Yo Yo Honey Singh’s hip-hop treat on World Music Day fails to impress

After the soaring success of his last single Blue eyes the desi rapper is out with his latest musical offering and here is what we think about it

#The latest hiphop track sounds just like any other average rapping song. We weren’t expecting it to be this mediocre.

#Even though Honey Singh is seen praying for a Grammy in his new single, we are certain he won’t be getting any for this one. Isse Kehte Hain Hip Hop is a lot more subtle than Honey Singh’s previous numbers and its not his best.

#In a monochrome setting the dapper rapper is seen rocking gold chains and golden sneakers, styled in Brown Bows Fashion and doing his rapper moves. But the track overall is lackluster.

#The lyrics are about Yo Yo making it big in the music industry after having started as an insignificant middle-class music director. He dearly thanks his fans as well. But the rap just fails to click with us somehow.

#Lil Golu makes his rapping debut with this one and the sassy-mouthed green boy fails to impress. Yo Yo Honey Singh could have completely done away with the boy.

Anyway, here is the video, give it a listen and tell us if you find the track rocking or plain boring?