Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 February 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Naira cheers up her dad on Valentine’s Day

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naksh and Naitik are packing stuff for the wedding. Daadi also guides the men. Naira takes a survey of her home and gets emotional. Sone chidaiyaa plays. Baisaa gives her a bunch of keys and tells her to take a set of keys. She says give me the other bunch. She says this ritual means that Naira is going to get a new home but has to manage relations. Mishti says will Naira’s relations with Singhania’s end forever. Baisaa says relations do not end like this. She says come and stay whenever you want. Rajshri is also emotional. She does her tikka. Naira falls at the threshold of her home and cries saying that she does not want to leave. She hugs Naitik and says I do not want to go anywhere.

Naitik consoles her and takes her out of the home. She cries at her mom’s footsteps and Naksh comes and picks her up. Naira says I will remember my family forever. She promises that she will always keep relations alive. Gayu escorts her out. They board the wedding bus. Kartik and the Goenka’s arrive in cars. He is very happy. The Singhania’s sing wedding songs. Priyanka and Akhilesh tease Kartik about not being able to spend Valentine’s with Naira. Naira says Gayu we came today and spoiled my Valentine’s Day with Kartik. He sees her in bus and gives her flying kisses. She reciprocates his affection. Then, she tells him to drive carefully. Kartik says I will make this day extra special for you Naira. Karishma says two functions have created issues. Daadimaa says we should not bend before them at all times. I will not stay quiet if they want something untoward.

Kartik’s Daadi tells Swarna that they are coming in simple AC bus. She says they could have hired cars or come in a vanity van. I would never travel like this, she says. Daadi says I refused to go with them. She says we must maintain distance. Daadi says Naksh is too interfering and the family has given him many liberties. Naksh is going with the tempo. Naitik calls and asks if everything is ok. He says I will manage everything. Naitik says we will halt at dhaba and you meet us there. They reach the dhaba. Manish and Daadi are uncomfortable. They tease Naira that she is missing Kartik. Kuhu comes and gives bouquets to Rajshri saying Vishwambhar has sent it.

Kirti yells at Aditya for drinking and driving. She says there are kids in the car. He tells her to be quiet and let him enjoy. Naitik sees the flowers and says everything reminds me of you, Akshara. Naira comes and gives him a Valentine’s Day gift. Kartik’s Daadi criticises the arrangements. Daadi Maa says for a cup of tea, Naitik cannot book an entire hotel. Surekha worries about Luv and Kush but Daadi tells her not to worry. She says he is a responsible man. Manish says I will go and sit in the car. Swarna says please do not do this. He says I cannot drink water here. She says do not reject everything. The waiters bring organic tea for Daadi and everyone gets pleased with the arrangements made by Naksh. Mishti says I want to use the washroom. Gayu asks Naira if she wants to go to the loo. She goes. They take her to Kartik to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He wishes her.