Write a love letter to Shahrukh Khan

Write a love letter to Shahrukh Khan

Send a love letter to Shahrukh Khan by pasting it in the comments section. If you win, your letter will be published on Bollywoodlife.com on Valentines Day. Don’t forget to leave your email id at the end of the letter, so we can inform you when your letter gets published, and, of course, we will send your beloved star your mail id, so you could get lucky and get a very special email!

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  • jushina

    srk has ben my valentine since i was born.
    i louv you shah rukh!
    my only desire has been to meet him which was completed when he came to australia to shoot for chak de !

    please come to australia again!

    i love you <3xoxoxoxoxox

  • sumit singh

    srk has been a most favourates of mine since i have watched the song from movie “deewana” in my childhood….the song was “koi na koi chahiye pyaar krne wala”….from that day till now i am a great fan of you “srk”…in younger age most of the guys nearly spent time watching girls but i am devoted only to you “srk”,i just wanna to meet you at once in my life..if you would read this plzzzzzz meet me….i am uyr greatest fan sir…a lot of love to you..byeeeeeeeee…!!!!!!!!

  • simran

    shahrukhkhan is a word that brings peace to one’s heart . he is the best .i love u from the time u came in bollywood .and the special thing that u have is your smile,eye’s,charm and everything. alway’s keep smiling i are there for u in your bad and good .happy valentine’s day . lot’ of loveeeeeeeeee from your dearest fan simran . love you srk

    • sahar

      Hi Dear king khan,
      I watched some of your movies despite that I don’t know hindi languages, but they were nice. what you did that people are madly in love with you? This is a big question Can some one be like you with out being movie stars???

  • Ramona Khan

    Hello dear Shah Rukh Khan. I am writing you from Bulgaria. Years are not important although I’m roughly your age. I speak very little English, but writing not to say if I have somewhere mistakes please be excused.
    I can not find words to express the admiration I feel for You. Thank God there are still people like you. You are a rare person so we admire his heart and soul – a wonderful husband, a loving father and a perfect actor . I know you’re a workaholic but my advice to You slow down the pace and spend more time with your wonderful family you created it. You have such a beautiful and wonderful wife – Gauri Khan that and also really like and admire and your two little angels Aryan and Suhana Khan. Every day I pray to God for You and Your beautiful family – You are alive and very much happy all. And You want to have success in your career and a lot of luck in life. Let your fans around the world are becoming more and more their love and my love to give you an incentive to do more valuable and beautiful films to come. Thanks for everything You do for us, your fans. Success and long life I wish You and your family.

  • Ali reza

    Hello dear sha rukh khan,iam writing you from iran
    I love you and i wish you the best
    You are the king of bollywood and world

  • feriel cherif

    Dear Sir,

    May I thank you for being the person you are? It may sound “bizarre”, but knowing about you, it goes without saying! Thank you for your unconditional commitment, for your unlimited kindness, for your showering love. It is rare these days that a person sticks to his morals in such a hostile world. Let alone if he has been blessed with fame, money and beauty along his journey. However, you, Sir, have been one of the rare exceptions remaining unchanged. You have cherished the wife you adored long before it all began, you have submerged your children with affection you lacked when being a child, you have been faithful to your old friends, you have stood for your beliefs no matter the hardships you struggled. Your honesty, your modesty, your loyalty, your truthfulness have all captivated my heart and those of millions besides me. Not to mention your outstanding talent, in front of which, none can remain untouched. For all these reasons, and for more, I think I may present you my deepest sincere thanks. Remain the same, Sir! Hold on being The Human before being The star. That is what distinguishes you. May God, all mighty, be with you and surround you with his love, mercy and forgiveness! May He guide your steps for your best! May He protect you and those you care for! May He fill your days with delight, peace and laughter!

  • EK

    The world can see you have made a difference in the film industry. I have always admired you and you certainly have intense talents.
    I bet people have learnt a lot from you as you have such a profound impact on other people.
    From you I have learnt that anyone can have success in life; you just have to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. Your success speaks for itself.
    From you I’ve learnt confidence, courage, wisdom, motivation, inspiration and unconditional love.
    My prayers are always with you. May Allah give you good health, success, patience, happiness and strength to deal with any situation in life.
    Love you Always


    Laying quietly on my bed,
    not a care in the world.
    Feeling the dark embracing me,
    feeling your love surround me.
    I feel content with my life,
    I feel happiness in my soul.
    Cause I have given all I am,
    with not a care in the world.

