Would Shahrukh Khan really dance for a Salman Khan film?

C’mon, you gotta be kidding us! Do you think that the two ace Khans of B-town would really come together for a movie? You gotta be a fool….April fool!

Last year we learned a valuable lesson. We did a fabulous story on April 1 – which as all of you would know is April Fool’s day – telling you that Rajinikanth would be doing a special appearance in an item song for Aamir Khan’s then-unreleased film Talaash. While we did our giggling from the moment we wrote the story to the time the joke was overtaken by something more funny, some of you actually believed us and cited the (made-up) facts as true some months later. And that made us chortle, chuckle and chitter even more. But now, the turnaround time seems to be shorter. Why? Because we seem to have done it again.

For April 1 this year, we gave you a story on how Shahrukh Khan would be doing a song and dance stint in rival-enemy Salman Khan’s Next Big Film, Dabangg 3. Yeah, yeah, we know full well it will never happen, not unless the moon turns BollywoodLife pink and Shekhar Kapoor actually finishes a film he talks about. But it was a fun story and allowed us to do a little giggle-giggle when we wrote it. What is even funnier is that some people seem to have picked up on the story…again…and are now reporting it as an ‘exclusive’ and a ‘scoop’. Frankly, we would call it a miracle, but that is just us being our usual optimistic selves.

And when we stop laughing, we will dig into facts a little deeper and try and see if this April 1 story that made fools out of so many can ever possibly come true. What do you think?