Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episode 11th October 2016 Written Update: Naman gets arrested, Kartik forgives Naira.

The Episode starts with Naitik (Vishal Singh) and Akshara (Hina Khan) deciding not to forgive Naman for this crime. Naitik says your relation with Singhania family ends here, if Karishma is not involved with you, I promise she will stay as daughter in our house, officer take him away. Naman asks him to listen. Officers take Naman away. Naitik and Akshara hug the children. Naitik is sitting alone and thinking about everything happened, Naira (Shivangi Joshi) makes a smiley and gives coffee to Naitik. She hugs Naitik and says I know it won’t be easy for you to forget this, but you have to forget this, else we can’t see you like this. He says I know but it will take time for it to heal. He says it’s tough to forget the pain given by our own loved ones. Naira says we all are with you; it’s good you are fine and safe. Naitik says yes, it’s because of Akshara’s prayers, I m worried for Devyaani and Bau ji, when they know Naman’s truth, what will happen, I m scared. Naira says yes, they are already sad and missing you and mumma is not strong as she shows, she is weak, you have seen she is glad that she found you, but she is deeply hurt by Naman’s cheat, time is the best healer.

She asks him to take medicines. She feeds him sweets. She asks him to talk to Akshara, we always had company with us, but mumma was alone without you. He says I can understand. Akshara hears them. He says Akshara saved me. Naira says she reached you, this is called love. Naira hugs Naitik. Akshara takes their picture. Naira asks Naitik to take the chocolate for Akshara. She says I love you Papa, you have come back, there can’t be any happier thing than this, I don’t want anything else now, Lord don’t separate us now, don’t take our test anymore.

Gayu (Kanchi Singh) brings medicine for Kartik (Mohsin Khan). He thanks her for aid. He asks is Naitik and Akshara fine. She says yes, and ties the bandage. She says Naitik went to Akshara. He says I have seen such love just in films, they have a great bond, and such love is only got by fate. She says I wish we also get such life partner. He says yes, I have thought my married life will be like that, he tells her to take rest and thanks for medicines. He goes. She prays that Kartik and her pairing are like Naitik and Akshara, write our names in each other’s fate. Naira comes and looks for Kartik. She asks Gayu about Kartik. Gayu says he went to his room, don’t disturb him, let him take rest and talk to him tomorrow.

Naitik and Akshara spend some time. She sees the mark on his wrist and cries. She makes him wear his kada and watch. He says I think this watch did not like our separation and united us. She says love has power, when I saw the watch, I understood you are here and will meet me soon. He says when I got to know you are here, I told Naman that you will reach me, I told you we will come Zurich, we did not know we will come this way; we should thank Zurich that we are united. He hugs her and holds her hands. Uth rahi hai koi hulchul play..  They spend time and smile looking at each other.

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Kartik reads Akshara’s message that Gayu is going with them, and asks him to get Naira. Kartik says don’t know Naira woke up or not, I will go to church. Naira calls him out. Kartik sees her while boarding the train and stops at the door. He thinks train is leaving and forwards his hand for Naira. Na jaane mere dil ko kya hogaya plays… Naira runs and holds his hand. She gets inside the train and door gets shut. Kartik is still annoyed with her.

Naira cries. He asks are you fine? She says I am fine, I am very strong. He says good, but sometimes few things happen which shakes even strong people, I want you to try to forget all this, and help Akshara  and Naitik to forget all this, I know it will be tough for you and them, when any dear one cheats, it’s very painful, nothing can be worse than that, when we go back India, your responsibilities will increase, I don’t know what they will do, but you have to keep courage, Mishti is young and I will handle her, but Naksh you have to handle him. She asks how to handle you, just tell this, I will handle everyone.

She says I know I have hurt you a lot and I can’t reduce your pain, tell me what to do, I was so stupid, don’t know how could I doubt on you, till I got to know truth, I could not get peace, I was afraid and did not understand anything, you asked me to listen to my heart, I was using my mind and don’t know what I said, I got angry on you, I did wrong to hate you, forgive me. She cries and leaves. Kartik holds her hand and stops her.

Kartik says I won’t lie, but I got much angry when you blamed me, then I realized what would be you thinking, the girl who doubted on me is not only my friend, but someone’s daughter, I realized your worry that came as doubt between us, you doubted on our friendship, I knew you would be feeling bad too, then I understood what you went through, I was scolding you and ignoring you, I did not try to understand, all the pain is gone now. She happily cries. He says that pain won’t come between us, keep your sorry to yourself, I don’t want your sorry and thanks, there is no place for sorry and thanks. She hugs him and cries.