Yo Yo Honey Singh declares himself the most unique person in Bollywood!

When it comes to singing, the Punjabi rapper is indeed hatke. But is he the most unique celeb in B-town? According to him, he is…

Before you imagination runs wild, let us tell that we are just talking about Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song from his upcoming film The Xpose. He hasn’t really made any such statements. Since Honey Singh is all set to make his acting debut with The Xpose, we thought of having fun with the quirky songs from his film. Hence we translated the crazy number Ice cream khaungi in English literally that too word-to-word. So read the brand new version of Singh’s peppy number and let us know which one is funnier – Hindi ya angrezi?

Mere jaisa baby yahaan koi nahi

Mujhe pataa hai tu kal soyi nahi

Sab ko pata hai tujhe ho gaya love

Sachchi bata de ho gaya kab or kithe

Me like baby here nobody

I know you yesterday slept not

Everybody knows you happen love

Truth tell happen when and where


O Heena, O Meena, O Zeenat

O Salma, O Asha, O Sheena

Aaj raat jo bhi hota hai

Ho jaane do

O Heena, O Meena, O Zeenat

O Salma, O Asha, O Sheena

Tonight whatever happen

Let happen


Ice cream khaungi, Kashmir jaaungi

Sholo mein bhadke jiyaa

Jalwe karaungi, Usko rijhaungi

Jo hoga mera piya

Ice cream eat, Kashmir go

Fireballs in burns heart

Groove will, him entertain

Who will my beloved