Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episode 19th October 2016 Written Update: Naira says NO to Kartik

The Episode starts with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) getting ready for the dandia function. She takes the earrings and wears. She applies bindi. Kartik(Mohsin Khan) gets ready and looks at himself in mirror. He says I love you Naira. Naira says what I am I going to say to him, I will say what’s in my heart. He says tell me, I am waiting. She says don’t know I can say or not, I can’t. Akshara (Hina Khan)comes and says Papa’s princess is indeed looking like a princess. Naira hugs her. Akshara asks what happened, is everything fine. Naira says yes. Everyone come in the Garba-Dandiya function. Naitik(Vishal Singh) says I forgot to tell you something. She says you mean I am looking beautiful. He says don’t be over confidence. She asks I am not looking good. He says no, you look very beautiful. Kartik looks for Naira. Naitik asks Gayu (Kanchi Singh) did she like decorations. She says yes, but I am happier to see you with Akshara.

Kartik says Naira did not come knowing I am coming, how she can do this to me. Gayu looks for Kartik. Kartik says if Naira is not coming to me, I will go to her. He starts leaving and passes by Gayu. Akshara hears a lady telling about seeing her son with a girl. Akshara recalls the same incident about Naksh and laughs. She says I was not ready to accept that Naksh is growing, but now I am ready, but Naksh is not, leave it, you tell me you are Papa of two daughters, are you prepared, if one daughter gets her Boyfriend in front of you. He says maybe I am not prepared, not because I am conservative or against love, I am possessive about them, if anyone comes between, I will see him. Naira comes and slips in Kartik’s arms. Dekho na pyaar song plays… They have an eyelock.

Kartik says Naira…. She leaves. He goes after her. Akshara says we can’t say anything, will love comes in their life before or after marriage, all love stories are not same. He says yes, now stop it, I am getting tensed. She says we have to be ready for princes coming in their lives. He jokes. Naira and Kartik come and greet them. Naitik thanks Kartik for helping him. Kartik says don’t thank me, tell me any work with right, take rest. Naitik says thanks, oh sorry. The man announces we have less time, come and let’s go for Dandiya. Gayu says come, we will dance. Akshara asks Naitik will you dance. He says why not, will I won’t leave chance to dance with you, come, I am fine. She says but dances slowly. He asks her not to worry. They all play Dandiya. Dholi taro plays… Kartik and Naira see each other. Everyone change partners and dance. Akshara sees Naitik talking a girl and smiling. She gets jealous.

Kartik goes to dance with Naira. She leaves from there. Akshara gets angry and scolds Naitik. Kartik angrily holds the Dandiya sticks and sees Naira avoiding him. Kartik goes to Naira and holds her hand. He takes Naira with him. Naitik asks Akshara what happened. She asks him to go and ask the girl with whom he was flirting with. He asks what happened to you. She says you should spend time with me. He says listen what she was saying, she said bhai saab you are lucky to get a pretty wife, and we are best couple, she was asking our names to announce. She asks really. He says yes, remember one thing, I love you a lot and it’s written on my face, it’s obvious. She hugs him. He says it’s proved my wife also loves me a lot, your jealousy proved this. He says we will sit here for some time.

Kartik asks Naira to reply him, does she love him or not, yes or no. Naira shouts no Kartik. He gets shocked. She says I don’t love you Kartik. Koi bhi kuch bhi song plays… He recalls their memories together. She says I can share everything with you as a friend, but I never thought like this for you or anyone else, don’t know when did you think so, you are just my best friend, my Jai, I am your Veeru. He gets sad. She says I had no friend till now, I never trusted anyone, not even you, but I trust you now more than myself, please don’t take my friend from me. He cries. She says about love, I don’t think I will love anyone, I am scared to make new relation, and it’s enough if I manage old relations don’t expect anything, and we can be friends.

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He says fine, I heard everything, Naira you took so much time to say no, I thought answer will be yes, you could have said no at that time. She says I was trying to understand. He says love is not done by thinking, leave it, you won’t understand. He starts leaving. Garlands fall over them and they see each other. Yeh rishta kya song plays… He removes garlands. He asks her to listen, my love does not depend that you love me or not, because I love you and I will always do, my love started on you and will end on you, I love you. Chu kar gai plays… He cries and leaves. Naira cries and turns. She sees Naitik and Akshara.

Akshara asks what was all this. Naira says Kartik…. Naitik says I know everything, Akshara told me you fight with him a lot, why do you do this, and you are not a kid. Akshara says what did you say now, he went from here, and she won’t have friends if she fights with everyone. Naira says I understood, it’s not a big thing. They ask Naira to come, they will leave. Naira cries.