Yash Chopra avoids a clash between ‘London Ishq’ and ‘Ishq In Paris’

Preity Zinta is relieved that the Yash Raj camp is looking for a new title for their Shahrukh Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer

Preity Zinta, who has been missing from the big screen for a long time now, is all set to make a comeback with Ishq In Paris. The film is very important to PZ, and she was quite nervous when she found out that Yash Chopra’s much-talked about Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma starrer was going to be titled London Ishq. The title London Ishq sounded too similar to Preity’s home production!

With all the buzz created by London Ishq because of its banner and huge star cast, Preity was afraid that her movie might go unnoticed, despite being released before London Ishq. But just when the Zinta girl was going to have a nervous breakdown, Yash Raj Films cleared the air and announced that London Ishq wasn’t the title of their choice. And they were still contemplating what the final title would be.

Whether it was the Shahrukh-Preity friendship or whether it was Preity’s association with Yash Raj Films that got the two productions out of this mess, is a matter of speculation. But whatever the reason, we are sure PZ is heaving a sigh of relief. Otherwise the bubbly girl’s newly done-up dimples would have turned into worry lines, no?