Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Anita Hassanandani to shed her goody image

Ekta Kapoor’s show has a new entry in the cast and it’s not exactly a positive role

Anita Hassanandani, the czarina’s blue eyed girl is back in daily soaps. Even though the actor is not playing the lead role, Anita’s character is pivotal to the script, inform our sources.The actor who tied the knot with entrepreneur Rohit Reddy in October, will be playing Karan Patel’s first wife – Shagun. Coming from a small town, Shagun always aspired to be a model some day, but circumstances compelled her to marry and bear a kid. Although she has no affection for her husband or child, she maintains a close connection to reap monetary benefits whenever possible.

Anita claims that her role is not a negative character, but is definitely grey shaded – a line that has become a catchphrase for every antagonist before the initiation of their character, no? This is definitely a first for the actor after playing the goody two shoes in most of her shows. Guess it was time to make the change.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which is inspired from Manju Kapoor’s novel, Custody, stars Karan and Divyanka Tripathi in lead roles.