    The feeling you evoke,
    will transcend, never die,
    until that final day
    when I close my eyes.
    Not in sadness not in fear,
    to the darkness I will succumb,
    like a lover i will embrace,
    with not a care in the world,
    with not a care in the world.

  • anonym

    love and honoured always your woman and your children, is always open and honest, then your live is happily and contently…. happy valentines day

  • Kifah

    Srk I really don’t know were to start ok here is one I wish I get selected
    So u can see what I’m about to say here
    Srk ur very important part of my life I grew up watching u
    I will never forget when I first see u on screen it was koyla from that day till today U still have the same affect on me when I see onscreen I liked a lot of other actors from all over the world but none is as charismatic as u r there is something about u that makes me when see u more or talk about u with my friends I use to see u in my dreams u use to make my heart skip a beat but now lil bit of change I find that someone who makes my heart skip a beat but without me knowing u become a part of me although U don’t know me ur like a family to me u were with me from the day I saw onscreen I never seen any other actor who I can compare with u ur truly one of a kind
    The prove to my craziness is I can watch anything that have u in it all day n all night I can talk about u forever I fight with everyone for u I cant bear to read something bad written about u even my now 4yrs old daughter learn ur name way back she loves u a lot she says mama plz I wanna Srk
    Im very happy for u how far u have come ur wonderful actor n wonderful person I pray for u to go far n get anything u desire in this world
    I wish u n ur family to be happy forever if u by any chance read this plz reply if u can so I know u atleast know that I exits n that will be the happiest day I’m ur number one fan
    I wish u all the happiness in life

    From ur number 1 fan kifah love u Srk

  • Zahra

    Namaste Shah Rukh Khan Jee

    I’m a iranian girl from germany. I hope u are well My Zindegi
    Since I saw u in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for over 10 years, I’ve fallen in love with you directly. ♥


    ♥ I wish I can see u once.♥
    I’ve always loved u and will always love u. ♥
    U are my King of Heart ♥
    I Love You So Much Totally,Completely,Madly. ♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥ S ♥ H ♥ A ♥ H ♥♥♥ R ♥ U ♥ K ♥ H ♥♥♥ K ♥ H ♥ A ♥ N ♥♥♥

    I wish u and Gauri a very happy Valentine’s Day.

    Take Care

  • umesh jatwa

    my life my world r u .esa too sabhi kahate hai ki me aapka sabse bada fan huu but muze nahi pata hai ki me aapka sabse bada fan hu but muze iitna pata ki me me uun sab fan,s me se sabse zada pyar karta huu ,,,,,,,
    aap muzse kabhi milo na milo paar me aap ke roz duuaa karuga ki aap zindagi me hamesha happy rahe aapke sare dard muze mile ….

  • aishah

    Hai King! Happy valentine’s day!! You dont know how much I love and admire you! You are my first crush till now! Ur smile brings a lot of happiness in my heart! And the love u showed for your family is really what makes you a real GENTKEMAN! You are not only being human but more than that! I learn how to love from you! Your attitude and the way you lead your life is simply awesome! You are a epitome of Romance!
    Me tumse pyarr karthi hu shah!
    Lots of love from Malaysia :-)

  • vishnudas k


  • mahjabeen fatima

    shahrukh ji I am one of ur gr8 fan I really luv u sooo much
    u r a mentor to me ,I wish u get success every step of life n stay healthy ,happy with family.Inshallah one day I will meet u its my dream…I luv ur acting u r sooooo swt dashing,awesome with wonderful smile…Happy valentine”s day..U R honest hardworking, simple, adorable ,cute I wish every human being must follow u.u was the King khan ,u r di king khan n one n only will b a king khan luvvvvvvvvvv u
    Eagerly wa8ng 4 ur movies..

