. Of course, there were stumbling blocks along the way. On the other hand there are women who didn’t have opportunity and they have to pave the path on their own. We can’t use Priyanka as the prototype for other women who want to enter Bollywood. It’s unrealistic since you have to win a Miss World contest, enter the industry through that platform, main job is to be second fiddle to the hero. Priyanka had her struggles in a male dominated industry and broke out with Fashion. It was after that, she got substantial roles. But, Vidya is another example and that comment had a valid point. If you and I want to enter the industry, our journey is going to be more like Vidya or Priyanka. We are not all going to have same opportunities and have the same success.

  • Tayyab Qureshi

    PeeCee deserves that she is just SPECTECULAR…..no one compete her….

  • ajay

    love u PC

  • aamena

    is priyanka chopra going to in orbit 8 march 2013

  • Hasan

    Well deserved!! PC is the best.

  • lucie

    Lovely Priyanka …. My best woman in the world ^_^

  • Pinky

    Well deserved PC ! :D You’re the best actress in B town now.

  • prerna bundel

    priyanka deserved

  • nitesh

    hey i salute all the womens who deserving.

  • Kris

    Indians are stupid!!they vote actors as women of substance!!! What happened to those social workers who dedicate their life to tue people???

  • kas

    like u PC


    Hi, pink
    my only and my lovely best woman in the world

    ( pink pink pink pink pink )

    io mult ferichet pink

  • Sunshine

    Well deserved Priyanka… You really are the woman of substance… An inspiration to all the women…

  • james

    i’m not surprised coz pc is such a terrific actress!!!!! from aitrazz to barfi she just rock!!!! way to go girl……..


    LOVE U PiGi chOPS………<3

  • Murad khan

    Kareena is much batter then priyanka.Bt priyanka looking so beautiful with salman khan nice couple

  • imran chy

    prianka i like you.shahid kapoor my fabarite actor.you marrige shahid kapoor.

  • imran chy

    prianka+shahid kapoor.ok by by.i am bangladesi.i pray you.01838198577or01756761411.