Yeh Hain Mohabbatein: Divyanka Tripathi irritated with Karan Patel?

Looks like their on screen nok-jhok is actually rubbing off in reality too

Yeh hain Mohabbatein actors Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) are at logger heads even off screen. Apparently so irritated is Raman’s on screen biwi with him that she has issued an ultimatum to her hubby. Divyanka has asked Karan to quit smoking. While ‘Smoking Kills,’ warning sign on every cigarette packet has rarely stopped the smokers to quit Divyanka is literally a more beautiful face to promote the ‘quit smoking’ campaign.

Divyanka was so bothered by Patel’s smoking habit that she asked the actor to quit. This telly beauty in an interview said, “Yes, I requested Karan (Patel) not to smoke on sets as it affects my body and it is indeed very harmful for everyone. Earlier I had throat infection due to passive smoking and it lead to my voice getting choked. Hence, on my request nobody smokes those cancer sticks on sets.”

It’s good to know that Patel is being helped by Divyanka to quit this harmful habit. The rumors earlier suggested that the two co-starts didn’t get along and hardly interacted with each other on the sets. With the latest development on the sets looks like the two have made up. We wish Karan Patel all the best for his mission to quit smoking.

And is Ishita Maa aka Divyanka succeeds in this mission, she can soon join a certain Ranbir Kapoor to create more social awareness, hai na BollywoodLifers?