Yash Chopra’s untitled film teaser: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma fall in love

Yash Chopra’s untitled film teaser: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma fall in love

The veteran filmmaker is making a comeback with his take on love that hits the theatres this Diwali

For the new generation, director Yash Chopra is best known for his romantic films starring Shahrukh Khan. His last outing, the Shahrukh-Preity Zinta starrer Veer Zaara was highly appreciated and became a big box office hit. After that he got busy producing movies under his banner Yash Raj Films. That is the reason we were excited when we heard that the veteran director is making a comeback as a director after an eight year break and that too with Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma playing the lead roles.

The film still doesn’t have a title, but the first teaser came out yesterday alongside the release of Ek Tha Tiger. The teaser mainly takes us through the journey of Chopra senior and highlights the best cinematic moments of his films. Perhaps the makers are trying to connect with the younger lot who may not have seen the maestro’s older films. Only the last 30 seconds show what the Diwali release is all about. It seems to be a winning combination – Shahrukh, Katrina and Anushka in a film directed by the grand master of love. Lyricist Gulzar and AR Rahman have also come together for this romantic outing.

We loved whatever little we saw in the teaser. Watch it and tell us if you like it too!

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  • Me

    bakwas I’m fan of SRK bt his romance r getting pakao :/ Annoying.. I hate Anushka + Katrina.. Gona b flop. Want kajol wid srk man <3

    • Tayyab Qureshi

      its nice but i think YRF should signed Priyanka with Shahrukh or Priyanka & Katrina.Anushka i think not suitable

    • taruna joshi

      hhheheehe ya ri8 kajol is evergreen darling of mine……

      • ram

        a raha hai apna sher ajay devgan dewali ko son of sardar me

        ahuk han ka band bajane aur usko uski auokat batane

        • manoranjan

          Both Sharukh and salman have different identity and style with the audience. we shall fool ourselves if we compare both

          • prajjwal

            You r Right,manoranjan

  • youn

    YE zaroor is saal ka big hit hoga sharuk s rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i lve sharukh

  • Jishan Ali

    YE zaroor is satabdi ka sabse badi hit movie hoga sharuk s rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … “MOVIE OF THE 100 YEARS”

    • rishant

      sharkh ha ha ha yaar ye actor hai kya…..he emerge as d bggst under of d 21st centry……to shahrukh….learn acting from ranbir kapoor, hritik roushan,irfan khan,randeep huda ..n many more in thelist

  • Viju

    Srk is super flop. Thats why yash raj signed salman first time, for ek tha tiger.

    • rahul

      u stupid fellow… i think u dnt knw dat ek tha tiger ws first offered to srk …. srk ne itni stupid movie ko karne se mana kr dia tbhi salman ko movie mili….. ek tha tiger is d biggest flop of d year… such a pathetic movie frm a pathetic actor/human….

      • afreen

        u r right rahul

      • pachee

        hey stupid rahul , whole country is accepted ETT u r telling itsbiggest flop, go man check your head first .action movie don 2 ka life time se sallu ka ETT 5days businessis more .

      • sarifa

        Hey where are u living – Kabir Khan and Yash Chopra denied that the movie was offered to SRK. All over the news that the film was written especially for Salman Khan – seen the Box Office results – stop trying to stand up for a lie and believe the truth and for God sake there is no comparison SRK would have flop that movie – the overseas market has gone over the top with Ek Tha Tiger – SRK has never had four straight 100 crore films in his life – no matter how much u hate Salman Khan – he still has the biggest fan following in India and overseas – SRK has fallen somewhat – many reasons for it especially in USA – today it is Salman Khan, SRK tomorrow new stars will rise – learn to accept that life changes it would be a dull world if it didn’t.

        • Iza

          sarifa, go recheck your facts. both yash ji & kabir already made the statement that ETT is first offered to SRK. But the script is later change to fir Salman Khan acting ability. I believe to ‘simplify’ the script because he’s gonna need it.

        • Mid

          Yaapp that shows ur movie watching knowledge u sluttt…Calling crappy LALLU MONKEY an actor is a disgrace to Bollywood and Indian Cinema…

        • kamal

          you, I think, are living in the world of plastic reality where plastic beauty or fake popularity and show-off standard deserves to be best……..But the fact never can be put behind it ultimately comes front………. Uncountable fact is Salman Khan is like a flood, none knows when it comes and disappears……Shahrukh is stream…..keeps flowing always.

  • mariam

    I just adore shahrukh khan and if shahrukh will not do romance,who will do

  • md rasel

    its all time true…SRK.is the king of romance,no one compare to him this world…holl world,girl,boys…little child like srk,to his natural acting,he is the main base of indian film.salman khan is the big actor of bollywood,its no neeed to compare to srk & salman & amir…they r all great actor of the world……//

    • naushad

      dost hollywood movs nahi dekhte lagta …vahan hai actor
      here in bllywood dere is no one excpt few but offcrs srk,salman not iv d list

  • mairaj husain

    london ishq will beat salman’s ek tha tiger. S.R.K will rock

  • Rafiullah

    the movie will be all time block buster

  • shashwattoshu

    yash raj banner-d biggest banner…salman is realy lucky…but yash chopra…?? biggest name itslf….no one other than srk cn get him back…for direction….

