Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Ishita promises Pihu that she will never leave her

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) telling Raman (Karan Patel) that Mrs. Bhalla is crying a lot as you shouted on her. He says yes, I did wrong. She asks him to go and apologize to her. He says will I not take a stand for my wife, mummy taught this to me. She says son is son, bahu is always bahu, you have shouted on her and must apologize. He says fine, next time, if she does this, I will shout again. She says no, go and talk to her. He says Papa is not agreeing, and even mummy… He goes. She smiles and goes to see.

Raman sees Mrs. Bhalla crying and asks her not to cry. She asks shall I jump with happiness that my son shouted at me, you insulted me in front of your wife. Ishita comes and looks on. He says you think I can shout on you, I was acting, Ishita helped in getting Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) back, so I had to respect her, you are mum, she is wife, I stayed without you for a year. She asks really, but seeing you, Ishita will also shout on me then. He says I will hold her hair plaits and drop her to her Appa’s house. Ishita asks what, you will kick me out of the house for mummy ji. He says no, are you mad. Mrs. Bhalla says you mean you will make me leave. He says when did I say that?

Ishita says this is the limit, you just said, no true love for mummy or me. Mrs. Bhalla cries. He looks on. They both laugh and say we have fooled you. He says I am already worried, what’s wrong with you. Mrs. Bhalla pulls his ears. He says sorry, I will never shout on you both. Ishita says for me or anyone, you will never shout on mummy ji. He promises. Mrs. Bhalla blesses him. He says Papa is still annoyed. She says I know he will take some time, he knows you both did this to get Pihu back, he is happy seeing Pihu.
Adi (Abhishek Verma) gets Pihu back. He takes her bags. He thinks maybe Pihu went upstairs. He sees Pihu sitting away and crying. Adi asks why you are crying. She says I have hurt mumma, but I have to stay with Papa and Ishi Maa. Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) said Ishi Maa did a lot for me, I want to give her a chance, am I being unfair with mumma? She says once mumma told Vidyut (Sid Makkar) that I am not her daughter, I got angry, but she kissed me and my anger went away. I have hurt her a lot today, if I hurt Ishi Maa, will she be upset also. He says no and hugs her. He says you did not hurt anyone, everyone loves you, don’t worry, I will make everything fine, smile now. He tickles her. She smiles. He hugs her.

Romi (Aly Goni) is angry and says it is a small thing, and they make it a sensation. Simmi (Shireen Mirza) asks what happened. Romi says everyone is messaging me about Ishita and Vidyut, how can they talk about Ishita’s character, they don’t know her. Simmi pacifies him. Mihika (Avantika Hundal) comes from yoga class and say people spoiled my mood. Romi says see, that’s why I was angry, I am not mad. Simmi says I know, even mumma and Amma are not going out of home, they are also stressed, why spoil their mood. Mihika says its good Raman and Ishita came back and this thing… Simmi says we can do something to lighten everyone’s mood. Mihika gives kulfi idea. We did not celebrate since many days, Romi get the car, and I will change and come. Simmi says I will make Ananya ready; she has to go for her friend’s birthday party.

Raman goes office. Mihir says Ishita would have told you what happened at home since a year, I will tell you about office. Raman say I just came, don’t say now. Mihir says I will also go on leave, I will get files. Raman calls Vidyut and asks where you are. Vidyut says sorry, I have seen the media reports, its ordinary thing for me, new gossip every day, being a celebrity is a curse. Raman says seriously, where are you. Vidyut says I am in Delhi now. Raman asks him to come home. Vidyut says your family will beat me. Raman says I will manage, come for dinner, they will know you are such a nice man, trust me. Vidyut agrees.

Simmi gets Ananya ready and Ananya thanks her. Pihu looks on. Simmi asks Ananya to finish her homework. She asks Pihu to come; I will make your hairstyle, she says. Pihu says no. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to come; I will make your hair. Pihu takes comb and oil, and runs to Ishita. She says Ananya and I are going for birthday party; I got ready, is everything fine. Ishita smiles and says you want me to make your hair. She praises Pihu and makes her hair. She tells her a childhood story that Amma used to oil her hair a lot, so she ran away and cut her hair, Amma got annoyed, no one was ready to talk to me. Pihu says then Amma would have scolded you. Ishita says no, Amma also got her hair cut; I was shocked. Amma said if you can shock me, I can give you double shock, and oiled my short hair. Amma is too much, all mummas like that prove their point. Pihu smiles. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai plays… Ishita makes her hair plaits. Pihu asks will you ever leave me. Ishita says no, why. Pihu says mumma said you left me before, and now mumma also left me, will you leave me… Ishita says I will never leave you, sorry for whatever happened before. Ishita thinks of Pihu. She asks her to go now, and not worry. She says Pihu got so insecure, we will not let wrong happen with her.

Ishita talks to Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) and laughs. Aaliya says Adi was on phone, then I got to know he was talking to Ruhi, I was insecure, he was ignoring me, I thought there is someone… Ishita says some insecurity should be there. They hear Simmi on phone asking the man not to pity her and think she is weak, if she is single. Ishita smiles seeing Simmi and says it looks good to see Simmi confident and happy. Aaliya worries about the mystery person sending gifts. Ishita goes to help Simmi. Simmi asks her to help in cooking. Aaliya thinks to ask watchman first and then tell Ishita.

The delivery guy gives bouquet for Simmi. Aaliya catches him and asks who gave this, tell me, else I will complain to police. Ishita calls out Aaliya and thinks she went without saying. The guy runs. Aaliya runs after him and asks why you are running. She notes the car number and says there is something wrong. The guy says I will not go there again, that girl caught me. The mystery man bribes him. The guy agrees to do more deliveries.