Yo Yo Honey Singh: Sonakshi Sinha is very fashionable

Yo Yo Honey Singh: Sonakshi Sinha is very fashionable

The rapper who recently shot for a song with the Tevar actor is all praises for the dabangg belle

Yo Yo Honey Singh is mighty impressed by Sonakshi Sinha. Wonder why? It’s because the rapper found the actor very stylish and fashionable.

Whilst talking about his upcoming single titled Superstar which will feature Sona in the video, Honey Singh said, “She (Sonakshi) is a good friend and she told me ki kuch international karo toh batana. And then she is very fashionable. So when I would meet her at a disc or somewhere I’d often say “Tum itni stylish ho par roles humesha aise desi wale kyun karti ho?” She said she gets these roles.”

Honey Singh is super excited about his upcoming album and he says that every song has been shot like an individual story. With preceding and succeeding scenes every song is like an 8-12 minute long short film.

The song with Jr Shotgun is shot in California and Sona has been styled on the lines of international pop star Jennifer Lopez.

While Yo Yo is confident that people will love Sona’s look from the film, we are anticipating Sonakshi to outshine her desi avatar in this video!

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  • Mya

    There you go. She admit to him that she only gets those roles – masala. Too bad. She’s such a good actress. Definitely one of the best right now.

  • Sherry

    Since when is sonakshi fashionable.

  • Nan

    She has always been fashionable even her desi looks are well coordinated…..jus coz she plays desi roles most of the time wearin desi clothes doesnt mean she is not fashionable. Dont judge a book by itscover. She is not that desperate to let it out asap coz she iz juz cool and laid back person.

  • disqus_BSq7AVxZf0

    Yo yo u going to rock it in this album….