“I pray Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech stay away from his mom” – sister in law Akansha Sharma speaks up AGAIN!

While everyone is showering blessings on the newly married couple – Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech. Sister in law or let’s say ‘ex sister-in-law’ Akansha Sharma prays that Yuvraj and Hazel stay away from Yuvi’s mom Shabnam post marriage. Yes, Akansha who was married to Yuvi’s brother Zoravar, refuses to get over her traumatic past which was majorly ruined by Shabnam, who eventually probed her to run away from that house. Remember, how she had publicly ranted about it during her stint on Bigg Boss 10? In fact, even during our exclusive interaction with Akansha post her elimination from Bigg Boss 10, she had revealed shocking details about how she had no sexual relationship with her ex husband and that she was treated like a servant to her mom-in-law. Also read: ‘Yuvraj told me he smoked pot’, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Akansha Sharma’s shocking revelation !

So it comes as no surprise that when Spotboye got in touch with Akansha to get her reaction on Yuvraj and Hazel Keech’s marriage which was held yesterday, the sister in law had only one thing to say, “I pray they stay alone and have no meddling from Shabnam. Hazel is lucky that she got married Yuvi, who is a wonderful person. Unlike my husband, he won’t take any interference from his mother.  Anyway, he never stays in Delhi for more than 3 days.” We wonder how Shabnam or Yuvraj will react to this…

Not to mention, there’s already a legal proceeding running between Akansha and Yuvraj’s family right now over the long impending divorce. While Akansha refuses to stop speaking up against Yuvraj’s family. Shabnam stirs it clear saying, “Somebody has to take the brunt, so it’s fine if it’s me. God bless, is all I can say to her. Let her go on and say what she has to say. Even I have enough to talk and share my side of the story. But I just don’t want to get into any mud-slinging. She’s also someone’s daughter and she’s doing what she’s being instructed to.”

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