Valentine’s Day special: Write a love letter to Salman Khan

Valentine’s Day special: Write a love letter to Salman Khan

Send a love letter to Salman Khan by pasting it in the comments section. If you win, your letter will be published on on Valentines Day. Don’t forget to leave your email id at the end of the letter, so we can inform you when your letter gets published, and, of course, we will send your beloved star your mail id, so you could get lucky and get a very special email!

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  • Laxuman

    Hi,Salman Khan I am your big fan and i like your all movies.I wished all the best for your latest court case and also best of luck for you ucmoing movies. I am eargly waiting for your movie kick. I am writing this letter for you on special Valentine day. your are my icon and read your news everyday and take care of it.I truely wish from my heart big succes for your BEING HUMAN charity.

    • xxxxxx

      askm hey salman my darling aap bahud handsomo ho aap mujhe bahud honest lagtai ho main nai aap kay sub intrew daikhai hai aap jo dil main hai ow zaban pai hota hai aap sub ki taraha think kar kay ans nai daitai hai salman please aap shadi karo jo bhi aap ki wife banai gi bahud naseeb wali hogi not becz of star hai aap to dil se think kartai aap kai court case kay liye hum sub duwa karaigai insha allah aap is case se jaldi nikal jaigai aap aap ki sub movie bahud best hoti aus main aap ka kam sub se ziyada pasand hai aap ki sup flims boxoffice per acha bussince karai inshaallah ilov to salman god tAKER TO SALMAN & PROTECT HIM I LOVE WORK ALSO IN COMEDY CRUSE MAIN JO OH COMMENT DAITAI HAI SOHAIL ALSO


    hi salman I am your one of the great fan.I wished all the best for your upcoming movies.

  • sita rai

    hi salman .

  • roma

    salman you rock. I love you and your movies

  • mariam

    hi salman av always admired n lykd da way u act…am abig fun of yours …….i love ua humanity nature……i wish da best of luck in the court case n i hope it will be dismised soon……..have alovely valentine.

  • Shagufa Temori

    I feel sad when We(Ur fans) can see u, get to know u, But u can’t see us personally, U have billions of fans thats why i don’t like to call my self ur fan i would rather call “Mai aapke door ke rishtedar” in some way i feel connected to u, I didn’t like u past 10 years, U drinking habit, ur cases, breakups, fights, U were truly bad boy, By over past 8 years u completely changed Being human foundation charity, helping new comers, u limit ur anger, u won’t get mad at media, U become so generous, Why can’t we meet our fans easily in this days, My father met u in 90s he said U were so down to earth, respectful person, But now fans can barely meet their fans, and Salman u also do not reply ur fans in Twitter Why? One day I surly meet U, U will see till then Take care, stay healthy, And do not forget to smile, U look good when u r smiling not when u r angry and plz control ur anger Smile!!!! Plz Send My letter to Salman Khan I’ll be sooooo happyyy If U do Guys Thanks a lot

    • prandai

      hi salman
      happy valentine to u
      be strong and pray
      god bless



  • roze

    hi salman i am not saying that i am your biggest fan, but i just wanted to tell you that To the world you may be only one person, but to me you are the world, i love u truly and always wish i could meet you, i have so many dreams of us meeting, god knows when they wil come true, but as they say distances create more love. But i will always pray for your success, your good health and that you always remain happy, wherever and whoever you are with, because love is not always about getting who you love its about wishing for the happiness of your loved one so on this valentines day i would like to say
    I love you

  • Trina Brady

    Hi Sallu! I am a fan from the United States. I am actually a new fan. A few months ago I was browsing through channels on my tv and happened upon the movie Marigold. You were the bright shining star of that film! I immediately went to IMDB online to find out your name so I could check out your other films. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how long and wonderful your career has been! Since then, I have spent as much time as possible watching your videos, interviews, and films. Unfortunately, being from America makes it hard for me to understand most of it because i do not speak your language, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying your work! I absolutely adore your dancing! If the video does not have English subtitles, I go online to look up the translation. It is obvious that you are a good person and care very deeply for your family and friends. Your charity ‘Being Human’ is a very worthy cause and I am sure many people, especially children, are being helped. You seem to have a specially place in your heart for children. Absolutely everything you do is just lovely! I wish you all the luck in your court cases and pray they end soon and you are cleared of all charges. Many blessings to you and hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful! Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place and to make sure there are big smiles on our faces!

  • Rohan

    Love is something that can’t be expressed by, i can’t tell how i feel about you.Anyway, you are my role model and an source of inspiration.your sense of humour has taught me the importants of life.this lesson is a special love gift for, i want to expand my valentine wish to salman khan ..only..salman.

  • lolo

    love hurts hurts alot you can hardly take it but youre love remove whatever pain when the sky rain i became afraid from that youre eyes doing the same love you it is small word its nothing you gave smile where ever you go you are the light inside the darkness because of you iam alife now all i want in this day you keep smiling because youre sadness make the eyes flow tears you are as you said (write) love

    • lolo

      sorry iam arabic an i take the time to look for wards and a didnt find them ايمان اخلاص

  • shefali

    hiiii salman just want to say that u ar fantastic….luv u very much!!!!!a very big fan of yours!!!!!

  • marjan

    hi my dear salam khan.i am in loved with you and will be forever.
    i am living in iran and send my pure and sincere love to You from this long distance, in this hope that you will accept it and believe that there is someone in Iran who her heart beats only for you .Finally i want tell you , you are a real big human and I spend my times just with love to see you and be around you .let me to see you,I wish you(my love)the best,i hope you always smile
    God blessing you
    happy valentine’s day

  • marjan

    hi my dear salman khan .happy valentine day
    i am in loved with you and will be forever so send you my pure and sincere love from long distance from Iran( where i am living) with this hope that you accept it and believe that there is one person who her hearth beats just for you and spend her times with this dream to see you closly and be with you,I love you,I appreciate you and your movement,I admire you as your kind heart and… Finally i wnat to thank you for such a beutifull love which I get from you and tell you i love you so much
    please let me to see you
    with the best wishes for you
    God blessing you

  • parth

    hi salman khan,how are you I am from Nairobi the capital
    city of Kenya please this is a request from parth I am 12
    years old I love you so much I have down load your wallpapers more than 100 please come to my home and I want to become singer the famouse singer here is my address
    post box 31366-00600
    ngara road,bano house,flat number 8