    Mahjabeen fatima,hyderabad India

  • fatima

    SRK sweet rocking king,I luv u jnu ………………………

  • mahjabeen fatima

    hame tumse pyar kitna ye hum nahi jante mager jee nahi sakte tumhare bina
    tumhe koi aur dekhe to jalta hai dil
    badi mushkilo se phr sambhalta hai dil….


  • Abubakar Adam

    Good day king khan, hope you are doing good and healthy and happy valentine, i am so excited to have the opputunity of writing tis letter to A man who won the billion heart of people and am lucky to be among that lovely people, who rilly appreciate your talent and hardworking,and i would like to greet the great director MR Karan johar hope he is fine, and at the end i would like to thank bollywoodlife for giving me this opputunity, WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST KING OF BOLLYWOOD,lot of love .

  • Aryan Dixit

    The King khan is the one and only best reacivers of wishes in every year’s Valentine day that occured to wish your love ones.Srk is on a trip to Gulf-state Muskat in this Valentine to entertain the fans of his in the Gulf-states like Muskat and Dubai.We hope the fans cheer for him well and give him a great time to enjoy with them and make them his fans forever.Every Valentine is special for him because he is a man of great charm and loves romance which is the main topic of every valentine.All his fans are died on their eyes to see him once in their life and make it really an embarring milestone for them.He is just the Valentine’s king and charms everyone from the bottom of his heart.

  • Rav

    Hi Shahrukh khan happy valentines day and hope you had a wonderful valentines. Gotta say your an amazing actor , love watching every film that your in. Your acting is superb , every emotional film I watch of you’rs it makes me emotional too I don’t know why. Your acting of the film feels real , your one of my favourite actors from day one . Love u loads from the one and only your biggest fan Rav in Uk. Il keep supporting you all the way until I die and I wish you all best with the films and hope all your dreams come true because you truly deserve it . Love you loads take care xxx

  • AaJiZ.. K.K..

    Hi IaM AaJiZ.. Dear Shahrukh Khan Aapki ActinG buht Achi He.. I Luv y0ur ActinG Forever Forever Forever.. Happy Valin’stineday.. And hum Apke Sath He.. Duniya Apko jo bi Kahein.. MaGr Hum Apke Sath He.. Forever F0rever..



  • Qais

    i can just say that he is like God for me

  • Umakanta Nayak

    I love you SRK & I want, u make one more picture like veer-zara for world’s valentine day.

  • saggy mondal


  • mazharul islam

    jab dil totta hai,tab koy nehy hota
    jab dil rota hai,tab osch khoda bhi apna nehy hota
    jab dil totta hai,tab koy nehy dikhta
    jab dil rota hai,tab osch khoda bhi nehy sonta
    a kayanat kiya dekha hai,apna ne main kiya bat hai
    a kayanat kiya dekha hai,darde dil ka kiya bat hai
    i write this for srk sir,not for price,i want to communicate with srk sir,i hava writing quality of things such story

  • AQSA


  • lizzy

    Hi my hearthrob shahrukh, my name is lizzy i live in dallas texas i”m a biggggggg fan of u….i love u soooooo much hope to meet with u one day….. i can’t express my love for u and i pray that God continue to bless u, u a a star. my regards to ur family and happy val to u…..
    i love u sweetheart
    lizzy fro dallas texas

  • silva

    helloo my King Khan
    Im a big fan from Albania i want to wish you happy valentine with your wife and may allah brings you special days happines
    life the life because you deserv it more than another
    God bless you because you are perfect <3 with love silva

    • silva

      Im a big fan from Albania i want to wish you the best thing of the world with your wife and family, friends and may allah brings you special days happines
      life the life because you deserv it more than another
      God bless you because you are perfect <3 with love silva

    • silva

      im a big fan from Albania i want to wish you the best of world with your wife and family and may allah brings you special days happines
      life the life because you deserv it more than another
      God bless you because you are perfect <3 with love silva

  • fahad yousaf

    helo sir,SRK.i hope u will b fine.sir aap se ek request he k aap man mougi naam ki film kiyon ni bnaty.i think that,s very soutable on aap

  • arif khan

    Sharukh sir i am 9 years old i have seen all of ur movies on youtube i had saw u live in bangladesh and austrilia i am the biggest fan of u.good day sir khodafez.