  • shashwattoshu

    20 years se salman ne beintehan mehnat ki…pta ni kitni flop bhi ki bichare ne…aaj jb vo 2-3 sal se hit ho rha to isme bura hi kya h…he deserve success…he iz idol for every flop star…apreciate him for his work…

    • taruna joshi

      u r ri8 dear…………..

  • crystalalena

    waiting for the movie..srk rocks.he is the best..love him.

  • shabbir

    i hope ya move hit ho gye……

  • pari

    SRK is the best actor and a real super star he is better than sallu and is best actor in bollywood ever…this movie would be superduperb
    hit….watch it!!!!!!!!!

  • Hameed

    SRK is the best actor and a real super star he is better than sallu and is best actor in bollywood ever…this movie would be superduperb
    hit….watch it!!!!!!!!!

  • Debasish Panda

    May be before release movie hit. becoz good chemistry with gulzar shabh, raheman shabh and along with all 3 actress.

    • mbarakzeb

      best of movie

  • Ashmita

    SRK is best suited for romantic films. Barring chak de India and Swades, i only like him in romantic roles.
    This movie should be good since Yash Chopra has directed it. Would be interesting to watch the On screen chemistry btw Katrina and SRK.

  • nilesh

    BOTH ARE BEST………….

    • Veer

      …true..but SRK is abit better ;)

      • sarifa

        Load of crap – his age is blatant on his face since he became bollywood new bad boy – check why he is again in news for wrong reasons

        • Mid

          Everyone knows whoes the Bad Boy of Bollywood there is only one Criminal who should be in Jail thats Lallu Monkey..Now his Brother also has started to hit peoples with car…Donnow how many innocent ppls may be dead because of lallu Mnokey and his bros..And more over all some stupids Monkeyistic fans r still supporting a Criminal..Disgustinggggggg

  • swapnil tanode

    i am waiting this movies…….

  • Naikirfan17@yahoo.com

    Srk is not only the king of romance he is also the king of bollywood salman is movies are copy srk is real actor

    • Preet

      King khan is back

      • emraan

        srk cooming soon

    • kamal

      You are true dude

  • Preet

    King khan is back with another superb movie

  • Sarifa

    SRK shld not play the role as a lover next to Kat he looks more like a grandfather in this role. He should play the part of an older man falling for a younger girl – his face is too etched with lines and very drawn and no amount of makeup will change that, he does not have the charisma anymore like Ranbir, Shahid, Salman he no longer rocks. He needs also to stop calling himself king, self made kings usually fall and fall hard.

    • pedram

      Hi dear sarifa
      I am little agree with u but only a little because we should look to playing role of person not to his face I know face of an actor is an important thing for him but my idea is that playing role and technical moves of one actor is first thing to say someone he is king or not!!
      Please say me who can play role as the best as shahrukh in Don2,Ra one,My name is Khan,Rab ne banna Di jodi,Don,kabhi alvida naa kehna,….
      Can u say me my friend who can play his role as good as him?
      In my idea the best actor of bollywood is shahrukh and the best actress of bollywood is preity zinta.

    • Mid

      Shut ur filthy Mouth u slut…If u dont have an idea of Bollywood just Shut Up…Comparing ranbir,Shahid aand LALLU MONKEY is an insult to KING KHAN…THE KING KHAN who rules the hearts all over the world…

    • kamal

      Burning inside with the fear that Shahrukh will keep record or what??? ……The fact is that SRK is the only self made man and man of character…Concerning acting capacity, none can beat him…

  • Iza

    i dont know why Salman or Amir Khan fan is really insecure everytime SRK film is coming out. Maybe because they know, that SRK make epic movie that will make a mark in hindi cinema history. At least Amir has made Lagaan and 3 idiots. Still waiting for Salman mark in hindi cinema. He has over 20 years to do that, still have to wait I guess. hurm…

  • rockstar

    ku6 bhi kaho….!!!!!!
    magar SRK is the best..

    and he looking dhasu …

  • Aslam

    Srk is best.he is next movie looking very fresh i think this movie will cross 300 crore because Srk is dad of all actor.

    • kamal

      completely do agree

  • kamal

    Whatever burning spirits speak or have their opinion against SRK,his new movie gonna be blockbuster for sure.

    No matter what nonsensical thins they talk about…..let them burn and die with the fire they kindled inside themselves…Its not necessary to make his film hit….it is hit coz it comprises those qualities…..

    My best wishes are always with SRK…King of Bolleywood.

  • vishal sharma

    shahrukh sir, you are looking fabulous in the trailor and iam very excited to watch the film.

  • qasim

    jthj not beat ett…………. dhakta hai kya hota hai