Would you like to have Salman Khan at your coffee table?

Well, no, the actor isn’t planning to go out on a coffee date to promote Jai Ho. And neither is that a prize for some contest. You can buy Salman Khan at a price now. But not quite literally. Read on

Salman Khan is available for coffee! Obviously the Jai Ho actor isn’t going to serve coffee but is going to be served as a cappuccino! A little birdie tells us that a cappuccino named after Salman Khan will soon be available at theatres, when Jai Ho will hit the theatres. As a part of Jai Ho’s promotional campaign, Salman Khan cappuccino will be served at multiplexes. The film releases on January 24, and it’s bound to be cold around that time. Which is why, the filmmakers chose to name a cappuccino after Sallu rather than a cold drink. Smart, eh?

Well, we wonder what will be special about the cappuccino called Salman Khan. How do you think a hot Salman Khan will taste? The cappuccino, of course… Wink, wink! Would you buy it, BollywoodLifers?