Yash Sinha: We don’t have a strategy for Nach Baliye 6!

The very romantic and so in love couple manages to show off the chemistry of newlyweds and the comfort of old-time lovers with ease on the new season of the dance reality show…

The actor duo met and fell in love during the TV show Teen Bahuraaniyaan. They played the married couple Rohit-Bindiya in reel life and soon went on to become Yash-Amrapali in real life when they got married in November 2012. We first saw the camaraderie between the two on stage during the launch of Nach Baliye Season 6 and had to talk to them about the show, switching genres on TV and what they feel about the dance competition….

What is your strategy to move ahead in the show?

Yash Sinha: We don’t have a strategy for the show because in our opinion, we have a very seasoned audience to cater to. They will be seeing the sixth season of the show and I don’t think any theatrics will work.

Amrapali: I think honesty… We want to give our honest performances and show our real selves on the stage because like he said, the audience is seasoned. Even the judges have seen a lot of couples dance. So our effort will be only to put in honest hard work.

Where do you see yourselves in the competition with the other jodis that are participating in the show?

Yash Singh: You know, to be honest, we don’t know. Everyone is great, really great at what they do. But, we will do whatever is in our hands to go all the away to the top.

Amarapali: The basic element of the show is dance. We will try our best to master the techniques and at the same time showcase the genuine love between us. Hopefully that will get us to the top!

Amrapali, now that you’re doing Nach Baliye 6, where does Qubool Hai stand? Will you be quitting the show?

Amrapali: Definitely not! Both are my commitments – in fact, Qubool Hai was offered to me long before Nach Baliye 6, but both have equal priority for me.

Do you think you will be able to do justice to both shows?

Amrapali: I think yes. The production house for Qubool Hai is very supportive. They understand that I’m doing Nach Baliye 6. They understand that I have to go for rehearsals and so let me come late and go early for shootings. It’s a nice balance that I have been able to create because of the production house’s support.

Where do you both see yourselves after the show, professionally speaking?

Yash Sinha: I have been doing very serious kinds of roles, be it Bhagyavidhata or Afsar Bitiya. Even Amrapali has been largely doing fiction shows, where of late, she has been offered negative characters. So this time the audience will see a completely new side to us. A more fun, more romantic and lighter side.

Amrapali: The format of this show is totally different from what we have been doing.

Yash Sinha: I think this show will also give us an image makeover and the audience will see us in a completely new light. It’s the biggest platform for dancing, something that our audience has never seen us doing. So I’m sure people will also think, ‘Oh, these people can dance too!’

Do you think people will accept you in the new avatar?

Amrapali: I think definitely. See, because we are actors. Unless we get an opportunity, we can’t show the viewers our fun side. I’m sure people will like our new avatars because they will see that we are genuinely having fun. Add our chemistry to the fun and dance – I’m sure the audience would like to see our chemistry off screen!